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Judicial Watch • Patricia C Fawsett Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Patricia C Fawsett Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Patricia C Fawsett Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Page 1: Patricia C Fawsett Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:16

Date Created:December 5, 2006

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Polaris, Patricia C Fawsett, Patricia, funds, American, Growth, district, 2005, EPA, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Rev..) ll006 US.C opp. jjJ0/-1 JI) penoq Reponing (last name, first, middle initial) Court lie Orplllutioo Date ltepact 
Fawsett, Patricia 	U.S. District Court FL-M 05/05/2006 Tide(Acticle filjudesindicale Ktiw. orHlli-..s; Report Type (check appcopriate type) Ii. Reporting PuiOO 
magistrate judges iadiaite f'uJJ.. part-lime) 

01/01/2005 Nomination. Date
United States District Judge 
Initial Annual Final 	12131/2005 
Amended Report Chamben 11e Ofllce Addrelll the 1-is the informalioll contaiaed this Repwt and llll)' 
modifications pertaining thereto. is, 1111 opinion, ccimpliilnce Hughey Ave. with applkable Jaws and regulations. 

Orlando, H.. 32801 
Reviewin 	Date 
IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions compan1ing this/o,..,,, must followed.. Compku par#$, 
checking the NONEbox/or each part when you ha11e reportable information. Sign last page. POSIDONS. llV6"" ""-' daJUrn. PP. U.57 o/Jilbti Utd1wliou) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets Income during Gross value cad 

Transactioos during reporting period 
(including trust assets) reporting period 
(2) (I) no! exempt from diilclooun: 
Place "(X)" after each asset Amount Type(e.g. Value Value Type(e.g. (2) exempt from prior disclosure. Code div:, rent, Code2 Method buy, sell, Date Value Gain Identity 
(A-H)  orint.)  (J-P)  aideJ (Q-W)  merger, redcmp.ion)  Month-Day  Code2 (J-P)  CodeI (A-H)  buyed!!eller (ifprivaic transaction) AIM FUNDS Aim Constellation  None  Sold  4-7 AMERICANFUNDS -FUDdamenlal Investors Fund AMERICAN FUNDS -Growth Fund Am.ericaA AMERICAN FUNDS -Investment Company America  Dividend Dividend Dividend  Partial Sale Partial Sale  6-3 6-3 AMERICAN FUNDS-New F.conoiny None 

Sold K 
Fund LORD ABBE'ITFUNDS-Aftiliated 
Fund Dividend Buy 6-8 
LORD ABBBTT FUNDS-MidCap Fund Dividend 
LORD ABBE'ITFUNDS-Global F.quity None Sold 6-8 FundA LORD ABBE'IT FUNDS -lnlen!ational SaiesFund  None  Sold  6-8  
10. AMERICAN FUNDS -American Balanced Fund  Dividend  
11. AMERICAN FUNDS Bond Fund America  a  Dividend  
12. AMERICAN FUNDS -Income Fund America  Dividend  
13. ANCH NAlL SUN AMERICA/ Polaris Annuity/Alliance Growth  Sold  5-20  
14. ANCH NATL SUN AMERICA/ Polaris AnnuityJPutnam OI  Sold  5-20  
IS. ANCH NATL SUN AMERICA Polaris Annuity/Wellington Orth  Sold  5-20  

Hillsbourough County Utility Bond Interest 

PUTNAM FUNDS -PutnamFund for 	Sold 5-11 
Growth Income Income OaiD CodCI: A-Sl,OOOorlc -Sl.001 -$2.500 -S2.SOI -SS,000 -SS,001 -$15,000 =SI 5.001 -$50,000 (Sec ColumlW lll1d D4) P=S50,00I -$100.000 G-SI00,001-$1,000,000 -SI ,000,00 -SS.000.000 H'2 ,.Mon: thin SS.000.000 Vllluc CodCI -SIS.000 or.._ K-s15.001 L-SSO.OOI -$100.000 Ms$100.00l -$2SO,OOO (Sec ColumlMI lll1d D3) =S2SO,OOI -SS00,000 ..SS00.001 -$1.000.000 =SI ,000,00 -SS.000,000 ,.SS,000,001 -$25,000,000 Volue Method Cudai '425,000,00I -$50,000,000 =Coit(R""1 Only)  More thon $50,000.000 T=CuhMlorket ,_,.. .... ,....,,, OsAnnrix.11111 S:aA 

Oa1c Report 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -'--.  ITlllllliolu (uN:wa""'" tlN spo.-llll