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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-10

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-10

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Travel Office employees don't know they were all dismissed or- Okay. But remember that the files were discussed and Craig was talking phone, and asked--I can't remember was Lisa. bel ieve was me, and pull these files, and gave them aig That's all remember. you don't know who was ing the 
J.O telephone? have recollection who was talking the phone. Okay. no you have recoll ection whether took 
1.4 those files from the office? No. Okay. that time, have recollection that there was nothing the files other than the fact that had--they were due for their new investigations and that had made note because don't think could find the files on--if remember the list correctl could not find files number these individual MR. SCHANZER: And this in--you're saying this was around the time that they were fired? THE WITNESS: bel ieve this was that May 
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...   MR.  SCHA.NZER:  That  would  have  been  May  '93.  THE  WITNESS:  believe  was  May  '93.  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  Were  you  subsequently--let  step  back  for  second  believe  you  mentioned  another  instance  which  these  individuals'  files  was  discussed.  that  correct?  you  recall  one  other  inst ance'?  No.  
MR.  SCHANZER:  She  said  something  about  the  check  out rocess  
.J.2  THE  WITNESS:  said  the  only--with  Mr.  Mcsweeney  was  when  had  checked  out.  That  was  the  only  other  time.  HIRSHLAND:  Okay.  Why don  you  tell  what appened  when  had  checked  out  with  respect  his  file?  was  just,  you  know,  did  ever  find ile  Mr.  Mcsweeney.  No.  don't  remember  the  answer  was  yes,  but  was  like  no,  have  idea,  and  had  waive  him  in,  and  Craig  said,  well,  you  need  esc  him hrough  his  check-out  process.  walked  around  with  him  had  everybody sign  off  his hing.  you  have  any  knowledge  any  point  subsequen  that  day  May  time  May  1993  Bil ly,  
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li'uhirtrtan, D.C. 
20002 Dale's summary background being requested your 
office? No. Since was lon ger working there there 
would have been reason. Have you any point time unt today learned that his file was, fact, reques ted the Office Personnel Security? saw the news. Can you--that's fair. MR. SRERE: don' want you talk about wha you heard the news. Wha you know? 12 THE WITNESS: No. MR. SCHANZER: Wha you mean reques ted? What did the question mean? I'm not sure. you mean the reques the request made by the White House, from the FBI? Are talking about reest from somebody look from the Office Personnel Security? I'm not sure what the question is. 
 MR. HIRSHLAND: The question the Office Personnel Security requesting from the FBI Mr. Dale' background ivestigation. have knowledge that. Other than what you heard the news? Other than what heard the news. 

You've been ins tru cted your lawyer. 
..... Ol3J4a won't--I'm not going mess with that. you recall Independent Counsel Fisk ever requesting this copy this log? No, not memory. you know while you were working the Off ice Personnel Security whether photocopies were made this log? Not memory. Just one last point this log. few moments 
ago, you stated response question about whether you were ever aware BI's being removed from the office 12 without entry being made. You pointed to--the instances you were recalling were when Mr. Livingstone himself would physically maintain his custody the log, would take 
out the office presumably-16 MR. SCHANZER: The file, the background. You said the log. MR. HIRSHL.AND: This "log11 word really stuck J,.9 mouth. MR. HIRSHLAND: I'm sorry. Are you following far? far. Okay, apologize. When Mr. Livingstone would take the himself the file, thoe instance, they would not checked put l'!El'ORTIHG CO., IHC. 01315 

507 CS=i. W:aslunrton. D.C 2000: the log. Are you aware any other instances all which would removed from the Office Personnel Security, but entry would made this log? If--the only other time that can remember when that would happen the file, the whole file, was going the Secret Service, United States Secret Service, for them review issue permanent pass. would make the request, and they would review the whole file, but was always the custody someone who was authorized see the file, and the Secret Service--the reason was not checked out was because, first, they could request the .12 file their own because the FBI can release file another enforcement--to other enforcements. the Secret Service could have requested their own part their duty protecting the. President. courtesy, would take the whole file over

 the Secret Service and say these are the people that, you know, are--we are requesting permanent passes for. Mhat did kept log every file that 
went over the Secret Service, and had the Secret Service sign for that file. Whether was initial Margaret Stanley Janice whoever received it, they would just--she already has it--they would just sign for that, and would just simply listed name. would
 listed they have the whole file, they have 

lllUEPI PID'QlmNc; CO., IHC. )07 S11ttt. N.E. 'l;l;a.shinon, 0.C 2000 investigation. would just name. Any other instances that you can think of? .No. And another thing note that the Secret Service would retain one copy that investigation for their permanent files. That was practice. would receive two copies investigation back from the FBI. One was maintained with the Office Personnel Security. One was maintained with the United States Secret Service. MR. SCHANZER: Why would they need get file from you when they would get their hard pass determination? THE WITNESS: They would review the whole file. was practice that they reviewed the whole file. MR. SCHANZER: there would things like tax 
1.5 check waivers, things like that-16 THE WITNESS: tax check- MR. SCHANZER: --in your file? THE WITNESS: Yes. MR. SCHANZER: would the Secret Service? THE WITNESS: Yes, would be. understanding the Secret Service was looking for any threat, anybody who would pose threat, and that somebody who had high tax who evaded truces would open the possibility being threat the President. Aild
MR. SCHAZER: that's not the type thig 
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