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Judicial Watch • Rebecca B Smith Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Rebecca B Smith Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Rebecca B Smith Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Page 1: Rebecca B Smith Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:14

Date Created:December 13, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Rebecca B Smith, Rebecca, Exempt, smith, Gross, 2004, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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A0-10 Government Act 1978
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2004 U.S.C. app. IOI-Ill) Person Reporting (Last name. First name, Middle initial) Court Organization Date Report  
Smith, Rebecca  Eastern District Virginia 5/6/2005 Title (Article Ill Judges indicate active senior status; ReportType (check appropriate type) Reporting Period  
magistrate judges indicate full-or part-time) Nomination, Date 1/1/2004  
U.S. District Judge (Active) Initial Annual Flnal Chambers Ofliee Address the basis the infonnation contained this Report and any 12/31/2004  
modifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance  
United States District Court  with applicable laws and regulations.  
600 Granby Street  
Norfolk, Virginia 235  Reviewing Officer POSIDONS.  (Reporting individual only; see pp. 9-13 filing instructions) NONE  -(No reportable positions.)  
POSITION  NAME ORGANIZATION/ENTITY  Trustee  Norfolk Academy, Norfolk,  Director  General Douglas MacArthur Foundation, Norfolk,  
(.J r-"Tl o(/:t:e ,,-> ;;erq c>> -qr- 
JI.  AGREEMENTS.  (Reporting individual only: see pp. 14-16 filing instructions)   
 NONE  -(No reportable agreements.)  

c::::> C)
t.l.> :x:-ll"n

Name Person Reporting 
Date Report 
Smith, Rebecca  NON-INVES1MENT INCOME.  (Reporting individual and spouse; see pp. 7-24 filing instructions) Filer's NONE  n-Investment Income -{No reportable non-investment income.)  SOURCE AND TYPE  GROSS INCOME (yours, no! spouse's) Spouse's Non-Investment Income -(If you were married during any portion the reporting year, please complete this section. Dollar amount not required except for honoraria.) NONE"  -(No reportable non-investment income.)  
SOURCE AND TYPE  2004  Self-employed (dental laboratory)  

IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, lodging, food, entertainment. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 instructions.) NONE  -(No such reportable reimbursements.)  New Yor SOURCE Intellectual Property Law Association, Inc.  March 26-New York City -Annual Dinner Honoring Federal Judiciary (transportation and room)  

Smith, Rebecca  51612005 GIFTS. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 28-31 instructions.) 
 NONE -(No such reportable gifts.) 
VI. LIABILITIES. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 32-34 instructions.) 
 NONE (No reportable liabilities.)
Date Report 
Name Person Reporting 
Smith. Rebecca 
-income, valuc. transcalions (includes those the spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-57 offilin[! in1rnc1ions.)
IJ. Income during Gross value 'fid Transactions during reportin[! period Description Assets reporting period reporting period (including rust assetsl nol exempt from disclosure 
(ll (2) (I) (2) (I) 
(2) (3) (5) 
Value Value Type (e.g. Date:
Place X)" afier each asset exempt 
Amount (e.g. Value Gain Identity 
buy, sell, Month-
from prior disclosure 	Code div. rent. Code2 Method Code2 Code buyer/seller 
Code merger,. Day
(A-H) inl.) (J-P) 
(J-P) (A-(if private 
J.I transaclion) 
DNONE (No reportable income, assels, transactions) 
SunTrust Bank Account Interest Closed 
Investment Account#! directing (line DivInt 
IRA-Brokerage Account holding (lines 4-35) 

Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc 
Centennial Government Trust 
The Diamonds Trust Standard Poor's 500 Depository Receipts Trust 
Taxable Bonds: 
Norfolk Southern Corp. 2/15/04 Note 	Redeem 2/17 
10.  U.S. T-Note 2/15/05  
11.  U.S. T-Note 5/15/05  
12.  Virginia 11/1/04 Housing Developmt Auth. Multi Family  Redeem  11/1  

13.  U.S. T-Note 11/15/05  
14.  Norfolk Southern Corp. 7.22% 9/15/06 Medium  
Tenn Notes  

U.S. T-Note 8/15/04 	Redeem 8/16 

Sara Lee Corp. 6/19/08 Medium Term Note 

U.S. T-Note 8/15/07 

U.S. T-Note 10/15/06 

----- --- -------------- 
------- ---- - -------- ----

r-- ... 	Income/Gain Cod. 
Income during Gross value end Transactions during reporting period Description Assets 
reporting period reporting period ncluding tmst asets) 
ffnot exempt fi-om disclosure
(2) (I) (2) (I) 
(2) (3) 
exempt Value Val Type (e.g. Date: ace "(X)" afle each asset Iden tity
Amount Type (e.g. Value 
from prior disclosure Code div. rent. Code Method buy, sell, Month-Code2 
Code buyer/seller 
(J-P) Code3 merger, Day (A-(if private 
(A-H) int.) (J-P)
1-1 lransaction)
Conagra Inc (Del) Dividend

