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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-12

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-12

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Marceca left the Off ice Personnel Security and when you left the Office Personnel Security him ever returning the off ice? did come back into the off ice say hello, but only those terms. How often, you recall, when he'd come back? recall once. Okay. And did speak with Mr. Livingstone personally that one visit? not remember Craig was the off ice not. Okay. you recall whether mentioned anything having with files, individual files? Not individual files, other than joking 
reference the update project. Okay And recall what that reference was? That was still going on, just, you know, that was bear proj ect just, you know, jokingly. Okay. you recall making any reference pri administration officials either name or general- No. Okay. You mean that time came into that off ice from that-25 Yes. 
lillUDI l'IEPOflTIHG CO., INC. Sueei. 1'.l: 013159 ix:uhinf;tan. 2000  record. just want disassociate myself behalf  Senator Eiden from the line questioning that's happened previous interviews. are not interested asking  attorneys about their communications with their clients.  
I'll just leave that:  And Mr. Hirshland's statement about the  Senate's position and Senator Hatch's position that was  made, very well the case--they may very well not the  case. would have similar research confirm that,  
but that certainly not the position that Senator Biden  takes with respect this investigation.  MR. HIRSHLAND: I'm happy move this  point. MR. HIRSHLAND: Could you describe for Mr. Livingstone's role  
16  with respect the Office Personnel Security both  terms his formal responsibilities and also giving  little bit insight his day-to-day involvement?  A was the director the office. made all  
major de.cisions. Most--well, take that--I restate that.  
21. made most decisions. kept his hand and kept abreast everything  that was going the office. decided what projects  were going take precedent, and decided all issues  
hiring, and reported directly Counsel'? Office.  
llK..l.l!1' llEPOP!TIHG CO., IHC. 0131GQ Si:te.:t, N.E.  
'*uhinrion. 2oooi  

privilege that our legal it--I somewhat disturbed that put record, attorney-client conversations, and I don't that was for; and hope that 

later anybody using this that see there .some knowledge there not knowledge. important principle keep and just want make sure will not allow the attorney-client any--under these circumstances. HIRSHLAND: certainly appreciate 
suppose also myself should state the attorney-cient privilege is, our dic ial system. However, applicable the contents inquiries. That freestanding 
executive privilege; the Senate, chooses recognize the attorney-client does not the groun 
that said, will move on. SCHANZER: Well, let make 

told that you worked with other contexts previously. working relationship with him the was satisfactory both prior working relationships SRERE: She can't answer what 
have you had any--answer 
far what Craig believes, 
about what you believed? believe was satisfactory. Did you believe that your--in 
working with Mr. Livingstone, there was any.change? SRERE: I'm not sure what you're about--I don't see why it' even 
don't understand what you're do--you can explain the relevance, answer these questions HIRSHLAND Okay. Can off Discussion held off the record.]