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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-02

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-02

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briefly. Can you just give little bit more detail what law firm you worked for? was law firm which has since been dissolved, Jenkins Eals Atlanta. Okay. And when would that have been? The early '90s before the '92 campaign,. '91. Okay. And from the law firm you went to? Little Rock. And can you explain what you did Little Rock? Little Rock worked Vice President Gore's staff. helped the correspondence and scheduling. helped his personal correspondence that came into the campaign office. Were you volunteer was this paid position? Both. Okay started volunteer and became paid. Okay. And then after that? After won, went to, came and got job with the Presidential Inaugural Committee. And who did you work with? Craig Livingstone the Department Security. Okay. believe that, you mean, you worked for Craig Livingstone after the inaugural. 013099 
tll.l.1ll illa'OlmHG CCI., IHC. 
::>7 S=:t, N.E. "a.hinrt0n. O.C. 20002 During the inaugural. 
For the Presidential Inaugural Committee for 1992 had the position director security and was one his staff assistants. Okay For the inaugural For the Inaugural Committee. Can you tell who you worked for Little ock? Little Rock, James Day, and Laura Spinning. And you recall what their positions were James Day director advance and Laura Spinning was the assistant Roy Neal. Okay. When did you first meet Mr. Livingstone? 1988. And can you tell how you met? internship during college was with the National Democratic Committee during their 1988 .Atlanta Convention. And during the convention you met Mr. Livingstone? Hmm-hmm. :can you tell how you met him? was working the chairman's office and- Chairman? Chairman Kirk. 

 Chairman of? The National Democratic Committee. Okay. .
... 01310Q  And  was  one  the  staffers.  Did  you  work  with  him  did  you  just  happen  meet  him  passing?  Both.  was  little  bit  both.  was  doing  the  usual  things  that  interns  do,  running  around,  answering  phones,  gophering.  was  the  staff  room  and  was  wherever  they put  that  day.  Okay  And  did  you  remain  contact  with  Mr.  Livingstone  between  1988  and  the  1992  campaign?  was  the  only  contact  had  1992  for  the  campaign  and  the  time  that  was  interested,  decided  
.12  was  interested  working  the  campaign  was  the  only  political  person  knew.  And  that  time  was  with  Ross  Perot  and  gave  the  name  James  Day  Little  Rock.  Okay  And  then  after  the  lection,  did  you  contact  Mr.  Livingstone  to_ work  the  inaugurl? contacted 
l.8  Okay.  And  you  remember  what  your  position  responsibilities  were  with  respect  the  Inaugural  Committee?  Staff  assistant.  respect  what  exactly  did  for  the  inaugural  was  original  when  people  came  would  the  receptionist,  greeter.  .And  then  later  began  manage  the  badge  issuance  process  conjunction  with  the  Personnel  Office  who  got  badge,  who  didn't  get ...  
Ill llB'OfmHQ CO,. IHC.  

507 Sll'te!, N.E.  badge.  Just  general  staff  filing,  typing,  whatever  needed  do.  When  was  the  first  time  you  met  Mr.  Marceca?  During  the  Inaural  Committee.  Okay.  And  can  you  tell  how  you  met  him?  was  the  office  and  introduced  ourselves.  Okay.  Did  you  work  with  Mr.  Livingstone  all  during  the  campaign,  the  1992  campaign?  worked  with  Mr.  Livingstone  when  came  from  the  road  the  inaugural,  not  the  inaugural night, .  12  pardon worked  me, the election with him.  night  advance.  And  that  when  Mr. Harry  Okay. you Thornasen with  know Mr. Livingston regard the Inaugural  reported Committee?  
1.6  would  assume  tFat  had  some  type  duty J.8  report Mr. Harry Thomasen since the committee. outside that, was the chairman have idea.  Okay.  Did  you  know  Thomasen  all?  knew  was  the  chairman  the  committee.  Did  you  have  personal  working  contact?  No.  Can  you  tell  when  you  first  began  working  the  White  House? February '93. . 
k1l.L.EI "90fmKC CO., ltlC. 
.... .... And what capacity? don know what they originally called it, but think was staff assistant. Okay. you recall how you got your job staff 
assistant? Craig offered and aid yes. And that would have been approximately when? February '93. So, basically, was instantaneous from the Craig 
offered you and the job started very shortly ll. thereafter? 12 week later. Okay. Did you interview all with Mr. Livingstone was just offer? No. Since had already worked for him don't think needed interviw me. Did anyone the White House Counsel's Office interview you speak with you with regard your employment the White House?  No. Other than say, welcome, though. Okay. you remember who said, welcome? People mean just the general office. mean specifically, no, don't remember. Okay. Doyou remember when you started whether 
the off ice had copy machine? 
Ml.J.El't l'!EPO!mHa ca. IHC. ... .,.;-. 
'07 Sira:t, N.E. Wuhinetan, D.C. :zoooz Yes One? Yes 
 fax machine? Nope. Did you have computer when you started? had access computer But did not have one that was strictly dedicated me. Okay. When you first started, you know how 
many computers were the off ice? depends what kind computer you mean. Well,. why don't you describe what kind computers were there? There was Wang computer that was probably issued 1970 and then there was 286 computer, IBM-PC. And when you sai you had access computer, 
l.7 did you mean-18 Both those. 

l.9 Okay The 1970 Wang computer was only data base, you couldn't anything it. see. Did Mr. Livingstone have computer? had access that same computer Okay. understand thac some P.oint number additional computers were brought into the of:fice? 
. CO-INC:. ..-
,07 Stntt. N.E. 013104 ::uh.inrtan. 0.C. %0002