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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-07

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-07

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llf..1.DI CO., IHC. 107 Sr::=. N.E. 
Wuhin. D.C. 20002 MR. HIRSHLAND: Coul you describe the process that was followed when --j limiting the question George Saunders--when unde
would check out file, our rstanding is tha would 
actuall come the office, having been instructed 
so, and would request file But before leaving with that 
MR. SRERE: I'm sorry, I'm going have to-MR. HIRSHLAND: BI. MR. SRERE: --BI Let's keep because all 
understand here but somebody reading the transcript later they could think that we're talking about files now instead Bis. And are talking just .about Bis now. 
MR. HIRSHLAND;. That's entirely appropriate 
clarification. MR. HIRSHLAND Mr. Saunders would come the office and request particular BI. Would sornqil:e thn retrieve for him? 
. The way that. would: happen would that. the background investigation would 'returned the Federal 
Bureau Investigation our office yia courier Craig 
would then review after 4ad logged that had 

 been returned And then Craig would flag certain background investigation there were questions something that.,,just 
- 131 zs-.: -12 
lillllD c:a_ IHC. 507 Sttttt. N.E. W:uhiartan, 0.C. zooo
.... , 
was not consistent there was maybe question that 
wanted further investigation George Saunders would have 
the habit coming into the office. Craig would probably 
call him and leave message his answering machine--I 
don think had voice mail that time--and say have 
some files down here. 
George practice was come down and see Craig had any files See Craig had anything needed follow-up on. That when the files would checked out would when George physically came down and said, Craig said had some files for some background investigations for me. Can you step through--I hate ainstakingly detailed--but just what would physically happen when George rrived the fice terms retrieving the file from where was stored and checking out? would come into the office and next Craig's desk there was art iti set the room that when you entered the office you weren't, was divided into half and you had through opening You would through the opeing andnext aig's sk, behind thi partition was slot, just like me, sa, whoever. 
And the general practice was Craig would flag the background investigations that wanted Geol;"g'e reviw, Ui31.Q: ,,J follow -up on. George would come in, pick them up,  come whichever staff member happened there and say, need these files, let's write them down can check  them out woulq physically pick those background  investigations up, carry them with him and take them  his office where had two-drawer file cabinet,  memory serves correct that _had combination it. was locked file cabinet MR. HIRSHLAND: Okay. Can interrupt for one second?  
.12  There's particular part there that wanted focus on.  When would actually--bef ore would walk out the off ice, assume that someone would make entry  the log. Yes.  Q And that would one the staff members, either  you Ms. Wetzl whoever.happened there. Hmrri-hmm.  Our understanding --and appears  crroborated bylookingat this log--would be.that onc that  entry was made Mr. Saunders would initial, put his initials  down himself with his own hand. Yes.  
lill1.LE11 lt9of!TIHG CO., IHC. Sac-c1. N.E. 013131 .: 
1!V:uhincroa, 0.C. 20002 And likewise when returned the the  f,ice would similarly put his initials the olumn  nothing that returned Yes. There period time, other words,  certain point time, where his initials stop appearing   the log. you turn couple pages in, looks like  that date March either the 11th 14th, 1994. you recall, first all, have you located that  point the log? Right there?  .12 Yes. Hmm-hmm.  
14 appears that least for some period time Saunderswas not actually initialing the 'log. For some period you recall any discussions regarding whether  Mr. Saunders should stop initialing the log anything that  might related the fact that stopped initialing the  log? No. Okay. that page, where his initils first  stopped appearing-  Hmm-hmm  --there  number  entries  thatare  crossed'  --  
.I.el l'l90fmHG CO., IHC. .o; S=t. N.E. 'uhinttan. 0.C:. 2000 ..... ... ,,.,  013132  off.  you  know  who  would  have  crossed  those  off  why?  That  appears  handwriting  and  they  were  crossed  off  means  that  did  not  take  them.  That  they  were  held  for  some  reason,  that.  'it  wasn  'that  needed  
review  them.  Okay.  So,  they  were  never  given  George.  Because  you  will  noe,  that  time,  was  still  signing  for  all  them  and  all  the  ones  that  are  
crossed  off  did  not  sign for,  so,  did  not  take  them.  Okay  Would  you  say  that  was  your  12  responsibility  make  sure  that  the  log  was  kept  regular basis?  was  the  office  responsibility  make  sure  that le,  I'm sorry,  background  investigation  was  taken  out,  everybody  office  knew  that  they  had  say  where  was  going.  But  terms  you,  yourself,  would  you  say  you  did  did  riot  understand  yourself  have  been =an  
individual,  the  individual  responsible-  understood  that  every  individual  the  off ice  who  could  sign  out  background investigation  was  responsibie  make  sure  that  that  background  investigation  was  signed  out  before  was  allowe  leave  the  office.  
When  saw  George  come  take  backgroundinvestigat;ions  
MIU...l!R CO., INC.  _.,,:.. 
)07 Suen. N.E. Wuhineion. O.C 20002  013133 J.,2 
.liiU..a! N:l'OllTI ca.. !f'l.c::. Street, KE. "l:"ulU:npan. D.C. 2000: 
out made sure that put them made sure that George had some, went someone have them. Okay.  But came the off ice and wasn't there, then whoever was the office had that responsibili ty. So, each member had the responsibility make sure that was checked out. fair say then that you did not feel you had some supervisory responsibility make sure that the log was maintained that other staff members did not have? 
MR. SCHANZER: That's bit
THE WITNESS: don't understand your question MR. HIRSHLAND: You have, someone emphatically clarified that you, along with every 
other staff member the office, shared the responsibility make sure that whenever you were present and someone checked out log, you would make sure was recorded the log. 
Yes was present. Every member the office had sponsibility due the confidentiality make sure that the background investigations were not being released and that they were being logged. Every member that office had that responsibility Okay. What I'm trying get and sense the 013134