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Judicial Watch • Patti B Saris Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Patti B Saris Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Patti B Saris Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Patti B Saris Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:79

Date Created:November 12, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:PATTI, SARIS, Patti B Saris, municipal, ATF, Gross, trust, 2009, TRUSTS, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Repon Required the Ethics 
AOJO Governmeni Act 1978 
Rev. l/2010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC ,1pp.  101-1 Pus>n Rrpor1ing {last namt.::, first. middle initial) SARIS, PATii ritle {Artkle-Ill judges inb.:al a(:f1ve senior status; magistrate judges indica1c full  pan-time) DISTRICT COURT JUDGE iACTIVEJ Chambe.-s Office AddHitS lIOAKLEY US. COURTHOUSE IC< llJRTHOUSE WAY, SUITE BOSTON. 02210 f.:ourt Organiz3tion .S.D lIASSACI IUSETTS Sa. Repnrr YP" rhel.k aprropriJh: type) r,ominatwn, Initial [Z] rnnuil Sb. Ami:-ndr.::d Report Final Dale Report 05 _l/20 Reporling Period Ol;OJ/2009 12;JJi21J09 the bais the information contained this rteport and any rno, is. opinion, lompli:.1nc' with apphtable laH anti rtgularions. Revir'' ing Otflcrr [)are  

/1l!PORTANT NOTES: The instructiom aaompanying thi..>socialion FJA Otliccr..-Clcr Century FunJ, Brookline lligh School. BronU1nc, lIA 
c.... ..,, 
NONE (;'o nrorrable 11grl'e111ents) 
l'.RTll'S .ND TERMS 

Saris, Patti 

III. NON-JN'ESTlVJENT JNCOJ'IE. (Rcp.,,1in1:i"'livi,/11a/a11dspo1e; see pp. /7-:Noffilinginstructio11.1.} Filer's Non-Investment lncome NONE (No reportable non-i11ves1ment incume.) 

Na1nt Person lhporling 
05.1 3.'20 
V FTS. {/ncfudeJ rltme .pome and depr11Jent chifJnn; srr pp. 2.) filing instnu.:rimr.;.J 
VI. LIA BIL ES. (lndude> tho> uf>r""'" 1111d d.pmdent d1ildrrn; 
[ZJ NONE (Nu reportable liabililics.) CREDfTOR 

----------. ----- 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, utue, rrun!tac1io11s ond1ule:; t110e oflpouu und dependent d1itdren; .'iee PP 14-60 fiting irutrm:riom;.J NONE (No reportable income, ussets, transactions.) 
Ocscrip1ion As'crs Income during Gross value end 

Transactions during rcponing period (including !rust assets) reporting period reporting period 
(I) 12) (I) (2) 12) 
Place "(X)" after each asset exempt from prior disclosure   Amount Code (A-H)  Type div., rent, inl.)  Value Code il-P)  Value Method Code (Q-W)  Type g., buy, sell, redemption)  Date mm/ddlyy  Value Code (J-P)  Gain Code (A-II)  Identity huyer/sclkr (if private transaction)  Mass. Port Authority, Muni Bonds  Interest  Mass. GIO Cons Series, Muni Bonds  lnleresl  University Mass Bldg, Municipal Bonds Mass. Bay Trans Authority. f1unicipal Bonds  Jn1eresl Jnkrt:!Sl  Malured  05101109  Strips T:-.IT, Public Sec urity (IRA)  J11teies1  
Venrme ln'e>tors Fund,  None  Rank America (formerly Fleet Natl Bank). lank Accounts  fnleresl 10.  -Bank America. PCA Accl We/lsFargo ;\lg Gov Sec fom1erlySlrongGov1Sec) Mutual General Obltg Series. Municipal Bonds  lnleresl Dtvideml '.'Jone  :1  Sold  12104'09  See Parl VII  

