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Judicial Watch • Policy Procedures Field Manual – Part 1 of 2

Policy Procedures Field Manual – Part 1 of 2

Policy Procedures Field Manual – Part 1 of 2

Page 1: Policy Procedures Field Manual – Part 1 of 2


Number of Pages:159

Date Created:April 20, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 25, 2017

Tags:Chicago Department of Aviation

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OHare International Airport
Midway Airport
ova 41117111111111.11111/11 [01,1
111 PJpcse
111 Asuhwmhw
1114 Orgamzauons Name
111 Possessmr chmmc
1116 Rows ans Amnamms
11151 Permannm 1.3
1115 Tamporay 173
1117 1411111151111; Fuummu: I-s
111 1n1erpre1a11on Manual FVowsmns 1.4 Drgan lzahon the Securig Suction I44
112 orgamzauonm 011311 1,4
Duties olAassgned 52mm Police Personnel
1131 Ass1stantflnm 11ss1anerm1 1.4
113 Awavan Spec1a1Po11ce Hen nan:
113 Av1alro1$pcu1a1 P0110: 5511129111 Anamn Spema} P0110: cer 1.5
118 Adm1r115hatluc Scrgcshl
113 Admuwsnahm Assisty Cleme 0112.111 :1? Command
113 11119 Cowmana SLCDBSSDH Pgrsouar Conduct 1.7
1141 Standards Conduct
114 Use Force Aasence
114 Yardmrui
114 Use Drugs Common Danguous Subsxanccs
114 111Lux1ual1uv1
114 Drug and Alcohol Tesuug Pom
114 Storage o1A1ooho1 Drugs
114 Smokmg WhHe Duty
11410 eepmg WMe Duty
11411 smmwatmn Arnsmaw naravmns-s ,11
ova m1} 171,111,.2111211 V1.4 =01A
1/4 n1s1ms1:o11 1.1112111111311231: GIHluH/u: .-11
1/4 Soucnaum a1spea1a1p1w11eges 1711
1/4 Spawn Pohoe swam NOW/C3
1/413 Cums amts Mamba/e the 121mm 112
1/416 Com nendahons .1? 117 per annel
1/5; Watches Esmb 111211 143
1/51 R011 Can 1714
1/5 F1xed P051RE1mm1 1714
1/11 Eve/Dwez 1.14
1/7 Lwch Bleaks and Pelamla 1-14
2/; Gsuoral 11.1 Prlomy Can: 11-1
2/2 Emelgehcy Radio Massages
2/2 Spema/ Rama Messages
2/2 Rout am; Msssages
2/; Superwsmy n52
2/3 mmmc Placedures 11-2
2/31 Genm1 Radro We;
2/3 Ramos Rew 9111 Wh11e 01111 19119111 1ransr1==mn=
2/3 Ramo Checks 11-3
2/3: 1151:1111541u11 smucm 173
2/3 Radio T1ensn1ss1o11 Language
2/3 Respcnsc Radm CDH
2/35 Misuse Radm Eqmpmenl
2/3 Request Sane/Visor
7/3 111 awn/ 5111 Rama Equ 1111mm
2/5 Radio goues I1-4
2/41 Phonetic A1p11ebe1
2/4 Ram quuemus use Teleghoues 11.1;
ova mdeA/1LHWWALNVM Ko/A
y/h [Ava ram/1y Man/vows 1/./
2/5 Te/enhom: Non/mam Overt/me 11-7 Calls 10: Service Col/m Tclnghc/m Cans
3/1 Genzral Appaxmncu and quming Ill-1
3/1 Ecarmg
3/1 physmz/ Condmon 11/71
3/1 Moustaches
3/1 Bed/u.
3/16 Hands and F/ngemu/Ks
3/1 Make
3/1 Jewelry
1/1 FerpV/nr< [o[m
3/2 Genera/
3/2 Baa/c Unh o/r ALL OFF/c1523
3/2 Shlrt
3/2 Trousers
3/2 Han:
3/2 Jacket
3/2 meme/s. 40pt/wal)
2/2 Noe/111C
3/2 Shoes
3/22 Socks
3/7 ves
3/2 Sea
3/2211 Overs/mes
3/22 Equ/pmen: DEN
3/2 Nameplate
3/23 Equ/pmen
3/2 8am Key R/ng
3/23 Hanna/s And Her/dam Case
3/2 Ram eds
3/2 C/lat/ou Books
ova mmwwm O/A
3/2 mam/gm
3/2 Comm/em: /_,7
3/2 ce/3 Notehaok
3/2 Summer UW/iorm
3/2 Wimsr u/u/mm
