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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-13

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-13

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Anderson, did you ever receive any feedback from Mr. Livingstone others that your performance the 
Office Personnel Security was any way less than fully 
satisfactory? No, never. Did you yourself feel your performance the was less than fully satisfactory? No. Mr. Livingstone has stated that believed that 

you were very hard worker during the campaign, but when  you  arrived  the  Office  Personnel  Security,  you  suffered  what  called  burnout  and  that  this  may  have  negatively  affected  your  performance.  you  think  this  accurate  description  your  performance  the  Off ice  Personnel  Security  anything  you  may  have--whih  may  have  affected  your  
.  performance?  MR.  SRERE:  put  that  question  into  context,  not  knowing  exact  what  Mr.  Livingstone  said,  there 
date--a question timing here When said burnout--I don't know. Did say burnout February 1993 did say  burnout  August  1994?  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  Well,  don't  believe  specified,  but  let  ask  the  question  both  ways  make  clear  for  the  record.  
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:.:':uhinp;tcn.  2000  pay  raise.  Was this  conversation after  the  decision  you  made  June  1994  that  you  personally  wanted  leave  politics?  Yes.  During the  conversation  that  you  did  have  with  Mr.  Livingstone  month  before  you  left,  you  said  you  came  mutual  agreement  that  you  were  not  happy  doing  the  work  you  were  doing.  Did  suggest  any  way  that  your  unhappiness  
with  your  present  work  situation  affected  your  work?  No,  did  not.  stated  before,  never  said  anything  that  effect  lead  believe  that  had  been--my  performance  had  been  unsatisfactory.    So,  far  you  knew,  when  you  left  the  White  
House,  you  left  completely  good  terms  and  your  work  had  been  completely  satisfactory?  Yes.  Can  you  tell what  you  have  been  doing  since  leaving  the  White  House  professionally  politics  
anything  that  sort?  I've  been  doing nothing  politics.  I've  been  doing  event  management.  just recently  finished working  with  the  1996  Atlanta  Olympic  Committee  Okay.  Are  there  any  othr  events  that  you've  been  

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best ability and heard complaints all the whole time was there. From anybody? From anyone.
 Could you elaborte when you made your decision leave the Office Personnel Security and why? believe stated earlier that made decision June 1994 because decided politics was not the field wanted make career in. And did you feel the ime was your decision leave, did you feel Mr. Livingstone any way suggested that you should l'eave your ob? June '94, was decision. any point between--you actually left the 

Payroll, understand, September '94? Uh-huh. Between June '94 and September '94, did you 
ever have any indication from Mr. Livingstone anyone else that was thei belief that you should look for other work? had conversation month before left that obviously was not happy, not that job had suffered anything like that, but that was not happy working, and said yes. And was--it was mutual agreement that would leave when did that Lis could get job wih  Ms.  Anderson,  some  people  may  suggest  that  there's  little  bit  inconsistency  between  the  desire  June  1994  longer  involved  politics,  and  doing  advance  work  year  later  for  Vice  President  Gore,  can  you  
describe  why  you  were  stil  doing  advance  work  you  had  kind  had  enough  it?  needed  paycheck.  Okay.  But  that  time,  you  still-  still  had  idea  what  wanted  that  
time,  and  needed  way  pay  the  rent.  That's  certainly  legitimate  explanation  me.  When  you--going  back  the  time  period  when  you  first  started  the  White  House,  talked  about.  having  discussions  with  Ms.  Gemmell  and  working  the  same  office  
with  her.  When  you  actually  had  discussions  with  her  about  your  work  and  the  work  the  office  generally--and  believe  you  said  August  '93  when  you  had  the  most  lengthy  discussions--do  you  recall  keeping  notes  the  
discussions?  Yes.  you  know  where  those  notes  now  are?  have  earthly  idea.  you  remember  whether  you  would  have  taken  them  
from  the  White  House  when  you  left  whether  they  would  
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'1);2Jhlllrtan.  2000: working on? No, not that you all would recognize. Just local. Are there other--can you just rovide with some 
detail the local--type local events you've been 
working on? Why? mean-7 MR. SRERE: It's nonpolitical. mean-8 THE WITNESS: It's nonpolitical, and mean, they were bunch little one-day things MR. HIRSHLAND: you have not been involved any political work campaign work since leaving the White House? Since leaving the White House, did advance for Vice President Gore. When? Immediately leavng the White House, upon leaving the White House, and did for about year. this would have been between September '94 and September '95? Prima rily that fall and that winter. 
21. Can you.just describe litt bit what kind advance work you did? would the road, and would part the 	advance team set whatever needed set for the Vice President's arrival that city. 
ll!l-1.ER llEPO"RTIHG CC., Ifie. 013169-' Sttm. 1'.;.E. :r.sh1n(lon, 2000  The  Office  Personnel  Security  requested  it.  Did  you  personally?  Did  Ms.  Gemmell rson lly  you  recall9  Crai  Cra  Uh-huh  had  meo  from  Craig  the  uniform  Secret  Service  down  the  bottom  And  you  recall  would  have  done  this  February?  Was  this  MR.  SCHANZER:  Just  ask  her  when  did  this.  THE  WITNESS:  believe  that  this  was  done  when  Tony  came  board  don't  remember  the  specific  date  that  Tony  began  the  Whi  House.  believe  was  Novrnber  
l.4  October.  
1.5  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  
l.6  was  October.  MR.  SCHANZER:  No,  that's  not  right.  came  and  
1.8  his  detail  began  August.  
!.9  THE  WITNESS:  Then  that's  when  the  request  was  rnade--would  have  been.  MR.  SCHANZER:  Are  you  sure  about  that'?  THE  WITNESS:  Not  100-percent  sure.  MR.  SCHANZER:  possible  that  Nancy  Gemmell ght  have  requested  prior  that?  
2.5  THE  WITNESS:  It's  very  possible  know  that  
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