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OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 36-02

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 36-02

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QThe January 28th, 1993 printout, the people that were the Exhibit list were deactivated that date? That's correct. And our records properly show that they were --from that time forward, they carried inactive status. 
The next historic WAVES document used analysis was printout. The printout dated 4-14 1993, but what shows all those individuals who became inactive the month February 1993. There are individuals from the list 476, Exhibit who are listed this WAVES printout showing that they have become inactive. concurrent with the first chart have shown, the number inactive passholders grows move forward time. 
The next printout have, shows active passholders that are employed the White Hause operations personnel. And looked this list viewing for exclusions from the list 476, meaning that you are this, you are active. you are not this and you were employed White House operations personnel, which all but three individuals this list were, you would excluded, because you would have inactive status. 
Now, the breakdown this list are --and the list dated 5-2 1993. that our cutoff time May 2nd 1993. 

Now, there are 100 people --I'm sorry, let back up, because the 
numbers get confusing here. There are people from Exhibit 
included this list. Included the May 2nd, 1993 list? Correct. here are eight errors. The eight errors, did not write their 
names down. will give them --I will try enumerate them from 
memory. individual the last name Blumenthal, individual 
the last name Carpendale, individual the last name Cutshall. 
The other five names escape me. 
Mr. Goldberg. the Hagin Eagin
The Witness. will deal with that when done with this. MS. COMSTOCK: And James Baker, included that? No, not. separate that. think can get those for the record. That will fine. Okay. There are eight names that E-PASS, the E-PASS system 
showed them inactive, and the information was not passed over the 


WAVES system also show them deactivated having inactive status. And this May 2nd list, there are eight errors that made, and they show active when, fact, they should have been inactive. 
QAll right. There also six other individuals the total number this list that are not listed here,. Three them are employees the residence. Their last names are Blake, Bowens and Brooks. And additional three are people that have yet employed the White House, individual the last name Carr, who became employed who became active our pass system 6-3-93; individual the last name Carpenter, who became active our pass system 5-27-93; and individual the name Balfour, who became active our pass system 7-24-93. this May 2nd, 1993 list, this WAVES list? This WAVES list showing all active passho!ders employed 
White House operations personnel. 

QOkay. somebody had put somebody access list, would they also appear this WAVES list? No, they would not, because access means that you are permitted access into the complex. doesn't mean you have been issued pass. these would all the people who had least temporary hard pass this time? least temporary hard pass. 
QOn the chart does indicate whether was temporary permanent? does. The first one White House staff, the second one 
temporary EOB, permanent EOB, temporary White House staff. 
QOkay. the "WHS" stands for "White House staff'? Correct. 

"TE011 stands for "temporary Executive Office Building." "OEB"? Stands for "Executive Office Building." 
TWHS stands for "temporary White House staff.11 

QOkay. that covers all our codes there that? There also 11TVOL", which "temporary volunteer.11 

Mr. Goldberg. Can ask clarifying question, just don't have come back and redo all this again time? know not typical practice, but would just more efficient. 
EXAMINATION MR. GOLDBERG: want clear the three names that you said were not employed. that three names that were taken from the list names the White House files that were somehow requested from the FBI inappropriately? No, not saying they were requested inappropriately. saying 
that they weren't employed. just trying clarify which list you found those three people on. 
didn't mean ask you characterize them. found those three people this list, Exhibit Number the list 476 names. 
QWhich the White House has represented the list names that 
Marceca requested? they have, yes. 
Mr. Goldberg. you know the answer that question? MS. COMSTOCK: You are saying the three people are Exhibit but they don't appear any the WAVES lists? any the WAVES lists. And the reason they not appear because this WAVES list dated 5-2 of1993, and they were not hired until after 5-2 of1993, they couldn't appear list that produced. MR. GOLDBERG: confused, but not your answer, but just why Marceca 
asking for these files. 
Ms. Comstock. The White House represented that these were correctly --there number these this 476 list which were correctly sought. 

Mr. Goldberg. sorry. Let just ask Barbara question before get back you. 
Ms. Comstock. Why don't off the record for minute. 
[Discussion off the record.] 