3/2 TL/eneck/H/mzneck U/nkey ///.n
3/2 com NW8
3/2 Unl nsuect/um H/-5
3/2 lmprcper Un/Fn
3/2 Unaumcnzsd Equ/pmem
4,1 Genqal Regan Forms
4/21 Supemsors Log
4/2 Da/yActV/ty Repon //.1 ESCOH Form
4/2 Special Fs/ice Gene/m Cane Reuu //-2
4/2 Lust arm Found uperly //72
4/2 00/71/5521th Badges and 1on Vch/clc Perm/ls
4/2 Fwd Cor/lac! Cams /v22 Van/Ne Fnk/Ip/V Usagp w.)
4/2 Ame/u Var/c Cilat/ons
4/: ggnmlezm/Lu/ Regulls w-a
4/4 Aggroval chonq
4/5 Reliaggi secuvm Reports IV-3
5/2 Patrol Arcas mum/mi Hzmp Wl/p 9mm; v.1
5/2 Terr/max :a-m/ F001 Pauox Lz
5/2 Had Pam
5/2 Watch Comma/ de/ v.5
5/2 Sh/ Sergeam V76
ova b7J,/d).u/Wak,h Ko/A
5/3 Sgecilic Patrol Precadures v.7
5/3 rF/e/d Ownec on/Jemes
5/31 renmm/s and man/gem GnI/e xmg v77
5/3 F/rs: Amendment Groups and Des gnatcu Areas
5/: AED ned/OHS via
3/3 Tent W/re hmus/on Detect/on System
5/3 Gene/a/ Wo/makon
5/3 TW/DS BeazAss/gnmms
5/3 W/DS Pat/m A/ea
5/3 Respanse A/arrrs v19
5/: W/DS N/g/ Oman/ms v79
5/3.: Federal Express Menop/ex Ga/e
5/3 Crack cam 15A 159 and
5/3 AGULcck/weed Tank Pam Access vs: Rena/v and f;m12! DUI/(As PINK
e/z Cum/m Mss /l-2
6/3 Fixed Peal Assignment VIVZ
6/4 Gannra/ Procedures Access Points VIAZ Manned Gates VHS
3/4 Uu-Ma/med Gates w-a
0/6 ReqU/famems VHS
6/4 Access denH/cahon rocedwes VI-a Pmonnc/ dcnl/l/caton
3/2 Display Badges
6/4 Veh/c/e ACA ACCBES VF?
5/4 van mam Access Perm/x5 V/rB
ova m1} 71,111,.H1wm [ow
GIL thd Badges V-5 5500115
6/4 Card Readers
5/5 Sgecific Post Orders and Procedures [014w v1.1a
5/51 Pas! am: manure; VMU
6/5 bust Procedmes VH1
6/51 =osx1 Eqmpmem v1.11
6/5 Pos! Escort Vemda VA:
6/5 P03! Escort Vemc aamomg V713
6/5 93512 Procedures V143
bib Van and VMCPVHHFS V144
6/5 Fund Truck Sea
0/5 Pus718191and10 Pluccdulcs VHS
6/5 AMC 03! V148
6/5 P35! 4/ (Show Gate) VH7
5/5 P551 (Edo Gate) and (Tanya Gate) v1.17
Wit Sene lmornalxm VH7
515 Post Locaums VHS
P051 Parking v1v1n
Opera: Hours 11:
ans! Phone Nurbers V1718
chra POSI Camvmmmatlms
Gate Onerawns VMB
Now/11mm 71an VHS
Taxway incursions VHS
(310qu RurUp Enclosure Access
Dower uree Hnavy Srmw Condmors V1119
A11 hams comm Rama anassmogy VMH
Awatmn NDhaDE W-ZU
Cusmm Dow: men
Termme Dock (Subswharv VH1
KEY Cavds L01 Mmraklonal farm
Vehic Ins:ecuons V1722
6/5 Gmdshnes For Vemme IHSCEcUons v1.22
ans acme Post rders v1-za 56m Streel Gaka Fmec Fast VLZC}
515 Coed Truck Seals V1725 Cemrel (3:12 Wed P051
316 Lalarme Gme Med Post V129
ova mmwvm Geljg vn-1
7/2 Emergency Procedures
7/2 Stzgmg} Areas Secur Vii-2 Leve Om: -2
7/11 LCVE Two
7/3 Leve Three VH3
7:3 Hun W41
7/3 SECUFW/ Exemses VH4 Spel Calequ SELLAHW LEV/(1 VH-A Aircra Accidents and chums
7/4 Standby VH-4 Cram Fve VH-4 Ecmb Threat VH-4 Nou Procedures VH-4
7/6 Slruclura} Fires Nnm allon Procedures VH-F
7/7 Spucial Fruucuumg VHrS Sscunly Eniorcemem Aclwine: Arrest Procedure: VHS Damned Persons Specwa Pchce MPanly Pprsnnq lb
7/5 Trespasse Hum Feup mum ammm Dead Domes Pahtma Asymm Cases wvolvmg Auma