II. Realry Assoc I und Corp 
12. Really Assoc fund JV, Ll.C Tucker Anthony Pri'alc-Lquiry FunJ Ia,, Tpk Aulh. Mu111cip:tl Bond 
Dt idcnd 
,J  Buy (aJd'I)  ()_1121.'09 Corift:1enct: LL(' 
16. Realty ..ssnciarcs rund L.LC
Distnbu1ici11 Anthony Prl F.quity Fund 
Distnhuti1m -I !"'U k-. '-_' ; !!! 
.nd 0.1' '.;,)lll.111)!1 '11::1111 -..1,H1  IO!l 1111 .:..u (II !Ill ..Ii 1.111 11.,.i.,,dtll' 

SAIUS, PATTI JI. INVESTl,1ENTS and US'I'S -;,,n,me. ''"'" 1runJacrium onc1udl7.. 11w.'it! uf!rome ''"J 11ependen1 d1itdren: :;re PP 1J-60 1if fiti"1: insrr11c1ion.'l.J NONE (No reporlable income. assels, transactions.) 
(I) 12) 
Place "(X)" aficr each asse1 ;Amount )pC ( NONE (No rcportahle income. ass'/s, tmnsactiom.)  13.  
lkcnr11on .-sseT.S  ln1omc during  (irnss alu-: end  
(indt1ding trust a:iscrs)  rc-portmg period replmmg penod  
Plac.:c "iX)" alter carh aIll  ,_.,,;,;;  'I lI'!  ..q 1)!:11  
1:-.,,(.:11111111Jll 11o.iJll1 _:_,,,, !1h llllltual  
144. 141>. 147.  -lloston. JI.IA Municipal -lsh;m:s MSCI H1azil Index (mutual fa) (x) -SPDR Gold Tru>t (mutual Id) tx) -Federated Go,1 Obi it: n1one mrht (mutu;d tJ) (X)  Buy Huy Ruy Sn!J  0:,/21109 06!1 .:09 /2l'l19 Ofi1"0310)  
1-1i II. 52. tder:1ted T1c,1s all Rs' r11ont.:y nuld ifllll{Ua) 1(1) (;.;)  fluy Buy (aJd'l1 iluy (add'l1 Bu:; (;1dd'I) B11) (,1dJ'li  (J('(q,'1;; f)/,;()cr/scllc.r  
redcmplion)  U-P)  (A-ll)  (if pri';11r:  
1ransJ:tion) -,1 n11n .:le-,., )UI '-:tn _,:.:-01  ...... :;1,11  '"'. ",,)I U)I'. ,-.: .__.tu1111 .11:i l).i:  ;.'!! O!ll  '-ltlrt!J;:1 -'.1111'.!ll'I. -.111111' lil -:: 1;1)1 IH)  '):. 11.(;11 :d11. 11lt,  '... ;.;1: Pill  j(10 t1!1)  
';,,.t1!111rn1h.( .11i,ij);1 Ptlll.1111;. .'Oq11.fu111  
'' 1','1.11'11 ,..11H.-d ,;11. 'hl-.1  .1.h L,1l  !,,.., 1i11.  

VII. INVESTMENTS and USTS --inc.. me, .-a1ue. rransuc1ions t111t'l,,des t""'' of'"""" und dependent 11ildren: "'pp. 1-1-60 fiting intmctiun>.1 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, tmnsactions.)  
Description Asset;  lnc1m..:: during  Gross :alui!  
tirich1Jing rrnsl a:st:ls)  r:::pcrting period  cf reporting period  

I)) iii ii) (31 
J"ype (..:: g., Ll:ni.: Valu..: GJin IJtntiry 
Pl..icc ''lXl" after each asser Amount Type (e.g. V;duc Value Code 
Cmk Mcthud 
exempt from prior di.sclosuri;: 
div rent, huycr/sclkr
buy. II. min/dd'yy Cod..: 
tif (lfliJIC 
inl.l (1-PJ Code (11-Hl
lQ-Wl "'" ...'1 Ill J(J  
I!'  f,.,r 1k111"-'1:nou1111 :-w ltl o11 1,:..,.,  
'-'1.11 11110i!i1   .111  t1.1.1  1.1 111.;  

