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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-16-02

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-16-02

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with orientation and expertise the field family law. Hilla.1y had oppo1tunity build practice area law she cared about passionately and that, with hindsight, raised few any the conflict-of-interest questions that would haunt her and her husband later years. This was option she never seriously considered Mani.ed young politician who was earning just $6,ooo year and 
..... already thinking about raising funds run for governor, Hillary had obvious reasons for preferring the security and steady salary she could earn with established firm. And when asked Hillary had ever considered practicing domestic law, her good fiiend Webb Hubbell dismissed the thought. "She wouldn't have been the first," said, bean-Ung Hillary's need first went without saying. "There were already two three women divorce lawyers Little Rock. she wouldn't have been the first. the white-shoe law finn Rose, Nash, Williamson, Carroll, Clay and Giroir, later known simply the Rose Law Finn, Hillary was the first-not just the first woman, but the first Yankee feminist and the first politician's wife firm with long tradition steering clear politics. Never shy about lobbying his wife' behalf, Bill Clinton had recommended Hillary Herb Rule, bankruptcy specialist Rose who had supported Clinton's r974 congressional campaign. But was another Rose attorney, Vince Foster, who was her strongest advocate. liberal Arkansas standards, Foster served bar association committee that was trying expand legal representation for poor people. had met Hillary trip Fayetteville and was hugely impressed her work with the legal services clinic the university. Hubbell, who had met Hillary chance I973 when she came Fayetteville take the bar exam, was another her supporters. 0ther partners wonied that hiring the wife the state attorney would expose the firm conflict-of-interest problems. Foster couldn't see how. Rose did very little business with state agencies, argued, and 
didn't represent any regulated utilities. Webb Hubbell's memoir, Friends if1: High Places, stresses the hostility Hillary faced from partners who saw her threat .the firm's mas
culine culture. tells the story how Hillary went for her interview with name partner Joe Giroir, Jr., and found him dressed sweaty tennis shorts, smoking smelly cigar and resting his bare feet the top desk. This does not sound like Giroir, impeccable dresser with taste for French provincial furniture and the perpetually tanned, professionally groomed look one associates with luxury hotels and the first-class sections international :flights. Giroir laughingly 
dismisses the story inaccurate. "Now, why would bare feet?" asks. recalls the interview, had just come from playing squash and while the top buttons his shirt were open, ha