7/8 mm: orceh ADA /H. Use BED. Segumy Vshlzkes VH-7 Owing, ADA Rmways ways Use Department Vemc raved Roada Drwcv Rosponsmhiy
ova mimiwm [oiA
7m) Aucidenls Involving DQA sneyigi Epl Vllv chanHg rcspunSihrlmcs Superviso Vii
7/10 Respo5ib (or Repairs VHVQ
City Ordinances Avuulmix
Ground Vehicle Opera Regniaiions Appmdix
Bomb 1mm cnccknsi Appendix
Transportation swmiy Atlmmlslraflnn Pan1547 Apfmn
Speclal Polce Sermon Organlzalion cnan Appendix
cny Chicago and Depanmem Aviaiion
Personnel InVorma Appendix
Appiicahie Airport Information (OHara) Appendix
Applicable Airport Information [Mldwayi Annunuix
Sueuial Police Scum Directive: Appendix]
ova aw,u1;.mwn,n VII OIA
The any Omega Depanmem cIAVIaJorI. SpeI,IaI IDE SELIIUH MdIIUa
lVaIubv shed and eIIIIIsd The AvIaIIoI SpecIal Pom Fohcy and
Procedures eId MenuaIx horcaIIeI rcfc rcd the maIIIIaI
The purpase IMS maruaI provIde rsadIIy awar ama rdeauce squLe IuI
peIsUrIlIc anIuIIudI.)DIESueL Pohuc SedIOHaltheoepanmemoAv
The manuaIIsaoorrposIe urempoIICIestrocedmeSI-mcm eaaalabh haa the managcmcm the Spema Ponce SecIIoII and the Department
Av,aIIoI AII EXISUHQ SpecIaI Pohce puincaIIons mm. are camhd Ith {he
Pnnmnte nnms manuaI an: NPrPhy wpsrseded Forums OVEZ1uIILw=
ududw the orgamzauun and mums Departnem
Aviauon Spema Dance Sachem
CIuAPTERQ commumcmoNs
hmmdes rams genera commumcauons mocecures
apphca tome Specwa} Pmce SECMUH
umcm and appecmhce Mandards Spawn pence
Oulime: JR: HUIHOSS cmma and msnbutmn Speaa
Fchce repon farms
pusmw lhe Manauum Depu mmwssmnev The psrsau pvslton
mammam actmuea uvee watches sum rccodrkccpmg and pmparauon spew: Iepc Dunes and rasponemmhes Venice genem
admlmshahun aclivllies an: the supeMsor psrsar
The Admmallahve Assman {cisncew :ebu azc numncm man: and rcxovm pcvSo WcV mexeepmg recarcs Specva PohCe sonne
The Admvmsirative Ass slant was orm othsr tulle: averted
megmg nmmy unm mum Amnm: secmy respond reclion Aamlnlsuame Sergaam cow swstem v/m pohuv
1/3 CHAIN COMMAND loHowmg pallcy sdemr the comma wwhw he Specla
Sectmn HMS mhrv mum :Wmmd mess unusum smnces
dmmm 52095510 water evel aummw Aware (Enema Pchce ompers wH recewe asawgnmeris ovdars
from pcr scns Gar/mg Watch Cummaudws Amman
Speca Pom geam; and qeuier ants Aweuon Spec Pcllze geams Ehpuvvalb
Wam Zurmnandew and Lieutenant: for comm
assigned duhes Avmuon Spams! Pohce Omcers may acne
achnq Special 3mm Sargon when weumames aqmre and WAN
have amhomy posmah
ova ann zen
Wamh Camnanders and Lnsmennnts nyvnn nnmn/
Assistant Commismner Sammy other apecnzn FDIIce
persumvel VuHuw uhaw dcummanu unoum men supemsm
and Wabh Commander unness unusuan circumstances prevan LINE COMMAND SUCCESSICN nn-mny Wamn (.ummannen mavge onne baecnm PoHce secuon
wner Assistant Commussncnen nut anahlama unH sum hm: has luved [he mstam Com HSS OHE
ththAssnsmnlCowmwasronens unsvsnams erdes gna eaparsonrc
assume ope nan responsnmnues the Spam FENCE Seuon rne
resignated rmsnn ans-s have amnnnry nssue pohn shame existing
