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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-14

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-14

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WIU..!R llRT!HG ca., IHC. Stt...i, N.E. W:i.shLll''on. 1000! 
have 	remained the office? They would have remained the off ice Okay. you remember--can you provide any 
detail where you kept the notes? Was binder? 
Was particular file! was notebook that was desk. you know what color the notebook was? you down the basement and look the 
office Administration Supply, I'm sure they've got hundred that are just like them, but that was years ago. I--other than spiral notebook--! think was beige but 
other than that-Q That's fine. understand from Ms. Gemmell that various points time, she would have discussed with you what she and others have referred Project Update. Uh-huh. Can you walk through Project Update was explained you and you were involved and from cannot recall specifically, but the best recollection, what occurred was requested current permanent pass list from the uniform Secret Service division 
tha was down the basement the White House. 
When 	you say requested-
Q 013171 

would that have been? Can you- can only estimate, and don't-' 

Would you so? would say probably about June-Okay. 
--he started exchanging letters with the Defense. 
And you recall him discussing with you that 

there was this matter Project Update and that having Tony perform it? Yes. 
Okay. you recall Ms. Gemmell having any 
with you about Project Update? stated before, she gave brief overview 
that list from WAVES that was only permanent what basd what our request would off from the permanent passholders list that had from WAVES, because that was the best way could find out who was holdover because everything 

archived--everythngcreated generated during administration Presidential record. those previous files, had idea who they were. the permanent pass list, found out who--or found out who needed request the. previous investigations on, and based that list, 
there 013172: 

Nancy Gemmell did request few lists, and she had started the update project, and the way that worked believe did request fresher list because the turnover. MR. HIRSHLAND: you recall Ms. 'Gemmell ever indicati that you should--you meaning your office after she left--should proceed with Project Update office-by-office fashion? Did take one set employees from one office and save for later the project she considered high-turnover offices, such the White House staff National Security Council? far the update project went, got brief summary because fro the moment the whole -update project came about, was always intended that Tony was going the one handle that project. got 
brief explanation. Nancy believe, explained completely to, okay, this what you do, step step step. When you say was understood, that would 
primarily Tony. you recall who communicated this Craig. you recall when? During the time that Craig was fighting get
Tony 	ass igned over detail. How far advance him actually beginning 013173 

Mil.UR "90RTTHCi . me. 
'0' Sum.:-.: 
yes, here, because there was someone who had that information. And what point the whole process uld you have gone these four individuals have them that? During the whole process. other words, some poin you had list, and you ordered--you someone from your office would have ordered BI's for the individuals that list? Uh-huh. you recall whether someone would have con irmed 
with these fou individuals the accuracy that list before 
they ordered after? Tony Marceca. I'm sorry. Let make question clearer. you recall whether that confirmation would have been before a was requested from the FBI- Yes --or after? uld have been before. What would 
type out memo saying this the list people that 
have who are--who have current permanent passes, who--I 
mean, don't know the exact wording, but paraphrasing, 
would say who thi list should not this list, 
that can request previous backgrounds, and would send Nancy. would send Nagy. wou1d send 013174 were only four off ices that can think off the top head that could have done off ice off ice before hit the big high-turnover offices, and that would have been the Office the Vice President, which JoAnne Hilton would 
have been the contact because she herself was holdover the National Security Council, which would have been Pat Nelson because she was the holdover, Nancy--and can't remember her narne--who was charge the crew that worked the White House itself because she was-
MR. SCHANZER: the residence? THE WITNESS: the residence, yah. And can't remember Nancy's last name. And then Nagy who did the ATT and the CP employees. MR. HIRSHLAND: Now, the four offices you just described ones  that you're suggesting wer not high turnover? No. I'm suggesting--I'rn saying that those are the offices where there was someone who was holdover, who could and say this the list that have current 
people that the.Secret Service has who are currently working for you, can you tell they are here, they are not here, and they would down that list and say--like, for instance, PatNelson would down the list and say yes, here, yes, here, yes, here, no, his 'detail 
has ended, don t request his, ys, ere, It.UR l'tEJIORTIN c:a., INC. typewriter. Okay. MR. HIRSHLAND: Let's .go off the record for moment? 
[Off the record.] MR. HIRSHLAND: Back the record. MR. HIRSHLAND: You were describing that you believe that that was probably Ms. Gemmell's memo, memo that she initially typed 
up. Yes. And Mr. Schanzer asked you why you thought so? the manner that it's prepared, looks like was typed me. 
MR. HIRSHLAND: David, you want follow-up all? 	MR. SCHANZER: Sure. [Anderson Deposition Exhibit No. was marked for 
identification.] MR. SCHANZER: Let hand you another document. Does this look like memo that Mr. Marceca would have typed up? 
MR. SRERE; Let's identify the document for the 

MIU.ER PIEl'ORTIHG  INC. Sum. N.E 013176 
'l":u!ungton, 20002