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Judicial Watch • Raymond L. Acosta – 2009

Raymond L. Acosta – 2009

Raymond L. Acosta – 2009

Page 1: Raymond L. Acosta – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 8, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 09, 2014

Tags:Acosta, Raymond L Acosta, Rrport, Puerto, Raymond, district, 2009, investment, EPA, IRS, reportable, disclosure, report, ICE, CIA, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Penou Reportllt (last name, first, middle initial) Acosta. Raymond Tlllo (Article Ill judges indicate active 
senior status; magistrate judges indicale full-or part-time) Senior U.S. District Judge Court Orzanlntion Date Rrport Puerto Rico District Court 0212612010 So. Rrport Type (check: 1ppropriale type) Rrportlnc Period 
Nomination, Date 01/0112009 lni1ial [lJ Annual Final 12/3112009 Sb. Amended Report Chan>tnn Offict Addreu Jose Toledo Cthsc Bldg. 300 Recinto Sur St., Suite 348 San Juan, Puerto Rico 
0090 bads 0Cll1e lnfonnatlon coalalaed Ibis Rrport aad modlliutloa pertalnla: U1trcto, ls, oplalon, I compliance wltll applicable: laws ad rri:utatJont. Rn1ewlag Offictr !late 
IMPORT ANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must fo/lowd. Complete 11/I parts, checking the 
NONE liox for e11ch part ,.Joere you have reportable informatiolL Sign last pag POSITJQ NS. (Rq>arting /rulivldlllll only; supp. 9.13 11/jilinr inslnu:tlolU.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable positions.) 
-n CJ-ri 
JJ. AGREEMENTS. (Rportinr lndMdual only; supp. U-16 offllinr instrud/ons.) Cf f-...) 
NONE (No reportable agreements.) rt1 
NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reportin:i11.!ivid,,,,/anJspo#K;sctpp. l7-Uoffllin:i1Utrudio1U) 
Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
INCOME (yours. not spouses) 2009 Banco Popular Puerto Rico Retirement Plan Sll94.00 Spouses Non-Investment Income -I/you were married tfurln: any portion oftfte reporting yar, complne tlih Jtcdon. 
(Dollar amount not rquired acpt for ltonoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 2009 Alpha Three, Inc. Salary 
REIMBURSEMENTS -transportadon., enUrtainmenL 
(Includes thou spoust and dependent children; seepp. 25-17 filing i1tSlructio-) 
[{] NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) GIFTS. (lndMdn thos spouu and depmdnt childrm; pp. 21-11 filing instructions.) 
NONE (No reportable gifts.) 
VJ. LIABILITIES. (lndudn those sporm 1111d tkp.,r4ent childrm; supp. 11-JJ filing instra