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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-23

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-23

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THE WITNESS saw one two memos. that done and she showed one the files that had bee waiting for. receipt the previous 
inve::::: :.gation. 
MR. SCHANZER: Did. she indicate you. whether FBI backg-:. .... und summaries had been requested yet? THE WITNESS: Yes That was the request that was tht:! ::ile. MR. SCHANZER: And did she indicatQ you this .10 time "!':.:ther she had obtained list from the Secret Service use .:.n conducting the Project Update? THE WITNESS: Yes. She showed that list and  
13 she al:::.J intimated thiitt this was the way had been done the pa:.
 MR. SCHANZER: the past, did that mean previous  THE  WITNESS:  Previous  administrations.:  MR.  SZER:  your  normal  operations  the  a==ice,  subsequent,  prior  that  time  had you  been using  se-=ret  Service  pass  holder  lists  for  various  other  types  
21.  THE .WITNESS:  No.  Not  pass  lists.  What  had  usng  were  access  lists.  Primarily prior  August  :;  main  thrust  and  focus  the  office  had  been  making  s,;=  that  those  people who  were  staff  had acces.s  and  that  
flaU.EJlt l!90flTlHc INC, Sam. 'N,E. W-.shinrtcn. .c.  :0002  013 5  ..- .10 1:tl: 
KU.vt CO., IHC.. S07 Scm:t, N.E. Wuhin"an, 0.C. 20002 had name check completed those individuals. 
MR. SCHANZER: the best your recollection ditl the Seret Service routinely provide the Office Personnel Security with active pass older list 
THE WITNESS: They routinely supplied the Office Presidential Personnel with pass list. cannot remember was active was specific active pass list. remember tha included all passes regardless whether they were temporary permanent. 
That they were supposed supply monthly basis. MR. SCHANZER: And would that come a green and. white computer paper? 
THE WITNESS: Yes, the big inch. MR. SCHANZER: The integrity this important more than the forms, so, will just give you sample page. 
(Anderson Deposition Exhibit No: was marked for identification.] 
MR. SCHANZER: I'm giving ypu form list and this is Exhibit No. this-the type active pass list that they would have been providing you monthly basis? the same format? 
MR. SRERE: Let make clear, there are two different things, Project Update, believe she testified 013226  used  different  list  which  was  MR.  SCHANZER:  going  get  that.  MR.  SRERE:  Right.  'But  want  make  sure  understand  which  list  are  talking  about.  
s  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  would  also  like  clarify  
  understood  your estimony  that  you  weren;t  certain  whether  not  the  was  active  only  not.  MR.  SCHANZER:  That's  not  what  she  said.  
MR.  SRERE:  The  Project  Update  list  was  active-  

1.1 	THE WITNESS: Permanent pass. 
1.2 	MR. SRERE:  --permanent PC!-SS list 

1.4 Just moment ago you were talking about 9ther. 
1.5 lists that you received from Secret Service, correct? 
-'.1..6 Just moment ag9, was tal king about list that were supposed receive everymonth and don't remember 
1.8 was permanent pass, was actiYe de-actiye. was list that received every month that had everybody and what pass they held. just mere wanted clarify.that, you said that you did not recall specifically whether it. was active inactive. 
 No, did not-25 MR. HIRSHLAND: And your question called the 
lfLL.E1! l!:EJl'OTIHQ INC. 
 Sa=, N.E. 013 '117 IJ.C. 20002 active list and was somewhat a-2 MR. SCHANZER: Okay. This document have just shown you, this the type list that you would have received this format that you were referring when you said you received monthly lists pass holders? THE WITNESS: the best recollection, believe that is. But can't 9ay with 100 percent certainty. MR. SCHANZER: Okay. 
. Well, for example, ,you are uncertain whether not was active orinactive, you don't recall specifically 

1.4 whether there was column that would have said acti'V: 
1.5 inactiye, correct? 
1.6 No. What I'm saying believe this may have 
1.7 been the list that received monthly but I'm not 100 percent certain that this the list received monthly. MR. SCHANZER:. you recall' receiving lis names with this type fo.rmat; with list names, list numbers, and then list something tht the .right-hand side. this the format the routine lists you received monthly basis? THE WITNESS: Yes. MR. SCHANZR: you remember there being other 
MIU.DI llVOflmNG'. CO., INC, l07 Sttr:ct, 'N.E. 
WuhinClan, C.C. 20002 
'l. types information-
MR. HIRSHLAND: Let's off the record. 
[Off the record.] MR. SCHANZER: believe that the pending .question 6 was whether the document you have there, which EXhibit No. the format the lists that you aid that you would receive monthly other regular basis from the Secret Service for other functions, other than Project 
1.0 Update? 
1.1 THE WITNESS: believe so. 
1.2 MR. SCHANZER: And what w9uld the right-hand column mean you this list? THE WITNESS: That would the type pass that 

1.5 had been issued the individual. 
1.6 MR. SCHANZER: Oay. Now, when you would receive these--well, would there any reason.for the Secret Service providing you with lists people who no longer had active passes? THE WITNESS: No. MR. HIRSHLAND: Can interrupt for just one second? MR. SCHANZER: No, no, you can wait, let me just finish. MR. HIRSHLAND: 
VLl..E! IKC. 
7CS=.N..E. Woa. D.C. 20002 When you said that would indicate what kind pass, can you just tell what those diffrent passes mean? Well, you notice that James Baker says WHS, that permanent White House pass don't actually have the same pages. Can you ust tell what the abbreviations mean? WHS permanent White House pass. MR. SCHANZER: And all the are-9 THE WITNESS: All the are temporary. Anything 
that doesn't have lfT11 permanent. MR. HIRSHLAND: EOB? Permnent EOB pass. TWHS, Temporary White House? Yes, Temporary White House. MR. SCHANZER: A.pd then volunteer? THE WITNESS: Hmm-hmm. MR. HIRSHLAND: Okay, great, thanks. THE WITNESS: .And like TWHV temporary White 
House volunteer. 
MR. HIRSHLAND: see, okay. :22 MR. SCHANZER: When you rceived lists that were this format, was the working ssumption the offic that these were active pass holders? 
THE WITNESS: Yes. '0132?0 
CO.. IHC. Su.a: NJ:. 'Wuhinruxi. o.c. 20002 ...