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Judicial Watch • Pence Indiana LA 10.17

Pence Indiana LA 10.17

Pence Indiana LA 10.17

Page 1: Pence Indiana LA 10.17


Number of Pages:143

Date Created:October 3, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 10, 2019

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Freedom Information Act Privacy Act Program
Communications Center
245 Murray Lane, S.W., Building T-5
Washington, D.C. 20223
Date: September 24, 2018
Judicial Watch
425 Third Street, SW, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Attn: Justin McCarthy
File Number: 20180098 20180099
Dear Requester:
This the final response your Freedom Information Act (FOIA) requests, originally received the United States Secret Service (Secret Service) October 17, 2017, for information pertaining the following:
File Number 20180098: All records concerning use U.S. Government funds provide security
and/or any other services Vice President Pence and any companions their October 2017 trip
Indianapolis, Indiana. The time frame for this request runs from Oct. 2017 the present, and
File Number 20180099: All records concerning use U.S. Government funds provide security
and/or any other services Vice President Pence and any companions their October 2017 trip
Los Angeles, California. The time frame for this request runs from Oct. 2017 the present.
Enclosed are documents responsive your requests. effort provide you with the greatest
degree access authorized law, have considered the reference material under the FOIA
statute, Title U.S.C. 552. Pursuant this Act, exemptions have been applied where deemed
appropriate. The exemptions cited are marked below. addition, approximately 140 page(s) were released, and approximately page(s) were withheld
their entirety. enclosure this letter explains the exemptions more detail. this box checked, deletions were made pursuant the exemptions indicated below.
Section 552 (FOIA)
Cb) C4) (b) (7) (C)
(b) (2) (b) (3) Statute:
Cb) (5) Cb) (6)
(b) (7) (D) (b) (7) (E)
(b) (7) (A)
(b) (7) (F)
(b) (7)(B)
Cb) (8)
The following checked item(s) also apply your request: Fees: the processing these FOIA/PA requests, fees are being assessed.
Other: you deem our decision adverse determination, you may exercise your appeal rights. Should
you wish file administrative appeal, your appeal should made writing and received
within sixty (60) days the date this letter, writing to: Freedom Information Appeal,
Deputy Director, U.S. Secret Service, Communications Center, 245 Murray Lane, S.W., Building
T-5, Washington, D.C. 20223. you choose file administrative appeal, please explain the
basis your appeal and reference the case number listed above. you have any questions would like discuss this matter, please contact this office (202)
406-6370. FOIA File No. 20180098 and 20180099 are assigned your requests. Please refer
these file numbers all future communication with this office.
Sincerely, Campbell
Special Agent Charge
Freedom Information Act Privacy Act Officer
FOIA and Privacy Act Exemption List
Provisions the Freedom oflnformation Act not apply matter that are:
(b) (I)
(A) specifically authorized under criteria established Executive Order kept secret the interest national defense
foreign policy and (B) are fact properly classified pursuant such Executive order;
(b) (2)
related solely the internal personnel rules and practices any agency;
(b) (3)
specifically exempted from disclosure statute (other than section 552b this title), that statute: (A)(i) requires that the
matters withheld from the public such manner leave discretion the issue, (ii) establishes particular criteria
for withholding refers particular types matters withheld; and (B) established after the date enactment the
OPEN FOIA Act of2009;
(b) (4)
trade secrets and commercial financial information obtained from person and privileged confidential;
(b) (5)
inter-agency intra-agency memorandums letters which would not available law party other than agency
litigation with the agency; provided that the deliberative process privilege shall not apply records created years more
before the date which the records were requested;
(b) (6)
personnel and medical files and similar files the disclosure which would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal
(b) (7)
records information compiled for law enforcement purposes, but only the extent that the information: (A) could reasonable expected interfere with enforcement proceedings; (B) would deprive person right fair trial impartial
adjudication; (C) could reasonably expected constitute unwarranted invasion personal privacy; (D) could reasonable expected disclose the identity confidential source, including State, local, foreign agency authority any private
institution which furnished infonnation confidential basis, and, the case record infonnation compiled criminal
law enforcement authority the course criminal investigation, agency conducting lawful national security
intelligence investigation, information furnished confidential source; (E) would disclose techniques and procedures for law
enforcement investigations prosecutions, would disclose guidelines for law enforcement investigations prosecutions
such disclosure could reasonably expected risk circumvention the law; (F) could reasonably expected endanger the
life physical safety any individual;
(b) (8)
contained related examination, operating, condition reports prepared by, behalf of, for the use agency
responsible for regulation supervision financial institutions;
(b) (9)
geological and geophysical information and data, including maps, concerning wells.
The provisions the Privacy Act not apply to:
(d) (5)
material compiled reasonable anticipation civil action proceeding; (2)
material reporting investigative efforts pertaining enforcement criminal law including efforts prevent, control, reduce
crime apprehend criminals;
material currently and properly classified pursuant Executive Order the interest ofnational defense foreign policy;
(k) (2)
material compiled during investigations for law enforcement purposes;
(k) (3)
material maintained connection with providing protective services the President the United States other individuals
pursuant section 3056 Title 18;
(k) (5)
investigatory material compiled solely for the purpose determining suitability, eligibility, qualifications for Federal civilian
employment, military service, Federal contracts, for access classified information, but only the extent that the disclosure such material would reveal the identity the person who furnished information the Government under express promise
that the identity the source would held confidence, prior the September 27, 1975, under implied promise that the
identity the source would held confidence;
(k) (6)
testing examination material used solely determine individual qualifications for appointment promotion the Federal
service the disclosure which would compromise the objectivity fairness the testing examination process;
LRC Air/RaO Detail Report Project Code
Report Period: tOn/2017 thru 10/9/2017
Trip Bqi11 O..t
M.i llslid.. INV
Tickd Rouriag
021.039 Total:
Status: Reservation
Contract#: 28152
Event Beg: Sat 10/7/2017 8:30AM
Event End: Sun 10/8/2017 8:00PM
513 78M393 513 554-3143 fax
11839 Tramway
Cincinnal~ 45241
,--------------------- 111