Date Report 
SARIS, PATTI STM NTS and RUSTS -income. vat'" 1r11nsac1ions r1nc111ues '"""of spouse anu dependent c1ti1uren,-see PP 34-60 ting instrttd reporting p...:rtod 
ti) t1) ti) t2J l'l.Jc "(X)'' after each asf."t Amount Type (e.g., Value Value 
..:xc:r"rlrt from rrinr d1"iclosurt: 	div.. rent, Code Mot hod 
(A-ll) int.) UI'> 	Codi: (QW) 
II>  (2)  141  (5) 
Type kg.  0Jh;  Vjluc  G.1in  ldi:nrity  
buy. sdl.  mmdJ.'yy  Code  CodC'  1'uyer/selltr  
rt.1.h:mptionl  (J.i'I  tAlli  (if private  

2trihu1od  09!3()/(l')  
'). c95  -SPID H11td 111utu::tl fund -US Trca>ury Bills  Ruy(add'!) ()i.-.:u1bu1e.15'll9 0')'}0'09 02!0510'> :,1 :29('.  -hhares itSCI B1anl lnJ..:x (rnutu31 lu)fx)  Buv  08/21 '09  
29:->.  -Int IECll l1ncsrmenf> Ll.C fclo.;dy h:ld) (xl  Buy  fJ9.'3U:!l9 Sec 1'011 'Ill  
Trua  Dislrihution  See l'ort 'Ill  
JOO. .>01. l1A Rfdg lflmicipal Bonds MA Sp! (1blig iJm1icipal llt>ml  1alt11ed Di>trihuti:d Sold (part)  Oli1Jl'09 09.130/fJ9 010')  1t  
i.11.1.  SulJ lpar11 D11riht1tcd Di:-:1riulcd  O'J'lfHl'I 09: 1)'09 o'!:rn.  
.inr, M. Port Auth lltmicip:>i llond  D1sfr1!1u1t.d -------- ---  II') _i().1)9 l  C     ..:;  Ii.  1, 1J,,,  .,.;lull "11'1 da. '"k.  ,;.; (fP !...,   'I !!I:  (.,.I110.111  , ..,, Ill Ii 1 'I II ... ...  r.,,1,;.; 1.-1 ,,.,  lo"r" f.t l .1> .,, ... nm.-:  


vII. lNVESl' i:I ENTS and STS -inwm.,, 11/1.,, tran>actie vfsp11U. J:o  Sold Di;tributerl Buy (oJJ'IJ Bu> iaJd'I) Sc>IJ 11,Jni Hu] 1add'I) fluy (adcl'll Sld lp.irl) 05101,;o NONE (1Vo rcportahle income. assets. Iran.we/ions.) Dcsi.:riptam l1f Assc::ts Jrn::umi.: Juring Gross value l..'.TJJ 1nclmhng lru  s,,11n1J"  -  ----- - .

'i'1lll) '-' Ill! l,,;i;u1 I -.1  ; II  ''1111  'ojt ''Ui'1'i I  1."cc(.,l1111111-.fil.u11][J.:1 ;,, ;!: :111! '-,l1Jd Pt111 , J!111 !!Pl .d1lt> I'll!! Ii ',llllilil'I ,;r::.i::= 11: -.11;,lh.1.'.
 5.:1111 II :.. .:.o1 1.. :,, lll!;:"il '''''fill! ,.;,,,,,,1)11 t .1;1 'f:!t)lt"'I ")I i)J 
I'! -.,11,['J.:::11. "''l!:1:..i11 '.:-1:;1!1'; 
,., '1:tl.11: 111,,1!  1-1:' 1.,1 . 1,,  ,r ... 
.,;:,, 11.1 , i.1111111,.1 

Dal< Reporl 
'I INV ES''flVIENTS and Sl.,S inC'tJmc, aim!, trunactfonj f/ntlude'i thou u_f spOll!:i( un1I depen1/enr dri/Jre11; ."i!e l'P .f.J.60 fl/"jilin,e: instrm:ti1ln,'.) NONE (No reportable income, asst'fs, trwuaclions.} 
fl. ransai..:linn.;; during rcplJrting pcnod 
lk.:nptiun Assets lncurnc dunng (iross nlul.! end 1ndut.ling 1r11:::r as..:1;;) reponing period rl"porting period 
11) t2) 
(l) 12) 1)) 14) {5)
Value Value: 
T)P'' Oat(; Valu..:: Ciarn kkut11y
P,1cc-"( X}" ;1fti.:r c:1d1 l11111n .in,11 lJ 1 lh!.: Ill .  lll)U I':= I,,; iOH llC' ''In: 11uor 
1.1 	f'ill p. 11,,, ... 'Ill:' . 1.11111.11.I 

VII. vES''J'I'l EN'TS and 'I'R srs a inc(1me, r11lne, tftlnuaions (lndtull's thw;e p011H' .md tlitpenJenr d1i/Jren: pp. J.J-60 fJ/ Jilin# in:,-tfllt.'fions.) 
NONE (No reportable income, assels. transactions.) 

