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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-20

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-20

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-20

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-20

Category:Obtained Document

Number of Pages:2

Date Created:August 16, 1999

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:Initials, Easley, extension, marked, correct, Copies, place, current, check, dated, field, signed, received, Craig, process, people, investigation, review, staff, Counsel, original, pound, request, IRS, ICE

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middot;- .... 
-Post form with date received. 


IRS forms. none post form with 11No IRS 11 Check int,s. stamp copy with date. PvJ.. c...c: S'/'.Ap VWr C..c P'i Put original IRS folder. 
Full Field Request date. 
Mark full field request. (Most Staff level II; utilitie, 
level III.) Underneath above type copies, please) unless 
one Chuck Easley's people. '(3 copies, please).
Mark staff access. Mark SF-86 and look for supplement.
Mark acronym for office bottom not staff proper . marked 11re-investigation11, type Day after the done I., type (We need 

Xerox and stamp copy 
-Place Craig's ledge. 
-Review mistakes marked Craig; 

-Call people come correct and inBil mistakes, type 
addendum, signed and dated with the *ss. -One corrected, put lf send11 pile 
tamp full field request original 
';'. -.s
.;;. -Staple original request form, the s.F-:-86 
 ... addend urns 
and copy. with the date. '57,n'fP"e..b- 
Counsel consend the 
])TY< t}.,, 
-Do  the same for the File copy. Mark bottom the initials -Third copy send Dennis blue folder (with current extension 
..-Make c::opy top P.age, highlight name, date;s.amp, puf. ip. ari's . 
-Put' pencil sticky ile copy, file with check mark file. .also ile 
-Oiginals F.B.I. brown folder. 
*Chuck's people have Counsel consent  . 


. :,, 
...  .-:..:' 
J .;. :I.  
.: i:.. ;  

. ... 
-t. ':,.  ...... :