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Judicial Watch • JW v IRS 01559 unredacted documents- pg 51-54

JW v IRS 01559 unredacted documents- pg 51-54

JW v IRS 01559 unredacted documents- pg 51-54

Page 1: JW v IRS 01559 unredacted documents- pg 51-54


Number of Pages:4

Date Created:May 2, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 02, 2018

Tags:Letourneau, Akaisha, Darla, Kindell, Highlighted, IRS unredacted, 2018, Diane, Cases, Lois Lerner, 01559, douglas, Holly, Lerner, Counsel, michael, IRS

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Seta Michael
Wednesday, February 02, 201112:40
Fish David
FW: SCR Table for Jan. 2011 SCR items
SCR table Jan 2011.doc; SCR Jan 2011 t/bW,h MD.doc; SCR Jan 2011 .MIi- doc;
SCR Jan 2011MD.doc; SCR Jan 2011M.W.doc; SCR Jan 2011,,_
MD.doc; SCR Jan 2011 Newspaper Cases Update MDDOC; SCR Jan 2011
MDDOC; SCR Jan 2011 Medical Marijuana.doc; SCR Jan 2011 Mortgage
Foreclosure.doc; SCR Jan 2011 Foreign Lobby Cases.doc; SCR Jan 2011 SCR Jan 2011
(b)(3), 6103
From: Seta Michael
Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2011 :39
To: Lieber Theodore Salins Mary Seta Michael Shoemaker Ronald Smith Danny
Subject: FW: SCR Table for Jan. 2011 SCR items
Below Lois and Hollys directions certain technical areas, such newspapers, health care case, etc. Please not
allow any cases out before have brief Lois and Holly.
Attached the SCR table and the SCRs. The SCRs that went Mike Daly ends with MD. will forward the other
SCRs that didnt went Mike fyi.
These reports are for your eyes only ... not distributed.
From: Lerner Lois
Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2011 11:
To: Paz Holly Seta Michael
Cc: Trilli Darla Douglas Akaisha; Letourneau Diane Kindell Judith Light Sharon
SUbject: RE: SCR Table for Jan. 2011
Thanks--even with the Tea Party cases, they may want argue they
should 3s, would great can get there without saying the only reason they
dont get political activity.
Ill get with Nan Marks the
piece. just antsy the churchy stuff--Judy--thoughts whether should Counsel
early this--seems may want answer all questions they may have earlier
rather than later, but may being too touchy. Ill defer you and Judy.
_.,1--1 thought the elevated TEGE Commish related whether ever had--thats
why asked. Perhaps the block wrong--maybe what need some notation that the
issue one would elevate? hear you about you and Mike keeping track, but would like running history. thats the
only way can speak what were doing and progress larger way. Plus weve
learned from Exam--if they know looking, they dont want have explain--so they
move things along. the clean sheet doesnt give any sense unless back
previous SCRs.
Ive added Sharon she can see what kinds things interested in.
Director, Exempt Organizations
From: Paz Holly
Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2011 11:02
To: Lerner Lois Seta Michael
Cc: Trilli Darla Douglas Akaisha; Letourneau Diane Kindell Judith
Subject: RE: SCR Table for Jan. 2011
Tea Party Cases Determs are being supervised Chip Hull each step reviews info from TPs, correspondence TPs, etc. decisions are going out Cincy until all the way through the process with the and cases
here. believe the will ready over Judy soon.
HMO case .kdh_)
III will reach out Phil see Nan has seen it. She was involved the past but dont know about recently. .t!IJiJ proposed denials typically not Counsel. Proposed denial goes out, have
conference, then final adverse goes Counsel before that goes out. can alter that this case and brief you after
have Counsels thoughts.
MMM was not elevated Mike Dalys direction. had elevate twice after the litigation commenced but said not continue after that unless are changing course the application front and going forward with processing it.
(Mkiji,D) Our general criteria whether not elevate SCR Sarah/Joseph and only elevate when there has been action. IL3}lC!T was elevated this month because was just received. will
now begin review the 1023 but wont have anything report for sometime. will elevate again once have staked
out position and are seeking executive concurrence. (Mike and keep track whether estimated completion dates are being moved means track changes version the spread sheet. When next steps are not reflected met the estimated time, follow with the appropriate
managers Counsel determine the cause for the delay and agree due date.
From: Lerner Lois
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 6:28
To: Seto Michael
Cc: Paz Holly Trilli Darla Douglas Akaisha; Letourneau Diane Kindell Judith
Subject: RE: SCR Table for Jan. 2011
Thanks--a couple comments Tea Party Matter very dangerous. This could the vehicle court the issue whether Citizens United overturning the ban corporate spending applies tax
exempt rules. Counsel and Judy Kindell need this one please needs
this. Cincy should probably NOT have these cases--Holly please see what exactly they
have please. need push for the next Counsel meeting re: the HMO case Justin has. Reach
out and see can set up. ,i--has that gone Nan Marks? says Counsel, but well need her board.
all cases where says Counsel, need know what level please. assume the proposed denial the religious will Counsel before goes out
and will briefed? think should yes the elevated TEGE Commissioner slot for the Jon
Waddel case thats litigation--she well aware. Case involving healthcare reconciliation Act needs briefed level please. SAME WITH THE NEWSPAPER CASES--NO GOING OUT WITHOUT BRIEFING
PLEASE. ,,. cases involving settlements Israel should briefed also.
case--why yes-for this month only TEGE Commissioner block?
Also, please make sure estimated due dates and next step dates are after the date you
send these. couple these cant tell whether stuff happened recently not.
Question--if you have estimated due date and the person doesnt make it, how that
reflected? concern that when Exam first did these, they just changed the date
always looked current, rather than providing history what occurred. perhaps would
help sit down with and Sue Lehman--she helped develop the report they now use.
From: Seta Michael
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 5:33
To: Lerner Lois
Cc: Paz Holly Trilli Darla Douglas Akaisha; Letourneau Diane
Subject: SCR Table for Jan. 2011
Here the Jan. SCR summary.