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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-25

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-25

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confirms she and her husband have been subpoenaed testify before federal grand jury Washington, D.C., Wednesday this week. 
Meanwhile, Haley told the Scene that was visited 11several weeks ago" FBI agents. says has not been subpoenaed testify. Cloud did not return numerous phone calls from the Scene, and remains unclear has been subpoenaed. 
The nanative the golf game certain receive widespread attention Starr prepares final report his investigation, which expected released sometime next year. The report's release expected generate yet more conflict between the Office the Independent Counsel and the White House. Some think might also complicate Hillary Clinton's anticipated 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate New York. 
The background the golf game this: May 1993, Watkins was serving 
the White House administration director. former businessman and executive Little Rock, Watkins had become ally Clinton's when helped place the Arkansas governor's television ads during number his 
gubernatorial campaigns. 
When Watkins summarily dismissed seven employees the White House travel office not long after Clinton took office, Republicans alleged that Hillary Clinton was behind the firings. the furor over the event and other controversies intensified, Watkins was eventually fired from his White House post. has since returned the private sector Arkansas. 
According her sworn statements and press accounts, Hillary Clinton has 
insisted that while she was concerned about possible instances 
mismanagement the travel office, she never ordered the firings. January 
1996, Watkins confirmed Hillary Clinton's account when told 
Republican-led House committee investigating the Travelgate affair that while 
Hillary Clinton might have pressured him dismiss the employees, she did not 
order the firings. 
"It was decision terminate the travel office employees," testified under 
oath the Committee Government Reform and Oversight. "[Hillary Clinton] 
did not direct fire them." 
But according the Pattons, Watkins may have sung different tune that 
summer Nashville. (All agree that the game was played the summer, 
although one sure took place 1997 1998.) 
The golf game reportedly owed its origins the longstanding friendship 

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