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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-24

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-24

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Ill CO..lfte.., NJ:'.. VluhU:ic=., o.c. :zoooz 
MR. SCHANZER: Because there rason you 
would have wanted receive inactive pass.holders, right? THE WITNESS: No. MR. HIRSHLAND: Again, ssuming that would request .of active pass holders only, 'but you said you weren't sure with respect particular lists that that's what requested. 
MR. SCHANZER: You have asked questions for four hours. would like try ask line ,questioning that clean and chronological and you wouldn't mind lowi those questions would appreciate it. 
MR. HIRSHLAND: Well, just clarifications and statements that'yourself-
you, MR. SCHANZER: You're not clarifying, you're tual talking about different thing. Becase she said that this was typical a.routine list. Not the one that was requested for Project Update was provided the Secret Service. Row often? 
THE WITNESS: was uppased monthly. 
MR. HIRSHLAND: But, David,, she said earlier that she wasn certain whether the list that providd monthly was for the list for active only not. 
THE WITNESS: Without having sen it. 
MR. HIRSHLAND: You're not ertain c9rrect? 
THE WITNESS: No. Without having seen bcause 013231 
IRJ_m l'!fPOfmHQ tlC. Sattt. N.E. wuhinct""-. o.c. 20002 think iSac time had had front say whether not the list was active -active. Our working undrstanding in' the office was that received list like this that just had name and what kind pass was that was active. 
[Anderson Deposition Exhibit 
No. was marked for dentif icat on. 
MR. sc:-V...NZR: I'm going give you another list and has been ma::-ked Ande.rson Deposition Exhibit. No. And tis list. the format the lists we:?:"e used conduc':. Project Update? 
MR. SCHA.NZER: Okay. Why that? 
THE WITNESS: remembe correctly this would type that would very similar but there would also a--I can't remember specifically the list but recall that there was colunm that said. White' House operations NSG what not. don't remember specifically-MR. SC:..:rANZER: That for each name indicated what office they wee in? 
THE WITNESS: Under what umbrella they fell. 
MR. SCH.2NZ3: And would that list have had 
column and ac= ive inactive status? 
THE WITNESS: not remember. 013232 
140 MR. SCH.ANZER:. had had column and then you wouldn't have needed back the agency figure out who was working there, would you have? THE WITNESS: No. MR. SCHANZER: Okay. 
So-7 MR. SRERE: would also like point out that Exhibit No. has temporary passes and belie've
her testimony was the list that they got for Projec Update had only active, pe=manet passes, that corec? W!'TN=:SS: Yes. MR. SCHANZ2R: Okay. This list has colu!IU1 for date birth and place birth. your understanding that that's information that was necssary Project Update? J.6 
J.7 MR. SCHANZER: Okay, that? THE WITNESS: Because you hav have 
J.9 identifier other than name for the FBI and two the identifiers three the identifiers that they would request would Social Security' number, date birth and place birth MR. SCHA.NZER: Let direct your attention right under where says, WAVES? THE w:TNESS: Yes. 
lllLLE'I CCl., INC. 
7CSa=t, N.E. Wubinpa. D.C. 20002 MR. SCHANZER:  The document says, exclusive employer directory for miscellaneous non-government employees And ssible that the Project Update lists indicated the top the page what office these individuals were from? 
THE WITNESS: don't believe so, but don't, can't say with any certa inty what the list title would 
a have been MR. SCHANZER: Okay. But you're. sure that this not the type of list that you were getting from the Secret Service .Pro ect Update? THE WITNESS: don't remember this being the list. remember there being anpther column saying at 
office they were in: MR. CHANZER: O}