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Judicial Watch • Ralph K. Winter – 2009

Ralph K. Winter – 2009

Ralph K. Winter – 2009

Page 1: Ralph K. Winter – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 15, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 04, 2015

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Government -let 1978 
Rev 1120!0 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 S.C app.  101-1/ PerJon Reporting (lat name, first, nndt.Hic: m1tial) Courl Organizarion 
Second Circuit 
Court Appeals ritle (Article Judges md1cate active senior statu$. 5. Report Type (check appropriate type) 
milg1s,rate JUdges mdicace full-or part-ttme) 
Nommat1on. Datt;: 
United States Circuit Judge 
lniual Annual Fmal 
Sb. Amended l!.epon Date Rtport 
5/1 1/2010 Repur1inc: Pcnod Chambers Office Address the basis c.f the information contained this Repor and any modifications pertainmf lhcrdo, is, i.n opinion, comphancc Whitney Avenue 
with applicable-laws and re2ul11tions. 
New Haven, 06510 
Rcviewin1: Offictr DMte 
IMPORT ANT NOTES: The irutruc1io11s accumpuni11g this form must followed. Complete all pam, checki11g the NONE box for each part where you have 110 reportable information. Sign 011 fast page. POSJTJ NS. (Reporting individual onl see pp. 9-13 filing irotruc1ions.) NONE (No reportable positions.) 
1Professor Trustee (adjunct) Law Yale NAME University Law School 
[J. ENTS. (Reporting individual only: ,,. pp. 14-16 tif fdlnt: imtrue;seepp.17-140/fi/ingimtr11ctivns.) Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income_) Spouses Non-I ovestm Income -11 you  married during an,. portion reporting complete this section. (Dollar umounl not required except for honoruriu) 
[!! NONE (No reportable non-investment mcome.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -1ranspomtiun. lvdgm11,foool,  ttnc1udes th11 ofsp11use and dependent children; see PP 14-60 filing ms1ruc1ions.) 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, trc.nsactions.) 
D111e Report 
*SECTION 	VII, Lines and This where the interest from 2-6 was invested. 
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify that all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dtpendent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that any information not rtported was withheld becaus< met applicable statutory provisions permitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside empfoyment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reported are rompliance with the provisions U.S.C. app.  501 et. nq., U.S.C.  7353, and .Judicial Conferen