FINANCIAL DISCLOSURI J.1-60 fi/ing instrrU'tion .... NONE (No repor1ab!e income, assets. tran.1ac1ions.) Transacr1011; Junnf; rcp1>r11ng pi.:nud 
D..:s1.:rip11on Asst.:1::. lm.:vmc S.  :i1 cnJ 
(mdl(hng lrust .1sc1-.i 
t'lact! "IX)" after cai.:h ascl l.'.:ii:cmpt from pnur diclvsurc 
r.:f)1m:ng period (II 
ofri.::porting pciiod 
Type fc.g 
(II 12) ill ,,m 
Type{) reponinl:! period f1f reporting p1.'riod 
II) {2) 11)
(2) (5)ld1.;ntir) Vah1Vi1!u (iarnPlac 'X)" afler cd1 asel Amount T)'pctog, 
1 (cg., Datt 
Cu.Jc Jiv., rrnl. Cude 
buy.sell, mm'dd:'yy Code:? Code 
exempt from prior d1sch)sur.: 
1Jf') Co 
,,33 Buy(:hid'!) Buyf;idd'I) 
01'1_1.'09 ()J/160'1 
fl!IY OJ-27 01 
lltt' (add'll 
t:idd'I) Buy 
O.J ll2,11')  

>.J.28 ill) n-12 
1)430 (I) 
[,1dd'i1 i'll9
!r.1"K' i.Jll , 
'.1:-:1 lH!I
":tOIJ 11111! Ill l:11;1::1l I,., I,., 1!t.11 . 1:0 ;_., 
... r:rn , :!  'll11  I ,: 'I!   
:;;,1  .... 
,., :tl!' 1(! --:I I" 1)110 ;j,.,, .....;.,1 
1r...-. lll,111 l.1.110,)1 ' , . ,.t,.tl, ....11'. 

Name Person Rrpor-ting 

SARIS, PATTI 'ES1'1VIENTS and TRUSTS --im:mm., 1ufor. 1rcms,,..1imis Ond1,Jes 11tvse vfspume and t1ependttnr ditdren. see PP J-1-60of1wng insrr"',;ons.J NONE (No reportal>le income. assets. tra11sactio11s.)  
[h:scriptinn As.sets  lncomi.:: during  Cirn.-> alu.; end  Tranactions during rqwrting pi:rioJ  
{induding trust il:t)  rqxutmg p..;rwd n:poniilg pi.::nod  

