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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-05

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-05

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-05

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-05

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the course conducting background investigation David Watkins? Yes, they did. Did the FBI agent question you sexual harassment 
charges lodged against David Watkins? Yes, did. Have you ever refused give FBI agent information 
Davld Watkins? No. you recall whether you were contacted the 

inteNiewing agent's supeNisor obtain information charges sexual harassment against David Watkins? Not that recall. you recall whether the FBI was having problem 
getting information sexual harassment charges against 
David Watkins? Let talk lawyer for minute. 
Actually, can take break? 
[Recess from :02 a.m. :06 a.m.] 
Ms. Remington. can back the record. 
The Witness. Okay. 
What happened, when --it was Gary, and think Dennis 

came see about David, they asked was aware sexual harassment charge being lodged against David the campaign? said, yes, was aware it. asked me, more less, you know, did know what had happened? said, yes. said, what happened? depolist/varney .htm 
c-----. told him the matter had been satisfactorily resolved the 
parties and was subject confidential settlement 
They said, what's the agreement? told him more less that time that the lawyer for the 
campaign, couldn't waive that confidentiality privilege; that needed know what was the settlement needed couple things. would need back 
colleagues Hogan Hartson ascertain whether not could waive the privilege without contacting the other 
party. would need get the permission the client 
waive the privilege, and asked him whether thought, you 
know, needed pursue these following steps. also 
thought should notify the White House Counsel were 
going that. believe said, you know, let talk --let think about will get back you. mean, just told him that 
moment couldn't waive the privilege without the client's 
consent minimum, and then there were problems and 
other steps needed take felt had have the information. recollection was that was going think about and 
get back they, fact, felt they couldn't conclude the 
background investigation David Watkins without getting 
access further details the complaint and the settlement the complaint. never got back me, and saw him 
pretty frequently after that because did other background checks with me. Did ever bring that information? Not that aware of. Are you aware whether they obtained that information 
without your knowledge? don't know they ever obtained without knowledge. Are you aware whether they ever obtained that information? depolist/varney.htm Not that know of. Okay. you will just give minute look over 
questions make sure don't have anything else? Sure. 
Ms. Remington. you have any questions? 
Mr. Pinkus. No. 
[Pause.] MS. REMINGTON: You left the White House October '94, that correct? Yes. Did you stay contact with Craig Livingstone all during 

that time period? After left? sorry, no. Between January '93 and October '94 while 

you were both the White House? Oh, yeah, would have seen him. It's not big place. You 
bump into everybody going back and forth between the 

buildings the cafeteria any number things 
would have bumped into him. Did you ever ask him about his job? Not that recall, no. You had mentioned earlier that --1 don't want 

characterize your testimony, but you had mentioned earlier that the White House wanted someone this position that they could keep the salary low the mid-level, 40,000? don't know that they wanted keep the salary low, but was described me, recall it, 38-, 40-, somewhere that range, thousand-dollar-a-year job push the paper and 
http :// oversight/finance/ depolist/varney.htm 

.LlvJ:.lU::ilLlUll .....llll::i li; i:UUy 

make sure people got their paperwork filled out. Did anyone the White House ever tell you that Mr. 
Livingstone was demanding raises? Not that recall. 

Ms. Remington. Okay. 
That's all the questions have. 
The Witness. Okay. 
Mr. Pinkus. Thank you. 
Ms. Remington. you mind going back the record for 
just one more thing? want mark this real quick. 
Earlier had referred David Craig's resume CGE 
046225 through 229. would like mark that Deposition 
Exhibit No. 
[Varney Deposition Exhibit No. 
was marked for identification.] 
Ms. Remington. That's it. 
[Whereupon, :12 a.m., the deposition was concluded.] 

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