 ....l'V""'4""...,.," ....... -.... -------- of36 MR. GOLDBERG: Did you have these charts before the Senate hearing? No, didn't. had them made yesterday. 
Now, where was MS. COMSTOCK: 
QWe had gone through the May 2nd, 1993 list and identified what some the codes were there. Okay. using this May 2nd, 1993 list, and knowing that there were 
three employees the residence, three employees that had yet 
hired, eight individuals that were our error, that were listed active 
when they were not active, and when you work the math, tells that 
there were 368 individuals from Exhibit that were listed inactive 
that point time. any list produced after May 2nd 1993 showed 368 those 476 names inactive passho!ders the White House 
complex. after May 2nd, 1993, anyone requesting active list 
pass holders would not have gotten 368 the names that are Exhibit That correct. All right. The next historic WAVES document have dated 11-3 '93,
and what shows are those passholders who became inactive 
during the month May 1993. There are five individuals from the list 
476 that became inactive during the month May 1993. Okay. And this -Billy Dale included this list? Yes. Billy Dale included this list. John Dreylinger? Billy Dale, and shows him becoming inactive May 24th 1993. 
That when was made inactive. 
QAnd John Dreylinger becomes inactive May 24th also? May 24th 1993 also. This list just one page? This list only one page. only copied from our records, 
just reduce the amount paperwork that would have had 
have brought in. 
7/28/99 11:31 And Barnaby Brasseux also this list being deactivated May 24th, 1993? one the five. Dreylinger, Dale, Brasseux, are three Those are are probably the only Flagler four, and there fifth one. There are five individuals. I'm sorry, who Flagler? from the list. Oh, from the list, see. There are five individuals from the list that are calling Exhibit that 
are this printout, meaning that any list would have produced after 
May 1993, these five individuals would also listed inactive. All right. The next historic WAVES document have dated 11-3-93, and what shows are those individuals that went from active inactive status June 1993. There are six individuals from Exhibit who became inactive June 1993, and those six names are listed this printout. 
The final document have dated 7-8-93, and again, this listing all active passholders employed White House operations personnel. that list there are --here's the way the numbers work: There are four people that are legitimately passholders that are the list, and they are the three employees the residence, Blake, Bowen and Brooks. One employee who was yet hired, Elizabeth Balfour, she was not hired, according our records, until after July 8th 1993. There are people from this list that are common Exhibit they should there, and there are eight errors. have given you three names. The fourth name that can recall Danica Bizic. the day goes on, will recall them all. 
But what this shows that there are --as May 2nd --I'm sorry, 
July 8th, 1993, there are 379 individuals from this list that are calling 
Exhibit1 that would have been inactive any report would have 
generated from WAVES. confirm that the records WAVES stay current, don't have any 
copies the document this point time because just 
double-checked last night, but have printout dated 8-1 9-94 all 
inactive passholders. All 379 these individuals are listed that 
printout inactive, and there are some additional ones also that from 
the I'm sorry, did you say August 19th, 1993? August 19th, 1994. 1994, okay. Right. But logical --it safe assumption logical conclusion that somebody was not included printout dated July 8th, 1993 active passholders, they were included printout dated 8-19-94 showing inactive passholders. see. the intermediate and the time between, they have stayed --their status stayed inactive. Okay. clear? Are you clear? know I'm clear, but have been living with these numbers for quite some time. Have expressed myself adequately? think the bottom line that the names that are the list Exhibit any glitches whatever that the Secret Service had can only account for eight those names; that correct? Okay. The scope analysis ran from 1984 July 8th 1993. can tell you definitively that those individuals -if were have produced list 1989, those individuals from Exhibit would have been inactive. 
QSo someone who came with those names had get them 
either from inactive list from somewhere else? from somewhere else. don't know where they would have come 
from. MR. GOLDBERG: Could come from the same list and just listed inactive? generate could the same list that would have them active inactive; 
that accurate? generate --I tell you what, can finish, and then will address 
your question. the same time after August 1991, August 8th, believe, 182 
those people would have been listed inactive any report printout produced through WAVES. Again, May 2nd 1993, 368 would 
have been inactive. And you want look just the 1992 date,