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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-15

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-15

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Members the committee were concerned with the mere fact that the interview took place, and that was done after the entire investigation had been turned over the Independent Counsel. The committee was equally concerned about the way the interview was conducted. Agents telephoned Sculimbrene, told him they were their way, and soon arrived his home conduct the interview. 	Shapiro made his own assessment that the matter was not within Independent Counsel Starr's jurisdiction 
The initial discovery the information the Nussbaum interview resulted from Shapiro's staff reviewing files for release this committee. The files that were reviewed were those the two figures central the FBI files investigation being conducted the committee and the Independent. Counsel. The committee's review came the suggestion Director Freeh, who was well aware both the committee's investigation the FBI files matter and that these files were requested that matter. Nonetheless, despite overwhelming evidence the contrary, Shapiro claimed not know the purpose the committee's request for these files. appearance before the committee, Shapiro testified that did not believe that the contents the Nussbaum interview were related the FBI files investigation. Chairman Clinger asked Shapiro knew the Attorney General had referred the "filegate" matter the Independent Counsel response concerns that any such investigation might provide conflict interest for the FBI. Shapiro responded that was aware the referral. However, Shapiro testified that "did not think that this information specifically was the time part the Independent Counsel's investigation." 490 Steven Schiff, vice chairman the committee, attempted clarify the matter. Responding Schiff's question about whether thought "that Mr. Livingstone's hiring was related the matters investigated the Independent Counsel," Shapiro replied, misunderstanding, had one, was whether the question ofhow Craig Livingstone came hired was matter within the scope tlie criminal investigation the Independent Counsel's Office 
looking into what understood the criminal 
was the request for and acquisition the FBI 
The qualifications Livingstone for position the White House Office Personnel Security and whether was placed there for political purposes central any investigation the White House's improper retrieval FBI files. According Shapiro, did not see the relevance how Livingstone got his job that investigation. Members the committee did not believe that Shapiro could see the need relay this information the White House, yet not see the bearing had the investigations being con
'ea Security FBI Files hearings, August 1,1996, pp. 91-92. FBI Files hearings, August 1996, 46. 

ducted. hearing before the committee, Congressman Burton said: 
Let get this straight here. The people you did not advise about this were the Independent Counsel, the Senate Judiciary Committee, the members this committee before you advised the White House Counsel, the Deputy Attorney General's office, who has lot liaison and connection with the White House. It's widely known that since Mr. Hubbell left the Justice Department, Ms. Gorelick, the Deputy AG, has the most intimate relationship with the White House, both political and otherwise. you step back and look the results your decisions notify the White House and the Justice Department, the Democrats who needed perform damage control were made aware but the Republicans and the Independent Counsel investigating the matter knew much later. gave the people who were trying defend themselves heads first.492 
Many members the committee were angered over Shapiro's statements that the hiring Livingstone was not related the White House retrieval FBI background files. 
Soon after Shapiro notified the White House about the contents the memorandum Mr. Nussbaum's interview, private lawyers were notified about that information. was reported that Mr. Nussbaum. was testify before the Independent Counsel shortly after learning this information. Showing concern for this series events, Congressman Gilman posed the following question Shapiro the committee's hearing. your opinion, how should the Department Justice react representative the FBI, his own, shares FBI information with outside party that bears the party's possible testimony other derogatory information leads that would assist that party thwarting the government's inquiry? How you think the Justice Department should react that kind statement? 493 
Shapiro responded that "if the Department thinks that someone the FBI interfering with investigation, matter they should take very seriously."494 Later that hearing, Congressman Gilman asked Shapiro, "[W]asn't there ongoing grand jury inquiry the files and Livingstone the time you made your telephone calls?" 495 Shapiro replied, "There-well, I'm obviously not fully aware what inquiries there are. understand that the Independent Counsel's office was conducting and conducting grand jury investigation into what-into the request for and acquisition FBI files the White House." 4ss The fact that Shapiro, former prosecutor with the U.S. attorney's office, took actions pp. 157-158. 
"93 [d., 113.