l/AJ STANDARDS CONDUCY Amman Special Panic: empmyees snuuu wave Chmugu
Pasunne Regmatmns egardmg Dnsc pnnary Achons are comasred xvnn wnncn nsmnd Appondlx mm; USE ol- PURCt
Avmuvu 3mm Ponce. (Due shows] pensonnen are pennnea use (he
mmmum force necessary can: simenon dezsm mud aan pcvcm
are unamhovized vipers/317$ Mk: resumed areas Force used Awake
Specua Ponce Ooevahms pensonnen susde snmnd snmmen
and owmmn resxspnnp hem] nus-rem suspect Gamma} Case Reuwl wnn Lomp ded Whewver (he use force
approved comm exercnsed Spedan Fohce (Mme! arrests Wm-
muncs camp amm nnuics vanapones nearest haspim
emergency room the Chicago Department and recewe pnyscan
euamallon Spemal omens ar/ nmpzny armsrn who pmenganny Upon memcal vehaase scecnan Pahce Omnerswmlransponme avreses
:ne CPD office lor processnng went ashes lcqmg mury
umunn camurs made the Command semen requesmg
cage vehicle
ova b7J,rr1).mWak,N roe
Unaumorrzeo excasswe omens: cauzu drcclvhnaw aulloH dud/m
lass pay When Spec Puma oeraonne mrss day dd: runess other
cause the Watch Commander duty musr normed bad (we hours prrar oommenceme lhs asargned warm raqm ormmnw 71-hnurs advance and
apprcvedbymeW Commander Sussw solsw lnotapmcvsDEnmewhen wru hrpedw the upelaliuus Hus Sueubl Porroe Deoarlmewl emergency mm: vacatrcn day granmm tho Wamh Super and
Spoorer Pohce personnor sulam From Temoardum
Managmg Deputy comrvrrssraner
Specier For emmuyees aaslyv whu MH down due:
rurrees :aH Specs 3once ource (770) 60672605 owes
CommomoerronsCenxormcmaomsouu Socorerp comprayoosoeeignoo Midwaywhowm abEsm due aness can (he seecrar roe omoe (775) 33870663 Mrdwey Communrcatror CEMEV (7737 Kmnms
werormner make renarrr wrm whom may ere speekmg
Notmoancn the Ssemai Peirce hce msx made (an orrrcer gorrrg were for work Employees arrimg Iats wiH ducked rncremems
Avratron goecrer Police Operalxons poreormor wru wple Lse Hegal
dug comro dangeraus subslance. arm no! any nearemrmrrrg mug narcnuc mess drugs are properry presumed mystcranr and mess
such drugs rrrrparr hrsr hev perrurrrrarroe. arru merr may UHW up: urer
drreued [Specral Palrce Dpsratmns personnel {mmd possessior
wder the mfuence Megai drogs ccmvoHed dangerous substances.
viormrorr any MUWp:~L State Federar aw wru subrocs dlsclphne
lem malmn] (See City Persorner Rmes)
Avremr Specua Poloe Cperatmns perserrrer wiH nut wMe arr-duly
unliormr undeI (he rnuuerroe any rmoxrcarmg liquor
ova LEW/am! roa mm; ANLI ALCOHOL usst PULICV
Thu CH7 Cmcauc has rgauon it) marmam saie heakhy and produchve
work e~vrronmenuor erp oyess emproyee underlhe uence ofcrugs amohor rob can senous Hsk hrrnsen hamm other
emp oyees and kain msmnces tome generar pubhc nrcerm mamain :2: and hPaWhy wnrk anvrrnnmnm 193 was zbhshen
tol cwmg dug lasting puhcy The Cu, may sqmretesl anamplavee (orwhmn there reasonable
mprcron zhaz emproyee has used drugs ammo! unds the
rnuuanca drug; acohcl work, City propeny (my