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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-28

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-28

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White House they were. And, ean, was reallyjst sort like casual comment between you know this going on; yes, it's the only way can get done. MR. SCHANZER: Then what efforts were made segregate between people hose files are needed nd.people whose files you didn't need? 
MR. -SRERE: The assumption that wrong. MR. SCHANZER: Okay; can rephrase it. MR. SRERE: Let put on the recod here that from her testimony, the offic.e received list from the 
 Secret SerJice saying these people have active passes for the White House; now, their job make sure that they have  corect ,list. Because the Secret Srvice did not way get correct list. So, when you request file, you say that you have need for that file. They have need for that.file. The need determine wether this person should the active permanent pass list not. So, there was need for that file, and the office deait with it, from her testimony, the best way they thought possible. MR. SCHANZER: Okay. MR. HIRSHLAND: Which was? MR. SCHANZER: Yes; what did you do? MR. SRERE: She's said three tims now. But 
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MR. SCHANZER: I'm sorry; fore were talking about files. I'm sorry earlier, believe had limited our discussion files that didn't know these people 
had been the Clinton administration not. But lln:derstand it, you came 'to some realization later that, indeed, the office had possession files people who had 
 never been the Clinton Administration. I'm asking with respect those files, what happened? THE WITNESS: The same thing; anybody who was not the hite House, they were sla ted archived, because had need .to keep those hand. MR. SCHANZER; Okay and was Lis Wetzl aware ---------------1.---th-s-ktmta1: segregation for archiving purposes 
l.5 THE WITNESS: knowledge, yes. 
J.6 MR. SCHANZER How about Mr. Livingstone? 
THE WITNESS: knowledge yes. MR. SCHANZER: And Mr. Marcec. THE WITNESS: Yes. MR. HIRSHLAND: All while you were still '.actively employed in the OPS. knowledge, yes 
MR. SCHANZER: Are you aware when the first time any archiving shipping files over the ice 
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Records Management took place? THE WITNESS: If--in regards the -MR. SCHANZER: these files that we're talking abcmt. 
THE WITNESS: these files. 
MR. SCHANZER: The ones that were separated. 
THE WITNESS: the specific files where background investigations had been requested, and tnen, later found out that these people are not here; not need these files, no, don't have a specific recollction when archived them. know did archive some files ea=lier, but they were correspondence volunteers. 
MR. SCHANZER: Prior your departure from the Office Personnel Security, did you participate all sending any boxes off the Office Records Management? 
THE WITNESS: Those boxes that sentoff the Off ice Records Management were hose files that fell under the listing the correspondence: 
MR. SCHANZER: Okay; how about any these files that have just been discussing, that came Project Update? 
THE WITNESS: don't remember. remember that there was file drawer that contained about that were slated. 
MR. SCHANZER: ,you have your copy of--I'm going 
 hand you copy the log again. Turn page  actually, let ask you first, was part your  responsibility with respect keeping the log keep  track files when they were returned well when they  
went ut'?  
MS. ANDERSON: That was part the resposibility staff members, because the -it seems that your  all part that there's assumption that was the only one  who had the log, which incorrect. was three-ring  
notebook binder that was out open, that thos  people, those staff members who were signing out log  who were receiving files back could then sign them "in  out.  MR. SCHANZER: Okay. Well, believe you.  
testified that mostof the- 
16'  MS. ANDERSON: Of. the first- 
l.7  MR. SCHANZER: --of the first four page were your  initials.  
MS. .ANDERSON: Yes. Most of.the first four  
MR. SCHANZER: Okay Now, turn the  
21  fou rth page? you can see here the column for the return blank for the entire time. you know why that is?  MS. ANDERSON: would have say that they  probab had not been returned 3/29/94.  
MR. SCHANZER: Was that ypical that file would IU.!I! l't9'0fn lJ CO.. Si:ect. N.E. 013 25:8  
'117ubqiDQ, P.C. 20002 llnl' -M6c>  

l67 but was, think, the max was probably. maY,be four. MR. HIRSHLAND That you personaly logged out." MS. ANDERSON: time. mean, know that thre were about--I don't remember how many times. mean just have-6 MR. SCHANZER: so you're saying you think .maybe there were couple pages for entries made April, May, and June? what is-
MR. SRERE: That's not what. she said. 
MR. SCHANZER: Oh, okay. MR. SRERE: think she said that the most she can remember maybe four.files time; she can't.remember how many times she did that. MR. SCHANZER: Four fil time. MS. ANDERSON: Four ckground-16 MR. SRERE: the max. MS. ANDERSON: Four backgrounqs a time. MR. SRERE: background investigations. MR. SCHANZER: Oh, when you say entries made in-
maye four April, four May, and four in June. that what you're--well, maybe you can testify, counsel. MR. SRERE: She testified that she said that the max during that time period, April, May, and June, she would have done four tha time, but she can't say how many times she did that during 'that entire time period. 
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MS. ANDERSON: That would be-
MR. SCHANZE --your recollection? 
MR. SRERE: And going have off the 
record right now, please need make call. 
MR. SC'".dANZER: your knowledge, did Craig 
Livins tone ever look the log review the log? Did you 
ever see him looking it? 
MS. ANDERSON: did look when needed know where certain background investigation was. don't remember him looking it, but don't .remember .specifically when why. 
MR. SCHANZER: You mentioned that Anthony Marceca came into the office occasion. Did ever come actually volunteer work the Office Personnel Security? 
MS. ANDERSON: not remember.  
MR. SCHANZER: After his departure from--at the end his detail, you recall any instances when Mr. Marceca came into the off ice and looked any FBI files? 
MS. ANDERSON: Not after his detail was over. MR. SCHANZER: Let just ask you some total background questions here. apologize have-but 013260