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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-04

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-04

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-04

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-04

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Then she might have done it. She might have walked through paperwork. don't recall that, but that's good point. You described what Mr. Foster had told you was lowerlevel clerical position. Right. Did tell you that Ms. Dannenhauer was making over $70,000 that same position? No. you had known what the position actually entailed, reviewing background information and the FBI reports individuals and adjudicating those files whether they were suitable for White House employment, would you have recommended Craig Livingstone for that position? would have recommended senior partner Washington law firm who had experience those particular matters. Did anyone approach you about Mr. Livingstone's suitability for the position which was described you that January March time frame? You had said Mr. Kennedy approached you. don't know when talked Kennedy. don't know was January March April, May. just don't know when was, but was subsequent initial conversations with conversation with Vince. Just time reference, have been told the White House that Mr. Livingstone was hired February 8th for the position Director White House Personnel Security. Right. that helps you put everything time frame. Kennedy would have spoken after that. mean, 
recall one conversation with Kennedy, and not 
certain that have one memory recollection walking 
 '-t:J--"" _....__,,, 
across West Executive Drive with Bill. were coming out the meeting bumped into him and were crossing between the West Wing and the Old EOB. think was that time that asked about Craig. not certain, but just recall one day, and was nice day. was pleasant day. wasn't cold. didn't have coat on. were kind laughing and joking, walking the stairs, 
and that point, think that's when said, you know, 
need check with you Craig, and said already talked you. You know, you gave Craig reference Vince. And said, right, talked Vince. don't know when that was. you recall the date that Cabinet Secretary meeting? was the end January. the end January, still wouldn't have been this position? No, guess not. Only because you just told that was hired for this job February 8th. have been told that was hired February 8th. The meeting that did was big meeting. was two 
working days. was out-of-town and was lot work put together, don't think anybody could have been doing different job when were getting ready for that meeting. Did you ever speak Bernard Nussbaum about Craig 
Livingstone? Not that recall. Did you ever speak with Cheryl Mills about Craig 
Livingstone Director Office Personnel Security? know from press reports that Craig has said that referred him Cheryl something. have recollection that. just have none. you know Cheryl? know Cheryl. She was Associate Hogan Hartson. have known her for long time. And talked her 
frequently, sure, the beginning, but have 
recollection talking her about Craig. Okay. you recall Mr. Livingstone ever discussed with 
you the possibility working the Military Office the 
White House? Again, know subsequently --I know recently that, from 
press reports, that had interest working the White 
House Military Office. don't recall whether not spoke about that job, but was fairly familiar with parts that 
job and believed the time and still believe that the best 
person for that job was former military officer. did 
talk me, would not have been something that would 
have likely encouraged him for, and don't really recall 
ever having talked him about it. What was your understanding what the Director the Military Office would do? work top secret, code word, cleared program. continue work that program that's run out that office, familiar with one specific part that office. It's very sensitive, and for that reason think would have --I know would have insisted that they put former military person Did Mr. Livingstone ever tell you that was not interested the position the office -Director the Office Personnel Security? Not that know. Have you talked Cheryl Mills recently about what has
about Craig Livingstone? No. Did you have security clearance while you were working the White House? Yes, believe did. you remember when was granted? oversight/finance/depolist/varney .htm No, don't. you know how was granted? No, don't. Were you under the impression that your White House pass acted security clearance? believe that was assumption. you know whether your security clearance updated periodically? don't know. have tell you, believe mine probably because the nature the program previously mentioned you that involved in. you know who granted your security clearance? No, don't. don't know who does it. The security clearer. mean, don't know. appears that one the White House can actually tell how they got their security clearance. think there was 
lot confusion the beginning. the time, doesn't seem like confusion. You fill out all your paperwork. You get interviewed the FBI. Everything -they through your background, they check your references and when they are done with all that, understanding the time and now that your temporary pass cleared final pass. 
Now, understand it, there are different levels security clearance and you may may not know what level clearance you had. know the program that work in, responsible not discuss that program with anyone that have not been told the administrator the program doesn't have clearance for it. whenever you handle material information that is, for example, code word cleared, you are informed the person administering the program who has clearance that program and those are the only people you deal with. That's where all the paper goes. oversight/finance/depolist/vamey .htm -o------

You are very clearly instructed what with any paper that you get relationship the program. 
There was training --I don't know who did --at the White 
House how handle classified documents, what 
with them when you are working them and how store 
them when you are not working them and how dispose them. one comes you, that know of, and says 
you have received security clearance, you are cleared for 
classified information, you are cleared for secret information you are cleared for top secret information. 
The way understand security clearance, and this more osmosis, that when you are participating, when you are working something, you are responsible find out who you may discuss distribute any document to, who needs and who has the clearance get it. It's not sort bottomup process. It's very, understand it, top-down process. Would what you have referred compartmentalized clearance? believe so. Did you have any interaction with the First Lady while 
the campaign? the campaign, not really. Occasionally, say hello, she was Little Rock, you know, someone her staff had question about event, but not very much. How about while you were serving PIC? No. think she came once, that recall, the Inaugural Committee, kind lift the spirits and give everybody little pep rally and over the plans. And may have seen her when she was there once. don't specifically recall. you know whether the First Lady had any involvement the hiring process the White House? don't know. mean, she probably hired her own staff, but other than that, I'm not aware that she was involved. Who did you interview with beyond --did you interview 

with anyone beyond Mack Mclarty? was interested the job had, that wanted. knew 
about the job. 8-year-o!d's godmother, who 
Representative from California now, had the job the Carter 
administration, was very clear the function wanted serve, and talked Mr. Mclarty about it. probably 
talked Mr. Ickes about it, who was working the 
transition that time. you know whether the First Lady would recommend particular people for jobs the White House for certain jobs? Well, clearly, mean, know retrospect don't know knew the time --that she was law partner Vince. She had worked with Bernie before. believe, you know, the press accounts are that she had lot with bringing them into those jobs. But other than that --and don't know that for fact myself. Basically, interested your personal knowledge. don't have any personal knowledge that. Okay. Did the FBI ever interview you during the course investigating other White House employees? Yes. you remember what staff members beyond your own staff they interviewed you about? don't, although they interviewed several times. mean, there were lot people from the campaign and the Inaugural who came into the White House, talked them several times. understand from the FBI that they interview the supervisor for anyone that they are investigating. guess question was more of, did they interview you for anyone except your staff members? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Okay. you recall whether the FBI interviewed you oversight/finance/depolist/varney .htm