II) (2) 
(I) (3) 14) (5) 
Plac::: "(Xl" after eat::h asset /mount lypc (i.:: g., /:ilut: 'alue T)pc 1e.g., Dale Yalu..: Gain ldcnlily exempt from priN disclosure d1-. n:nl. (1.11..k  MdhMI buy. sell. .mm/ddiyy Code Co ()7115/09 07116109 
081) li1J9 
tFl'0.2/09 I_ 
bbl.  Buy 1addl)  1)4'11'(19  
602  Buy ta.Jd  09'14'09  
l!tt (,u!J'li  091111'1 , J.  '"k'  'lllllll  _:111 !)111!,IU! (,110 11,I (IUl)''W' '. t11fl) nlJ fJ"l'Jl)'li'I 
tpari o-;:J.Hl'J
(part) 'J4!1Jatr Report 
()5!13'2010 INV ES'l'JlENTS and TH. USTS -income. va111e. rransaaiom onc111de> '"""' of.-p1111sear1d Jependenrc1,;1Jrm: see pp. J4-6u if filing irwrnc1iom.J NONE (No reportable income. assets. tra11sactions.) Dcsi.:ription Ass.:b lncum during. Gmss v:ilu: end rran::>ai.:1icms dun;ig fl'port;ng pcnoSL:npt1nn l)f Assets  Income during  Gros vnlu..:: t:nd  lransa(h11m. during f('porting pcnod  
(mclud1ng trust assets)  r..:porting pt:r1od pcrioj>  G-'-SIOlilOl-SI l)flOCIO'l oqn le:.  K=$1)1101 .))11111111 :-it't' l111n11:. .md ='>O.llOI  )'iHl OP!I  u-S5!1fl.tl01 1)1)!1 r:O! .-.' O!lll.lllll  )'>0 i!IHJ PO! ppt,ll.11 c11 R'.i1 ,,_,,:-1 t111 l nluin1:  l. f1111.. .illtt! :.()1hn -)-01 -).!JOO =))!IOI 1).HOll 
l!l -'.:il.IHHl001-5'00IUll:l -Mui.11110.flfltl I':' 5 fl!)() IHll -?'.0110 11l11l 
P-' =M111 1h.111 ')'II non ClllO =. e:-,mt"nr -f-.',fllll;lt'd 
FINANCIAL DISCLOSJRE REPORT Page Dcst:riptmn Asst:: l;h:.:,inc 1ur1n1: CirP''.'.'> -.:1iu..: ;.1t 
1.m,luding m1.::;1 ;l5sr::;) r..::purlln/ peri11J )f H:pPnin pLr1nd 

ti) (! t!) tcJ (3) C'l 
f'lcc "{X)" after cad1 a;,..:t Amounl 1p.; Ii: Value Type:,._.. Date Value ldl'nt1ty Ptk 
cxi:mpr from pnor di!)j '.>: (tJ '.'II llJ!J -,)l.!Jl1I IPil_llUO JI K.)H!0.0111. htl./lo!l co_'"O llOI ':-inH,IHlll 'l.lll!OIHll  ',O(UO!!O 
f'l =-'1 '5.H1:0.D!ll ))01llht!!IH 
I'.! -fl.lure lh,111 )"O Ollll.!IHC! "'.pp1.11 .11 .1:.h l.,1 l  -fl,  11t'  L'>l1111.11ed 

lb1rot Rrpor1 
Fl'l;A_ICIAI. DISCLOSl1RE REPORT P'! ono  .1flo.n1H  .1.11.n1J -'.:ol ll(1fit1or  -..;,,1in/rnkr  H:.' ff....rt" !h;w. )_', Olti! /)ii5.ililil_tl(ll -.....'11lJ0 (I()(  
I'-!" 1100.ll-'.lt. iO 1J11li l!iHi  (l..! -hlH" lh,11! ':-:.1) !)ll11 ()HI)  
1.: ,,,, 111 ;,1.11 ;)IYJ  
,t...;:.:(-1l1r:l!';l  tither  

i'iON r:Vo rcporrafl!c income, asscrs. /ransat1io11.1 
P..-s..:-ription 11! .-s:_;b. In-:n:t..: d111111.. iro. ;:lu .. ,ll .::nd .ndud1r1g rn1s1 asl.'I) pnrr1ng r...:rJ. Elliott lssoriates  [listnbclled  117'0 'l19  l'I lnw,1111cnt Holdings Ltd  ll"trihuted  07/0 I/09 -US1rcnsury Bills  
XO -Penta Asia l.011)! Shun FunJ Ltd l.Pt 91. -lnl MEC:l.1 Assoc LLC cl,>sdy held -lkphne>ti1111 (x) 895 -lkph:tcst1on Co-invest (.xJ 896. -!'orm lmt lllJ I.Id (x) li'l7 -.andcr Master hind LLC (x) X9X -Fcd,-:rarcd TrL'iiS C:ish rt'"t.'rvl. money 11irt rnurual  llis11 ibuteJ Dblrihwi lluy Buy Uuy (add'I) lluy l_add'il nu) BU Buy llu) tadd  07--01.'09 07101100 07'!)1 '09 0701.'09 1011)'0'.I 12'28'09 07'01.'09 07'1) IO'.> 07'01'09 ()!J3f09  Sec Pan 'Ill  
900 901  Sold (par!) 1aJd.l1 Lluy adSI)  !0'15'09 i01J9,'U9 11)!28.'0')  

