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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-18

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-18

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-18

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Date Created:August 16, 1999

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:Figure, slated, suzie, recognize, longer, passholders, active, specifically, remember, srere, person, schanzer, hirshland, operations, point, recall, presidential, witness, listed, access, files, Craig, working, personnel, Council, people, SECRET, staff, security, president, White House, FBI, EPA, IRS, ICE, CIA

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lrU!JI l'IEl'Ol'IT1HG CO., IHC. CScrect, N.. W:uhiqtan. D.C. 20002 
.... ttl',,.
MR. ZER: Okay. It's just that.our re!=ords show that requests were being made all through this period the FBI, so, I'm jus trying figure out 
THE WITNESS: the best knowledge, Tony was going through and striking the names "he gone through and struck the names that should not have beeri 
that list. 
MR. SRERE: the "extent you could recognize them THE WITNESS: Yes, the extent that could recognize them. MR. SRERE: It's one thing Bush Quayle and another thing strike Mr. [name deleted]. MR. HIRSHLAND: When did you first learn that the Off ice 
Personnel Security had received BI' ior admin'istrati officials who, fact, longer had access the White 
House  had  need  for  pass?  Specifically?  Specifically,  don't  remember  when  first  learned  it. Okay know that after everybody was aware that did say, well what are going do. Everyone was aware the list being complete the FBI files actually coming into the off ice? 95. 
:;LO 1.7 1.8 1.9 
IH..l!JI CO., IHC. S07 CS=c,N.E. 'Wa..shinet;n, O.C. .20002 
-.. .... ... 
 the files coming into the off ice people who had not been there people who no longer had access- Who were longer working there So, therefore, there was need for the files; that correct? No. Okay. According what were working off of, they all 
had access They all were active because the important thing note that this list that received from the Secret Service; listed all active permanent passes, which means that the computer, far the Secret  ervice was concerned, these were people who had access. Okay. I'm just trying clarify. Did the report actually indicate whether entry was active inactive individual? Active. That's what requested was all active peri:nanent passholders. 
MR. SCHANZER: there anything on the list that 
indicated whether-THE WITNESS: Yes. There was sect ion that said active. There was, like, c9lumn. You had the name. Oh, 
God, you can configure gi;t anything you wanted, but had, like, the name, and think op--I cant 013196 
104  remember  there  was--if  the  list  that  used  there  was  column  that active  the  top  said  active  permanent  passholders  active  passholders MR.  HIRSHLAND:  

But you recollection that somewhere .on the actual list-7 said activ.e. Okay Well, some point, did you someone else the off ice recognize that FBI file had been sen the Office Personnel Security for .someone who,_ hough theymay have been that ist fact was not ctive? Yes . you recall when--who recognized that and when? No, because was like the day-to-day.course things. recall that when found out about it, id, well, how can rectify this problem, and  the  previous backgrounds that  were  requesting  were  for  White  House operations,  which  you  look  the  list  will  beak  down by,  like,  National  Security Council,  Office  Vice  President,  CP,  or,  you  know,  whatever office  they  were  workig  in.  White  House  Operations  covered  everybody,  everything  that  was  not  specific  towards the  Office  Vice  
:24  President  and  there  was  way  had  knowing  whe ther   his  person  was  the  Office  Presidential  Personnel  

lllLUJ CO., IHC. 507 Sttttt. N.E. 
"W.uiinrron. tl.C. 
wheth this person was 'in Correspondence, whether this person was Council's Office, whether this person was Domestic Policy Cabinet Affairs, where this person was, and when get the backgrounds back, says, Suzie Que the 
.Office Presidential Personnel. it's that point that would have, okay, can now the Office Presidential Personnel and say where Suzie Que, she still here. And when were working off that came the realization that anybody that was listed White House. Operations, there was way were g9ing able know where White House. they worked. was  literally impossible.based the list that had know, 
14. because still said active, whre they were, and so.-. you remember this was first--was while ony was still there? was while Tony was still there. ay. And what ecided was since Tony was going through moderate pace--I mean, wasn't barreling through it. was going pretty slow--that was doing the offices that could saying, okay, this rson still here and whatnot, but, like, the White House Operations, was going through and saying we're going request these 
because have idea where they are. There was way 013J98 that could come with, that could figure out, how can find out who these people are, because were also .looking for ways save ourselves some work. Right. So, basically, what ended happening was.with 6 White House Operations, those listed under White House Operations, the best way could figure out. who they were and where they were and they were still there was request the background. There was other way. Nobody else had records. was all archived. 
11. see. you recall-12 MR. SCHANZER: Who we?

( THE WITNESS: The Office Personnel. MR. SCHANZER: Who were you working with this point when you said when figured this out? Did you have discussions with Mr.-
THE WITNESS: Craig. Craig, Tony, Lisa. We all sat down and tried figure out. MR. HIRSHLAND: you know Kennedy any point was apprised the situation asked for advice? don't know specifically. what was the plan for--once the--you had this--what you understood over-inclusive list White House Operations. 
I.I.a! l'IEl'Of!TIHQ CO., INC. 01319 9-5.:;17 Stt=, N.E uhia(!tl.a. 20002 
l.1 .21. 24 
 .  llfl"OlimHa C:O INC. 
'07 CS; N.E. 2000% Uh-huh. You said you all sat down and Lgured you had order the BI's first. What was kind step two once the BI's came back? What was the plan att ack then? Once found out tat Suzie Que was working -in 
the Office Presidential Personnel, Tony would then call Off ice Presidential Personnel and try qnd track dawn Suzie Que. would call whoever the staff contact, staff director, whoever that person was, and say where Suzie Que your office. don't know. You might want try here. And would sort following trail find out who they were. could not find them, then the file was slated arch ived since they didn't work there. you know--when they were slated archived, were they put separat shelf the volt, for example? Yes.  They were put the other side the volt one the bins that other side. you know while you were thre, were they 
referred Tony's files? 
MR. SCHANZER: the dead files? 
THE WITNESS: That sounds familiar, but honest don' remember 
MR. SCHANZER: you this process for, let's 
say,  NSC  people  well?  
.  U13ZO.O_