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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-11

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-11

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that would the necessarily?  THE  WITNESS:  No.  That  would--sometimes  would  be.  Sometimes  would  not  be.  Whether  not  they  were  good  standing  with  the  IRS,  sometimes  would.  Sometimes  
you  wouldn't  hear  about  it.  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  Ms.  Anderson,  want  fair  about  this  possible.  Certain  individuals,  individual  individuals,  have  suggested  that  the  record-keeping  this  
log  during  the  period  from  July  1993  through  March  1994  was  spotty,  less  than  100-percent  complete,  least  implying  that  there  were  instances  where  BI's  were  taken  out  the  office  individuals  other  than  Mr.  Livingstone,  but  record  was  made  
Would  you  favor  just  looking  through  those  pages  and  telling  us.  whether  you  can  identify  any  seeming  lapses  gaps  missing  entries  the  period  between  July  1993  and  March  1994?  MR.  SRERE:  I'm  going  make  couple  comments  that  First  all,  we're  not  privy  whatever  information  you've  had.  difficult  for  assess  the  veracity,  credibility.  I'm  sure  you  not  purposely  making  any  misrepresentation  about  what  people  have  said.  Second,  you're  asking  her  back  now  and  look  log  and  try  remember  specific  BI's  that  were  checked"  

Mll..L.!R lm'ORTa CO., INC. 5:a Sr.t1. N.E. "'uhinrton. D.C 20002  out  but  did  not  make  into  the  log?  mean,  that  what  you're  asking  her  years  later?  MR.  SCHANZER:  Doesn't  the  document  speak  for  it;:self?  I'm  not  sure.  
MR.  HIRSHLAND:  Well,  the  document,  most  certainly  does  not  speak  for  itself.  have--we  don1t  know  whether,  fact  there  were  BI's  that  were  checked  out  other  than  those  indicated.  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  I'm ust  asking  you  have  any  specific  recollection  that  would  lead  you  tell  that,  fact,  during  that  period,  some  logs  were  taken  out  that  weren't  recorded.  mean  MR.  SRERE:  think  she  specifically  said  that  
whenever  she  was  there,  she  took  responsibility  make  sure  that  they  were  signed  out  under  the  log,  and  that  question  whether--it  seems  you're  asking  that  same  question  different  way.  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  No,  slightly  different  
question-.  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  It's  whether  you're  aware  any  files  that  were  checked  out,  and  you  don't  see  them  recorded  here.  And  I've  previously  stated  earlier,  don't  remember,  and  have  recollection  files  being  taken  
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Wo:shincian. o.c.  20002  
{ltl:!) 6-6666  

out that were not put the log, other than those instances already told you. Right. want make clear. certainly not trying badger you. just trying establish the record whether it's your impression. understand that can't perfect recollection, but it's your impression that the period July 1993 through March '94 complete the best your knowledge. would have say it's more than just impression that, yes, this complete can remember back years the little specifics Okay. That's fine. mean, I'm not expecting recall every individual file that was checked out. Based what you're telling us, appears there are pages missJng from the log. 
MR. SRERE: Specifically between-
MR.. SCHANZER: --March 29, 1994, and the next that you have this copy, 9/21/94? 
MR.. HIRSHLAND: Right MR. HIRSHLAND: that fair assumption part, you think? Would you agree that that the appearance? believe stated earlier that,, remember 013155  Perhaps  June.  you  recall  any  specific  BI's,  that  is,  the  individuals  whose  BI's  were  checked  out?  No.  You  don't.  just--I  remember  that  was  ongoing  process  George  doing  the  interviews  and  doing  the llow -ups.  Okay.  may  have  already  asked  you his  but  want  make  sure  that  clarified.  Did  Mr.  Marceca  make  entries  the  log?  No,  not 'to  knowl edge  did  not.  
.12  understand  that  Mr.  Marceca's  detail  ended  February  '94  and  you  stayed  for  number  mont  the  office,  least  through August  '94 tayed  the  payroll through August  '94  Through  SeptembeF  '94,  payroll  
l.7  Through  September  '94.  The  month  prior  last  day,  was  in--I  was  working  the  Public  Liaison.  Okay.  can't  remember  the  exact  day.  Okay,  that's  fine,  but  through  sometime  mid  late  summer  '94,  you  were  still  the  Office  Personnel  Security?  Uh-huh.  
2.5 you  recall  during  the eriod  between  wheh  Mr.  
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U..U:R. l'IU'Ol!TING CO., IHC. Sum.  uhuii;ton. 2000:  
keeping the log, and that there appeared pages not there. And you have any recollection any 
discussions with anyone that might bear pages, the fact that pages were taken out the log? believe earlier stated no. Okay. Have you ever discussed this log with anyone from the White House since your departure from the Office Personnel Security? No. you recall having discussion about this log with anyone else since your departure? MR. SRERE: Besides counsel. THE WITNESS: No. there rest room near? MR. SRERE: Let'p take break. MR. HIRSHLAND: Let's take break. 
[Recess. MR. HIRSHLAND: Ms. Anderson, just have couple more questions about this log. Uh-huh. one point, you told that you specifically recall that you did make entries the log, belleve you said, May '94 and perhaps June. Is.that corrept? 013157 No. You also told that you had independent  knowledge personal discussions with the White House  of--no. Let rephrase this. You had independent  knowledge about anyone actually removing pages from the log. that .correct? No, not. Have you had any discussions with anyone which  you were told about individuals removing pages log? No. Has your attorney told you that individuals  removed pages from the log?  MR. SRERE: instruct you not answer that  question.  MR. HIRSHLAND: Okay. what grounds?  MR. SRERE: Atto!ney-client privilege.  MR. HIRSHLAND: Okay. have other questions  about the log. have number additional questions.  David, would you like ask some more questions?  MR. SCHANZER: You just ahead and I'll ask  questions.  MR. SRERE: I'd also like state for the record,  when people are reading this, that last question, should I  not taken any way that any discussions were had.  everyone .knows, the attorney-client privilege very 01315'8  

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