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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-18-01

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-18-01

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DECLARATION NANCY GEM11ELL Nancy Genunell, for declaration pursuant U.S.C.  1746, depose and say follows: Unless otherwise indicated, the statements contained this declaration are based personal knowledge. was employed the United States government from 1968 until retired August 
13, 1993. worked the White House during most tenure federal employee. began working the White House 1969 secretarial position. 1981, transferred the White 
House Office Personnel Security ("OPS") (then known the White House Security Office), arm the White House Counsel's Office. remained OPS until retirement. 1993, remained with OPS during the transition from the Bush Clinton administrations, with the intention retire late spring, 1993. Soon into the new 
administration, was the only remaining OPS employee who was generally knowledgeable the duties and procedures the office. The other OPS employees, all whom were hired the incoming Clinton administration, relied heavily upon for information and direction. Due these 
that postpone retirement help ensure that the office was properly functioning and that new personnel were properly trained before left. agreed delay retirement for approximately two months. Even with the delay, however, was extremely difficult the time available fully train the new staff and attend the many functions the office during the transition period. 

This problem was compounded the fact that the size the OPS staff was substantially reduced 

early the Clinton administration, and OPS was required rely heavily upon volunteers and interns perform the many time-consuming administrative functions the office. 
One the functions OPS was maintain security files most persons requiring routine access the White House complex. Sometime the spring 1993, the course efforts ensure that all the required operations OPS during the transition period were least progress before left, informed Mr. Livingstone the need conduct project recreate the security files the 11haldover11 employees, detailees and others from the Bush administration who required continuing access the White House complex. This task was known within OPS the 0Update Project.11 had previously worked update projects conducted 1981, during the transition :from the Carter Reagan administrations, and 1989, during the transition from the Reagan Bush administrations. necessary conduct update project the White House during each change administration because the Presidential Records Act provides for the removal most records from the White House the conclusion each administration. Among the many records routinely removed from the White House pursuant the Presidential Records Act are the security files maintained OPS, including the files those persons requiring continuing access the White House complex the new administration. The security files maintained OPS include summary reports provided the Federal 
Bureau ofinvestigation (1'FBI11) full field background investigations that the FBI conducts most persons requiring routine access the White House complex. Those reports are used detennine suitability for White House access. 

10. The process recreating the files persons requiring continuing White House 

access after each change administration involves requesting from the FBI copies summary reports previously provided concerning those persons. OPS accomplished this task after each change administration filling out pre-printed forms, under the name the Counsel the President, which requested copies "previous reports" the individuals named the forms. The request forms were routinely forwarded the FBI without review the White House 

Counsel's Office anyone outside OPS. Previous reports were returned the FBI directly OPS sealed envelops carried FBI courier. 
11. The recreation the files persons requiring continuing access the White House complex was necessary primarily for two reasons. First, all persons with routine access the White House must reinvestigated every five years. was necessary recreate the files holdovers from the prior administration detemtlne when their reinvestigations were due. 

obtained from the FBI holdovers from the prior administration were routinely reviewed OPS upon receipt time and work pressures permitted determine the reports contained any information potentially affecting their suitability for White House access that should brought 
the attention the new administration through the White House Counsel's Office. 
12. After informed Mr. Livingstone the need for the Update Project, requested 

that commence the project and that generally explain the procedures necessary complete the project Mari Anderson, Mr. Livingstone's executive assistant. 

13. Soon thereafter made preparations for commencing the Update Project requesting from the Secret Service customized list all active passholders the White House 

complex order identify those persons requiring routine access. The list was computergenerated green and white paper and was organized based upon the various federal agencies with employees assigned the Whlte House complex, including Whlte House Operations, the White House Residence, the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency (11CIA11), the National Security Council ('1NSC11), the General Services Administration (11GSA11), the National Park Service ("NPS11), the Reporting Agency ("RA11), and Other Government Agencies. The list also contained non-governmental entities with employees and others requiring routine access the White House complex, including American Telephone Telegraph (11ATT"), the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company (11CP11), and Miscellaneous Non-Government Agencies. The passholders were listed alphabetical order under their employing entity other applicable category. 
14. The customized list contained particular information each person listed needed obtain previous reports from the FBI. The information included the full names each 
passholder, their dates birth, the city and state which they were born, and their social security numbers. 
15. The list also included the pass-type held each person. That information was needed identify those persons who only held temporary passes the White House complex because such persons were often new employees whose full field background investigations were progress but had not been completed the FBI were employed for short periods the White House complex not requiring full field background investigation. either event, 

request for prior report generally would not have been submitted OPS the FBI such 
persons conducting the Update Project. 
16. believe that true copy portion the list that obtained from the Secret 

Service conduct the Update Project attached hereto exhibit The ttached list appears same list except that missing those persons whose last names begin with the segment the list devoted employees White House Operations, and understanding that the date birth, place birth and social security numbers the listed passholders were redacted from the copy for privacy purposes 
17. belief that the attached list portion the list that obtained conduct the 

Update Project based primarily upon the fact that appears Secret Service list that 
organized the identical fashion and contains all the same information that was the list provided the Secret Service conduct the Update Project. 
18. Also, the date that the attached list was generated, which stated the list 
from the Secret Service commence preparations for the Update Project. 

19. third factor that indicates that the attached list portion the same list that obtained conduct the Update Project concerns handwritten notation page one the segment the list concerning employees the National Security Council. The notation states: 11Lables [sic] completed 7/2/93.11 Although cannot identify the handwriting person who made the notation, has significance relation the Update Project because one the first administrative functions performed conducting the Update Project after obtaining the required Secret Service list was produc1 file-folders anticipation requesting previous reports from the FBI. Color-coded labels were produced and attached each file-folder before requests for previous reports were forwarded the FBI. The handwritten reference the 

completion labels the attached list likely refers the color-coded file-folder labels 

produced for the Update Project. 
20. previously stated, requested that the Secret Service generate list active passholders for purposes conducting the Update Project. understanding that the Secret Service has determined that the attached list much broader compilation both persons who were active passholders the time and persons who had previously held passes that had been inactivated within eight years June 10, 1993, If, believe, the attached list portion the same list received from the Secret Service for the Update Project, would have assumed that the list only included active passholders because requested active passholder list and the attached list does not state that any the persons included were inactive passholders. Also, the attached list expressly identifies the exact pass-type held each person included the list, including even temporary pass designations, which would have construed clear indication that the list was comprised active passholders. 

21.. approach the Update Project after obtaining the Secret Service list and producing the necessary file-folders with the assistance OPS staff members, interns and volunteers, was start the project requesting previous reports from the FBI individuals 

22. purpose proceeding first through the non-political agencies conducting the Update Project related knowledge the dilemma faced the Secret Service and OPS maintaining current passholder lists during transition periods. Based upon long experience OPS, was aware that during transition periods the White House, when large numbers