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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-27

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-27

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they 'were currently filling them out that they had 
departed the White House. MR. SC".dANZER: Okay; what significance did you aetach the fact that the people that you had requested FBI background files were.actually longer with the 
White House? THE. WITNESS: From understanding, really 
didn't attach that big deal them because didn't, one, know who these people were. just that

as.sumed majority them were just people who had maybe stayed over day, month what not, and then, they had departed the White House afte saying okayJ hi, new personnel; this : the way it's been done; okay, now that I'v trained you, bye. And so, just-
l.S MR. HIRSHLAND: Like Ms. Gemmell. Like Ms. Gemmell, exactly; exactly like Ms. 
l.8 Gemmel That was what assumed these people were. 
l.9 MR. SCHANZER: And you came that belie getting these responses from the agencies. THE WITNESS getting the responses that they had left. MR. SCHANZER: Now, whe you learned that somebody had left, what would their FBI background file that was, guess, currently Room 84? 
Ml..L.l!I ca.. INC. 
507 Srr:n._N,E. 111'. D;C. 20001 (2112 013249 
THE WITNESS: was currently containedin the vault, and what had said was that-pardon me; what   shpuld say had established was that created drawer 
that all people who had been-
MR. SCHANZER: When you say we, .who was aware 
this point? 
THE WITNESS: The office, just the office general. Everybody the office knew that had gotten background investigations people who were longer 
working there. And some cases, didn't know when they left. And some cases, was not very clear when their departure date was. MR. SCHANZER; Did Livingstone know that? THE WITNESS: No. 

MR. SCHANZER: Why you believe that Mr. Livingstone didn't know that you had gotten fils people who-18 THE WITNESS: oh, oh; thought you meant that didn't know what their departure date was MR. SCHANZER: No, I'm sorry. THE WITNESS: No, did 'know that had gotten files people who were longer there. MR. HIRSHLAND: Did Mr. Kennedy know? I 	not: know. 
 fll!l'OTWfa CO., IHC. 01250 -,07 Su=. N.E. "'111.,.. D.C. 20002 l'l02lW 
And had up--the office genera  had set 
up--a file drawer that was slotted for files, FBI 
3 backgrounds, that were archived because these people wee longer the White House. MR. SCHANZER: Did come the offices' collective knowledge same point that not only did you have files people who may have left during the Clinton administration but people who, indeed, had never even been the Clinton administration? THE WITNESS: eventually did discover that there were few individuals who had left the transition eri jusc assrned that had been"the computer that they had come active, that didn't know that Joe Blow had left. MR. SCHANZER: When you say that they had come active you mean that they appeared list-17 THE WITNESS: the list. MR. SCHANZER: --that you assumed was only active  passholders? THE WITNESS: Yes, that they appeared that list. 
MR. SRERE: You say assumed was only  passholders; think she testiied they asked the Secret . Service for list active passholders and that that 
what the Secret Service gav them. So, the Secret
lf1LL.E! llt!POflTIKQ INC:. 
107 Scn:et. N.E. 1 01325l_ 
'Wuhirtpn, o.c. 20002 f202l 
 Service,  which  has  control  over  the White  House  access,  the  Secret  Service  thought  these  people  were  active.  MR.  SCHANZER:  CorrecE;  okay.  
Now,  when  you  came  this--well,  I'm  sorry,  I've  
lost  train  of.  thought.  How  did  you  come  this  knowledge,  understanding,  that you  may  actually  hav  files  people  who  had  never  been  the  Clinton  administration?  THE  WITNESS:  When  got  the  point  where  were  requesting  passes--or,  I'm  sorry,  not  passes  but  
background investigations--on  people,  and  found  out  that  under  the White  House  Operations,  fell  that  they  were  with  the  Office  Presidential  Personnel  they  were  with  Presidential  department.  MR.  SC..'tiANZER:  Was  this  when  part  the update project  dealing with White  House aff?  THE  WITNESS:  Yes  with  the-  MR.  SCHANZER:  Separate and  apart  from  GSA.  THE  WITNESS:  That recollection,  yes. MR. SCHANZER: Separate and c;lpart rom NSC; that correct? THE WITNESS: Yes. MR. HIRSHLAND: And are you saying that that part the process had already been done for those other departments or-  was all being done the same time. Nancy had 
507 Sc=t, N.E. 013 252 

160 1 started off--if understanding correct, Nancyhad started off with certain offices, and basically became aware that acci den had requested files people who were onger the White House. became aware the 	fact that requested the files some ople who had not been the White Huse since the. Clinton administration took over when actually started receiving those departments that fall under the umbrella White House Operations. MR. SCHANZER: Our records seen indicate that 
l.l 	the FBI's report hat these requests for those files were 
l.2 	made beginning December, and they went through all the 
1.3 way February. you know when you became aware that 
----------l.4 	they had never been the Clinton administration? 

J.6 	THE WITNESS: don't know specifically, but 
J.7. had to-;J..8 MR. SCHANZER: that consistent with your. 

l.9 recollection, that time.period? itaround then? THE WITNESS: Consistent with recollection that was the winter, and was cold. MR. HIRSHLAND: Sorry; I'd like clarify for the record. have some information. that such files wre also being requested earlier the fall, but don need get into the details that. Just you know that that 
lllL!.!1f l'!!l"Olmlfa eo_ INC. 
507 Sa=, N.E. Wuhinetan. O.C. 20001 120.l) 013253 our understanding. MR. SCHANZER: There were files being requested, but you're talking about information about White House staff bE!'ing done the fall? MR. HIRSHLAND: Yes. THE WITNESS: the question when became aware when was actually done? MR. SCHANZER:  THE WITNESS: MR. SCHANZER: When you became aware; that's what was interested in. Okay; what happene then? Did you inform "Livingstone that this had occurred?. 
--THE WITNESS asked Craig if--I said Craig thought--do you know that--it was sort like passing type thing, because had already known that were getting background investigations people who had left, and said yes; that just--it's part the 
l.9 process. 
.20 MR. SCHANZER: What did you take that mean, when said was part the process? THE WITNESS: That was one the only ways that could find out that these.people were longer there, because they fall under the umbrella White House Operations, have idea, like said whre the 
'07 Su=  .E. wuhla(UIO. o.c. :zooaz 013254