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Judicial Watch • Paul C. Huck – 2006

Paul C. Huck – 2006

Paul C. Huck – 2006

Page 1: Paul C. Huck – 2006

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:11

Date Created:January 31, 2008

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Tags:Progressive, PaulC, Paul C Huck, partnership, mortgage, Morgan, partial, 2006, assets, TRUSTS, dividend, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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POSITIONS. (Reporting illdh>U/llOl Ollly; ,_pp. 9-13 ofilts1r11ctiom.) 
[.Kl NONE (No reportable positions.) 
AGREEMENTS. (Reporting indilidlMll ohly; :Jee pp. U-16 lmlruc#om.) [Kl NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
ID. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. rRporling wMJINll oJUJ $f>Oln,, entertainment. (Jndudes tho:re pouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 ofinstrucliom.) NONE (No reportable reimursements.) National Advocacy Center-U.S. Government Expenses related travel and lodging when teaching the Center -Columbia, June 
26-27, 2006 GIFTS. (lncladn tlHtse ltt spo11suntl ort 
Name Repcn1ina: 
HIKk,PaulC fDc