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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-21

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-21

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-21

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-21

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Cutler, there :was issue that merited dis9ussi'on. Craig felt merited some sort discussion. The reason that--no, don't remember any log being kept simply because they were his custody all 
times. MR. SCHANZER: Would these have ever been"files from Project Update? 
THE WITNESS: Not my, recollection. recollection they were all new background investigations 
which had received the office, and there was ques tion something issue that needed brought the attenti9n Counsel's' Office. MR. HIRSLAND: you remember specific individuals that Mr. Livingstone would take their files? Yes. And those particular individuals-lB MR. SZER: We're not meaning individuals. MR. HIRSHLAND: Excuse me. Those individuals that you recall spec:i,.fically were not carryovers, '.they were new employees? Specifically, yes. you recall the reasons why pecif ically they were taken? ... Yes. 
Mu.El' llE'OlmffG CO., IHC. 507 Street, N.E. Wuhinr