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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-04

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-04

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-04

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Date Created:August 16, 1999

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llllU.B! llOQRTIHC.: C:O,. INC. Suttt, N.. 
all those proj ects she spent great deal ime getting set -up files together which included trying put everything that she did files. mean just that, if, because she knew wouldn't able cover everything and didn't cover everything Right. Pardon me. Towards the end- For the record, understand that she left August '93, so, you meant towards August '93. August '93. Okay. would say, really can't remember, but would guess probably two hours day because the workload was heavy that think two hours was probably would guess, much could allow just specifically spend what she was doing. So, two hours day you would'.be discussing with her what she was doing what needed done sort
. Hmm-hmm And this August? Thiswas August Prior- Primarily the last two weeks that she was there. Prior tha you recall spending any time .,,, 0131r1 	. ..":....-. 
11. 12 
11!.J.U l'IS'O!rrlHG CO., IHC. )07 Sa=. N.E. 
l:'ubinrton, O.C. 2000: 
with her talking about these things? Throughout the whole course any time had question would and ask Nancy she had something 
that 	would come the course, would like this 
what 	you need But mean wasn't specifically, 
okay, for hour today we're going this 	Okay. you recall who had combination the vault 
your 	off ice? The staff member Anyone who was staff, not 
interns, but staff had that combination. 	So, that would include Mr. Livingstone? 	Yes. 	Yourself, Ms. Wetzel, Hughes Mr. Marceca? 	And Nancy Gemmell And Nancy Gemmeli. you know whether anyone the White House Counsel's Office had the combination the 
vault? have knowledge that. Okay. you recall who was permitted actually check files out the Office Personnel Security? The people who had the authrity heck, come and check files out would primarily George Saunders Bill Kennedy, counsel member under the direction Bill Kennedy they, like, Lloyd .Cutler also could,  

,.... -'- 013112  course.  And  those,  Lloyd  Cutler  his  assistants  would  have  that  authority.  But  also,  like,  sometimes  think  later  Clarissa  Cerda  had  that  ability.  When  Cnris  Cerf  came  on,  with  OA,  had  that  ability  because  he,  can't  remember  exactly  what  his  function.was,  but  was  overlapping  between  something  and  can't  remember  what  was.  Were  you  told  partiular points  time,  who  was  permitted  check  files  out  that  you  would  know  
someone  came  you?  I'm  sure  some  time  was.  Exactly  when,  
.12  don't  know.  And  would  have  been  Mr.  Livingstone  that  would  tell  you  this or  somebody else?  can't  remember.  Okay  'I'm  assuming.  you.ever  recall  individual  asking  retrieve  file  from  the  Office -.of  Personnel  Security  who  
was  not  authorized  so?  Several  staff  members  would  like  copies  theirs  and we  said,  no.  Okay.  They would  like  copies  their  own backgrounds  
and  said,  no. 3113 '  

llll.J.Elll P!90Ji:mHG CO., IMC. .;:.. you recall particular individuals who asked 
see? No. Okay. Other than individuals asking for their own files, you recall any individuals who were not authorized receive the files, asking see files? No. our understanding that July 1993, log was established order record when file was checked out from the Office Personnel Security and who checked the log out. 
l.2 I'm sorry, what you mean who checked the log out? Nobody checked the log out, the log was maintained 
J.4 the office. 
l.S I'm sorry, mis-spoke. said, who checked the file out. Oh. you recall prior July 1993 first, 

1.9 whether any files were ever taken out the Off ice Personnel Security? 

21. don't have specifi knowledge files being taken out prior '93. Prior July  Prior July on't remember 013'1 _ .:..-. 
..... .,, ,., Okay. you recall whether there was any system ever place ior July '93, record when files were checked out the office? The previous administration and what had carried 
over our administration was lip card into that file saying this has been checKed out. Woud this pink slip? I've heard reference pink card. Yes. remember correctly, think was 
pink card. 
11. Hmm-hmm. 
12 think was. Okay. you don't remember precisely, that's fine, you know. There are many colors. ever there wa? office that had lot pperwork, yours was one, understand. did our share. And your col lecti on, therefore, that that 
system was place tween February r93 and July '93? 'the files had been checked out, that would have been the method that would have beenused,but rdon't remember files being checked out. MR. SCHANZER: Can ask question here? mean wat files would there actually have
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507 Street. N.. 013115 12 
llUJ!lll llEPORTIMG CO.. INC. 
507-C Suett. N.E. 
W:i.shinn. 0.C. 20002 February? mean you didn't have the hold-overs yet, new employees didn't have much. THE WITNESS: There were none. That's why don't think--that's why have no--I don't think have any 
recollection it. MR. HIRSHLAND: Well, clarify, presume that there were actually files set but that various information that ultimately had into those files would not yet have been the files? 	The log that you're referring is logs 
background investigations which would have been checked out. The July log, correct? There were background investigations 
back the office that time. 
see. Because were still trying get SF-86 forms everybody, were still trying to--I mean when first came were processing huge number people just 
get them the White Eouse that they could the White Eouse and that they could have temporary pass just could establish staff members who could come without having through the WAVE system which couldn't have accommodated every single person come into the sys