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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-21-04

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-21-04

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Moynihan and Hollings are saying tax cut. The White House ... 
SEN. MOYNIHAN: $300 billion, which the president has proposed, which reasonable. 
SEN. CHAFEE: think are and think it's shame. think ought get together and-the leadership from both sides get together and get something can agree to. That's why Senator Breaux and have come with $500 billion tax cut over years. That's something can achieved. makes sense. We're not concrete over that. it's $450 billion $500 billion, whatever is. But right now think it's shame that there train wreck. passed something the floor. The president's announced he's going veto it. His veto will sustained. September, we'll right back where are now. 
MR. RUSSERT: Can the president buy $400 billion tax cut? 
MR. SPERLING: Tim, think we're looking about the wrong way. First things first, family doesn't decide how big vacation they're going have and then hope they have enough left for education, health care and the rent. 
MR. RUSSERT: But this real world, Mr. Sperling. Could buy $400 billion tax cut? 
MR. SPERLING: have not seen how you can that much far ... 
SEN. MOYNIHAN: won't. has told will not. 
MR. SPERLING: Let tell you why, though. 
MR. RUSSERT: you agree with Senator Moynihan? 

MR. SPERLING: Let tell you why believe that you cannot that amount. Right now, we're watching the Republicans twist themselves pretzels with gimmicks try meet just this year's caps. Yet even Senator Chafee said the floor Thursday, that the Republican budget assumes $600 billion below inflation and spending cuts. you just look the inability handle this year, know that they cannot sustain those level cuts. think the first thing you make sure you have enough for Medicare and Social Security, for our national defense, for our basic core government. Tb.en you see how much left. have not seen budget that goes over $295 billion that successfully meets that task fiscal responsibility. 
MR. RUSSERT: have take quick break. We'll right back with more our discussion and talk little politics right after this. 
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MR. RUSSERT: We're back. couple quick political questions. Senator McConnell, will Richard Holbrooke voted ambassador the U.N. soon? 
SEN. McCONNELL: Yes, yes. Dick Holbrooke well-qualified, and think he'll approved. MR: RUSSERT: Rick Lazio versus Rudy Giuliani: Will have Republican primary for the Senate New York? 
SEN. McCONNELL: not think there'll Republican primary. think will avoided, and hope we'll have the answer that the next month so. 
MR. RUSSERT: And who will the candidate? 
SEN. McCONNELL: It's not clear yet. think Governor Pataki going the major player making that decision. 
MR. RUSSERT: seems like Rick Lazio better than Giuliani? 
SEN. McCONNELL: Well, he'll need make that decision. think people are going honor his choice. 
MR. RUSSERT: Are you confident that Hillary Clinton's going run? 
SEN. McCONNELL: hope she does. think it's going great campaign. She's been having her listening tour, and her polls have been tracking down she listens. And we're looking forward what going the biggest Senate race the history the world. 
MR. RUSSERT: Senator Moynihan, you confident that Hillary Clinton's going run for the Senate? 
SEN. MOYNIHAN: am. And agree with friend Mitch, it's going one the greatest Senate races the history the world. 
MR. RUSSERT: Rudy Giuliani ... 
SEN. CHAFEE: Big Senate shoes fill. 
MR. RUSSERT: "Big Senate shoes fill," says Senator Chafee. you prefer Giuliani Lazio the Republican Party, Senator? What would make bigger race? 

SEN. MOYNIHAN: don't-well, it'd great they took pass and said, "Why doesn't"-you know, "It's time had real lady New York." 

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MR. RUSSERT: Senator Hollings, big controversy your state, flying the Confederate flag over the state Capitol. Some people want take down. The NAACP said they're going boycott all tourism South Carolina. Where you come down the issue? 
SEN. HOLLINGS: Well, I've come down long ago take down. It's really provocative. It's bad symbol this particular point history. It's been used the extremists the other side, and should taken down. 
MR. RUSSERT: Gene Sperling, the first lady, thus far, has separated herself from the president's position dairy control supports, welfare reform, health care, the Middle East. you expect more that repositioning Hillary Clinton? 
MR. SPERLING: All can tell you that I've worked with her for seven years. She's one the smartest, most-dedicated and disciplined people I've ever met. And personally hope she runs, because she'd one heck senator. 
MR. RUSSERT: That has the last word. Gene Sperling, Senator John Chafee, Mitch McConnell, Pat Moynihan, Fritz Hollings, thank you all. 
We'll right back with more MEET THE PRESS, right after this. 
MR. RUSSERT: Coming "Dateline" tonight. 

MS. JANE PAULEY ("Dateline"): Thanks, Tim. What would you for friend? Would you risk your life? Meet one man who went war his buddy's place. Tonight our new time, Central "Dateline." Tim. 
MR. RUSSERT: Thank you, Jane Pauley. Start your day tomorrow "Today" with Katie and Matt, then the "NBC Nightly News" with Tom Brokaw. 
That's all for today. We'll back next week. it's Sunday, it's MEET THE PRESS 
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