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OPM Backs Plan

OPM Backs Plan

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Date Created:July 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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The Director 
Ms. Denise Wells Deputy Assiscant Secretary for 
Human Resources Department Health and uman Services Washington, 20201 
Dear Ms. Wells: this letter, the Office Personnel Management (OPM) approving direct-hire appointing authority (DHA) for positions the Department Ilealth and Human Services (HHS) necessary support the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act 2010 (the Act). This DHA authorized for the remainder 2010 assist HHS meeting urgent staffing and implementation needs resulting from enactment the Act. regulation, OPM may decide independently that critical hiring need exists. Upon review the Act and consultation with HHS, have determined that DIIA warranted under the criteria of5 CFR 205(b), set forth below, for the remainder this fiscal year connection with HHS work support the Act. 
ldent!ficarion the positions that must be.filled. HHS has critical need fill ,814 positions this fiscaJ year implement the Act, described below: 

Description the event circumstance that created the need fill 1he posiiions. 

Title  Series/Grade  Positions  
Socia1 Science  GS-101-9115  
Health Insurance  GS-107-9/15  350  
Administrative and  GS-301-9/15  
GS-343-9115  235  
Accountant  GS-510-9/15  
Dental Officer  GS-680-11/14  
Public Health  GS-685-9/  291  
Consumer  Officer  GS-696-9/13  261  
Grants  GS-I 101-9115  
Criminal  GS-1811-9/13  
Information Technology Specialist  GS-2210-9/15  291  
Total:  1814  

HHS charged with carrying out the President's top Administration priority, Our mission ensure the Federal Government has effective civilian workforce 

Ms. Denise Wells 
described the Act. The Act has greatly expanded the mission HHS. put place the infrastructure needed meet the mission requirements that result from the new law, HHS must fill 1,814 positions 2010. 
HHS must hire quickly order execute the President's directive with respect implementing health care refonn. HHS required execute the following statutory obligations the short-term: 
Improvements Medicare Part for Prescription Drug Plans -The Secretary makes determinations July 2010-December 31, 2010; Sec. 3301, page 923
924. line 20. 
 	Making Senior Housing Facility Demonstration Pe1111anent -demonstration project established the Secretary effective January and applicable plan years beginning after such date. Sec. 3208, page 920, line 12. 
Hospital Wage index Improvement (extension Section 508 Hospital Reclassifications). The Secretary must use particular wage index during fiscal year Sec. 313 page 858-859, line 
 	Health Care Quality Improvement. The Secretary shall provide for the transfer, from Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Program Management for each fiscal year 2010 through 2014; Sec. 931, page 702-717, line 17. 
Interagency Working Group Health Care Quality collaborate, cooperate, and consult between Federal departments and agencies with respect developing and disseminating strategies, goals, models, and timetables that are consistent with national priorities. Report Congress NLT December 31, 2010. Sec. 3012, page 699-701, line 21. 
Other requirements, for which HHS needs additional staff immediately include: 
Tax changes related health insurance and financing health reform; 
Long-term care; extending Medicaid fiscal funds for demonstration 
program upon enactment through September 2016; 
Changes private insurance through the establishment internet website po11al with standard format help state residents identify and compare coverage options well expand include small business, and the establishment temporary high-risk pool with option provide through provision funds states for health coverage individuals with preexisting conditions; 
Provide dependent coverage for children age for all individual and 
group policies; 

Ms. Denise Wells 
Prohibit pre-existing condition exclusion for children; and 

Prohibil individual and group health plans from placing lifetime limits unreasonable annual limits and prohibit rescission. 

Establish national strategy improve the delivery health care services, patient health outcomes, and population health. This work must completed annual basis. 

Increase work force supply and support training health professionals through scholarship and loans. Support primary care, establish public health workforce loan repayment program, promote training diverse workforce, and promote cultural competence training health care professionals 

Establish conununity health insurance options. This VOrk must completed annually, study must conducted, and report made Congress. 

identify cmrent State practices that prohjbit payment for health care acquired conditions and incorporate the practices identified, clements such practices, which the Secretary determines appropriate for application the Medicaid program regulations effective July 2011; see Sec. 2702, page 520, line the Act. 

The Secretary HHS must develop and maintain complaint system that widely known, easy use, collect, and maintain information 
prescription drug complaints; Secretary must develop complaint form and 
place the HHS website, well as, submit arurnal repo11s Congress; 
see Sec. 3311, page 945, line the Act. 
HHS will also oversee initiatives where required for all individuals have insurance, establish ne"v health insurance exchange, require most employers provide insurance, and ban insurance companies from denying coverage because pre-existing conditions and more. 
(3) 	Specification the duration for which the critical hiring need expected exist. 
OPM anticipates this critical hiring need will exist through September 30, 2010. OPM expects HHS use other hiring authorities meet staffing needs support the Act and beyond. 
(4) Evidence that demonstrates why the use (/'other hiring authorities impractical ineffective. Use traditional hiring authorities impractical given the scope the changes current law that need implemented and HHS's need begin implementing the provisions the Act immediately. 
HHS continues make use the following appointment authorities: Career and Career-Conditional Appointments, Excepted Service Appointments, Veterans Recruitment Appointments, Veterans Employment Opportunity Authority. 

4Ms. Denise Wells 
Disabled Appointing Authority, and the 30% Disabled Veterans Appointing Authority. Even with the availability these authorities, HHS needs DHA order meet this critical hiring need during the remainder support the Act. 
Based the above, your authority reads: 
HHS-001 issued the date this letter fill 1,814 mission critical posicions the 
GS-9 through GS-15 grade levels (or equivalent) depicted above nationwide. This 
authority based critical hiring need support the Health Care and Education 
Affordability Reconciliation Act This authority expires September 30, 
Using this DHA 
For the remainder this fiscal year, HHS may give individuals the occupational series shown above competitive service career, career-conditional, term, temporary appointments, appropriate, without regard provisions U.S.C. 3309-3318 CFR part 211 and prut subpart 
These appointments are subject public notice requirements V.S.C. 3327, 3330 and CFR 330, subpart and requirements CFR 332.402. addition, HHS must comply with all relevant laws unless HHS exempted from such laws pursuant U.S.C. 3304a(3). Qualified candidates with veterans preference should selected they are found, just any qualified non-preference eligible 
candidate would be. recommend you take particular care conducting pre
employment background investigations ensure candidates are suitable for Federal employment, may credentialed accordance with Govemmentwide credentialing standards and can hold security clearance the appropriate level (if required for the particular position). 
OPM Oversight 
HHS must use two authority codes when documenting personnel actions using the direct hire authority. The first code YM" automatically fills "Reg. 337.20 the Notification ofPersonnel Action, Standard Form 50. The second authority code "BYO" identifies HHS use this agency-specific authority. Using these two auth01ity codes will help OPM evaluate the use these authorities without requiring agency reports. periodic basis OPM will determine continued use supportable. OPM will monitor HHS use this authority well the continued need for it, an