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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-02

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-02

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-02

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Counsel? Again, attempting ensure that al! applicable State and D.C., surrounding jurisdiction, and Federal was complied with; primarily contracts --you know, there are lot 
vendors that provide services the Inaugural. was largely transactional type lawyering. And you remember when you actual!y began working the White House? Yeah, the first day. Whatever the day The 20th? Yes. Was that the day the Inaugural? 
Ms. Taylor. Yes. 
The Witness. Yes. think that was the day then. MS. REMINGTON: you remember how you came obtain the position 

Cabinet Secretary? Mr. Mclarty hired me. And did you report Mr. Mclarty? Yes, did. Did you report anyone else? No, did not. Can you give general description what the 

Cabinet Secretary does? Yeah. The Cabinet Secretary attempts coordinate the various Cabinet officers and they are generally Chiefs Staff Deputy Secretaries, regarding administration-wide multi-Cabinet initiatives, just making sure that all the right people were talking each other and that initiatives are track. 
J..------------------ --:_-J had several staff people over time. didn't start 
started with one staff person two staff people and then 
expanded. But staff, when left, included Steve 
Silverman, who was the Deputy Cabinet Secretary; Jennifer 
O'Connor, who was Special Assistant; Dana Hyde, who was Special Assistant and Phil Kablan who was Special Assistant, couple secretaries, some interns. 
Occasionally would have --FEMA reports the Cabinet Secretary. would have someone from FEMA rotate during disaster. there was variety people. While you were working PIC, the Presidential Inaugural Committee, did you assist finding positions the administration for campaign workers volunteers? Well, both during the campaign and during the Inaugural, there were dozens people who asked they could use name reference and general practice let people use name reference unless specifically have had bad experience with them, and then tell them that probably would not their best reference. sure there were probably people who used name reference out the campaign and the Inaugural. you know the Clinton/Gore team transition team had set system for resumes sent volunteers? know that after the fact, because the press reporting, and think there was GAO investigation into Resunix Resumix, some sort system that they had set vaguely don't have any firsthand knowledge it. aware through press reporting that there was some system place and there was some criticism that system that recall. Would using your name reference similar sponsoring someone? don't think so. you know what sponsoring someone would entail? don't know. don't think sponsored anyone. 

--r---,.... -_... - -.a...U'-....,..L.'-' 4.1....1.-J Yes, do. you remember when you first met him? You know, really don't know when first met him. know knew him '92. think knew him prior that. Possibly '88. was the '88 convention and don't recall whether met him there shortly thereafter. But have sort known him, but couldn't tell you when was the first time what context ever met him. Did you any work for the Gore for President '88? No, did not. Did you work any other campaigns before the Clinton/Gore Campaign? Yes. 1988, worked policy issues for the Democratic National Committee prior the convention. And then after Oukakis won the nomination did general volunteer work different policy, drafting papers and educating people and that kind stuff. you recall you ever worked with --worked with Craig 
Livingstone any capacity before the Clinton/Gore 
Campaign? was the General Counsel the Democratic National Committee for several years and may have done advance work around committee meetings, but don't have specific recollection; not that recall, didn't work directly with him prior the Inaugural. Did you interact with him all while you were both working the Presidential Inaugural Committee? Yes, occasion would have interacted with him. There 
was one incident --you probably don't know this. There was 
one incident where vendor --the Inaugural Committee was the Southeast Navy Yard, which very inaccessible, and one point there was cafeteria the cafeteria hadn't 
opened. was shut down. were bringing food. 

poisoning and everybody who ate got sick and --Craig 
was charge sort logistics. also ran advance get kids, volunteers back and forth the closest Metro station, the Inaugural Committee, and Craig was very helpful the day everybody got sick, kind moving people, determining whether not they wanted emergency room just wanted home and, you know, kind getting everybody sorted out. have very clear recollection that day. Okay. Did ever assist any the advance projects that you might have been working on? Not that you were working advance, but did ever advance work for 
any your projects anything you did? Yeah. After the Inaugural, had Cabinet meeting with the President, the Vice President and all the, you know, new Cabinet team, and assisted that. There were four five people that team and was that team. you know what position held while was PIC? Only from the newspaper reports that said was the Director Security. didn't know that was his title. the time, were you basically aware what duties performed there? recollection that did lot logistics. set the transportation, the vans. did have IDs get people and out the Navy Yard. The Navy Yard itself secure facility and you have present l.D. get and out front the Navy stations, and had credentials passes, whatever, l.D., get the other building. worked those; said, the incident when somebody was sick, all that kind stuff, lot logistical activity. you know who hired Mr. Livingstone for his position the Presidential Inaugural Committee? don't. don't have any idea. you know who his supervisor was? sorry. don't recall asked you this, you had known him while was working the Clinton/Gore Campaign? said, don't recall when first met him, but certain was prior '92. don't have specific recollection seeing him the campaign, but --in the '92 campaign, but was Little Rock. didn't travel. didn't out events. With the exception one two events, don't think was the events was at. don't know had heard was the campaign knew was the campaign. wouldn't surprise me. someone who has done advance for years around the party, but don't have specific recollection seeing him anywhere '92, other than probably the convention. was probably around the convention but, again, don't have specific recollection it. Had you heard him before that time, the '92 time frame, for doing advance work? Yeah. was generally known one the guys around town who did advance for Democratic Party stuff. you know that from your work the DNC? Yes. Did there ever come time when you discussed with Mr. Livingstone what jobs might apply for the White House? know that did talk --I not sure talked when had already identified some jobs wanted apply for was asking knew about jobs, but know did talk him early. don't recall sort who initiated the conversation whether was about specific jobs. know that talked him, but couldn't tell you with any specificity. you recall what the time frame was which this these
--r ___., ___ ---.-....-...................... - ---J 

..._ -o-4 .... V.. was probably early. would imagine was January, February, March, sometime there, early the 
administration, early '93. you recall was before you had your permanent position? 
Actually, when did you receive your permanent position the White House? Well, right away. mean, was hired. was announced Little Rock January 15th 17th, when they did sort of, here the White House staff announcement. filled out paperwork think the day before the Inaugural, probably the 19th. And think had --as now recall, and have read recently the newspapers, there was system for issuing permanent passes where you got temporary and then would permanent. think was pretty quickly permanent, but don't know. think you would have check the personnel records for me, but think pretty quickly, soon the FBI finished, was permanent employee. you recall this discussion took place while you were PIC while you were the White House? More likely while was the White House. PIC, was extraordinarily busy. mean, there was not time have those kinds conversations. you recall seeing Mr. Livingstone around the White House this time frame, the January, February time frame? Yes, because worked project that was working on, definitely did see him. The Cabinet? The Cabinet meeting with the Vice President and the President and all the new Cabinet Secretaries. you reca[I whether you told him about the job the Office Personnel Security? don't. don't know whether mentioned