- l.Ol)li lr k;. fio-jllIJI '.'.11)1.1 >'i IH!I  :)l:'.11( 1!1 -.:Ii l)t)J. ".:-1111 110!1 "'.>11111 !l:ll ()(;() 11:11t Iii':- llPO.lllil '>!llqd11!1 /hJt 11,111 1.Hlitlnr -51 ;tll -", 011 .:.)?.Ill -'>>!(Ill -'-,5.0111. .01l11 !n: ,il1w.111 l"t'1 ,1,1.I -5-lt1iiilll. 'I IJlll1 ih111 -SI t1rn1 rtll. 11w1J;iir,: ",1tuc tl!l.: -)'"I 011 -'lllll.Oirfl1')..:t"L >1 1111111-.( ,11I Uit  'ill lid ''l/J !)l)j) -.. --n!l 11:11 ... 1i1ll1.01r11 	1p1.11: u.11P.';'.1I U11I:. ll1:11k.!111, llil1'l" 

l:)ttll' Pt>non Rrporrin::!, J"20 I!! 

NONE (No nportah/e i11come. assl'fa. tJ/" tn111sucrwn1) 
lh:;,;r1p1tuJl ASSl'l' lrKom'- lfn11n  (jrrn.; .tlu:..: .al t.:nd  
(llKlulhn.f. tnJ!'il asc!s)  rcporling ri...'rl> Pn -:'i01I !Ill  '-.1.llO!l lh!(I  r -s.r .HoP 11!!1 ".'.>:-1!n.1.11ri  )_lilI !'(I[ >()(Cl tJ(lll  
J'.1 "l.DIJO 1111 ;,II (/(111.11110  f'I -M111' {II '.)If Ul'l:-lr:n  
1.J ;ip1 ll' ..11 f l':.i tl-!t-.1: E:.t.;1 m 1/m1ud1t; tll (IJUii ;,j 1.J1 J.tl111  i1 """ ltJIJ nu1 :.111 i11111  
 ;._:'tlll.H 1lO!llJil  p_:i 'fl11ClfH.I ,,._:>,POiJfll)L)  'Fl''" I  ""'"''.111,1)1  
SRIS. PATTI J,. IN! ... lVI NTS and ']' srs --inn1mt, 11dt1t/. triH11ll'lir:ns (llH /mfrs tlroe !-.p1111C t1r1J drpendort hihlren; H'1' J'P 3../-60 of/ilin-..:, inWrtH lion.I 
-=:_1 NONE (No reportable income. '.crnr1 from prior d1sdfl:>Urc 'ud..:: J:v, n:111. (ll(k? Ml1hud buy. '-di. rnm Ud'yy Ct1dc CII!!' iiiff  
l'-1 "-110:: Ill.I".,.-,  tlllJ,11).1! .r.i, I'. .111v );'   H,,,.k 11::.:  ()th;  

:i:rn1t l'non Hl'po1fi11g 
0'' J,20111
S.lllS. l'AITI 11. Nlf-':,S'l'Il N'l'S and "J'RlJ Sl"'S --Uk0111C, tafoc, ln1n.wuiu11 (/udude 1Jru.w o;pou:;,e ""d lfrptm/01( d11/dre11: Cf' pp. 1./-60 filing irnlrnction..) JNF' (;'Vo npr11'/c1b/,, 111co111e. assets. l1'l'.tl I  IJ.'' ;1!11: 

Oale Herorl 
S.IUS, f',TTI 
NONE (No reportable income. assets. trl'f 
i'lanil' Pt:rson nportinc 
05/13/211 RIS. PAT'l IN' EST!VIENTS and lJSTS -'""""" .,,., . """"".''"m /c income. asscls, transuctio11s.) lks..:r1pt1vn .s,...:1s 111;.'r.111 ... tiur1;1g (ir.1:-..; va:tK ..;nd in..:ludin!: trut Jc:') rcpc1rtol period rq''ttrng. pcnoJ 
11) t=' 	(\ 
f'lic r ath