56. AutomatiC Data Processing Inc. Dividend 
Dell, Inc. None 

Honeywell International Inc. Dividend 

Lucent Technologies Inc. None 

Medtronic Inc. Dividend 

Time Warner Inc. None Sold 112 62. Microsoft Corp. Dividend 
R.R. Donnelley Sons Co. Dividend 

Ace Limited Ord Dividend 

Bank America Dividend 

Cisco Systems Inc. None 



Duke Energy Corp. 
Eastman Kodak Co. 
General Motors Corp. 
Johnson Johnson 
Verizon Communications 
ATT Corp. Dividend 

 -------------------- - ------------------. ----- Income/Gain Codes:  SJ,000 less =Sl,OOl-S2,500 $2,501-$5.000  $5,001-$15,000 SIS,001-$50.000 [(See Columns and 04) S50,00J-SIOO.OOO $100,001-$1,000,000  $1,000.001-$5,000,000  More than $5,000,000 Value Codes: S15,000 less =SI 5,00l -S50,000 $50,001-S!OO.OOO $100.001-$250,000 
(See Columns and D3)  $250.000-SSOO,OOO $500,001-$1.000,000  $1,000.001-$5,000,000  $5,000,00 -S25,000,000  S25,000,00l-$50,00Q,OOO 1'4  SMore than S50,000,000 Value Method Cocks Appraisal Cost (Real Estalc Only)  Assessment -Cash/Markel (Sec Column C2) -Book Value -01her Es1im:i1ed 
(See Colwnns and D4) 
Date Report
Name Person Reporting 
Smith. Rebecca 
51612005 -mcomc, value, transcations (includes 1hosc spouse and dcpendcnl children. See pp. 34-57 filing instmctions.) 

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73. 74. 75. 76. 77. De.cription Assets (including trust assets) Place "(X)" after each asset exempt from prior disclosure Tax Exempt Bonds: James CityCnty 12115/04 Gen Oblg Pub Impt FGIC Ins 6/1/04 Pol)1echnic Inst. Univ Rev Serv System Roanoke 2/1/05 Gen Oblg Public Improvement 96A Illinois 1/1/10 Northern Toll Hwy Auth Rev Pre-Refund Income during reponing period (I) (2) A11101mt T}pe {e.g. Code div. rent. (A-H) int.) None Interest Interest None Gross value end reporting period (I) {2) Valu Value Code Method (J-P) Code3  (Q-W)  (1) Type (e.g. buy, sell, merger, redemption) Redeem Redeem Redeem Transactions during rcponing period not exempt from disclosure (2) (5) Date: Value Gain Identity MonthCode2 Code buyer/sellerDay (J-P) (A(if private 1-1 transaction) 12115 6/1 7/1  
78. 79. 80. 81.  Upper Occoquan Sew Auth 7/1 /07 Reg! Sew Rev Refund Pittsylvania Cnty 7/1/05 Gen Obligation Pub Improvement Fairfax Cnty 6/1/08 Public lmpt Refunding Ser 1999A Arlington Cnty 6/1/09 General Obligation Refunding Interest Interest Interest Interest  
82. 83.  Arlington Cnty 6/1/06 Gen Obligation Bonds Public lmpt Montgomery Cnty 1/15/11 Ind! Dev Auth Lease Revenue Interest Interest  
84. 85. 86.  Henrico Cnty 511/10 Water Sewer Revenue Refunding Richmond 7/15/07 lndl Dev Auth Govt Faes Auth Lease Rev Chesterfield Cnty 1/15/14 G.O. Pub. lmpt Bds Interest Interest Interest  
87.  Lynchburg Indl Dev Auth Hlthcare 1-1-05 Interest  
88. 89.  Middle Riv Regl Jail 5-15-12 Prince William Cnty. Water Sewer 7-1-12 Interest Interest  
90.  Arlington Cnty, Gen Oblig 2-1-13 Interest -$I ,00 l-S2.500 -$2,501-$5,000 -$5,001-$15,000 -Sl5.00l-S50.000 
-$1,000.00l-S5,000,000 More than ,000,000 Value Codes:  $15,000 less 15,001-$50,000  $50,001-S I00.000  $I00,001-$250,000 
(See Columns and 03)  S250.000-S500,000  S500,00l-Sl.OOO,OOO -Sl,000.001-SS,OOO,OOO -$5,000,00l-S25,000,000 !'3 -S25,000,00l-S50,000,000 1'4 -$More than $50,000,000 Valu Method Codes -/pprnisnl -Casi (Real Estate Only) -/sscssmcnt -Cash/Market !Sec Column C2)  Book Value -Other -Estimated 
Date Report 

Name Person Reponing 
Smith, Rebecca 

VII. IN"VESTMENTS and TRusTS -income, value, transcations (includes lhosc the spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 34-57 offiling instnictions.) 
Gross value cud 
Transactions during reporting period 
lucome during 
Description Assets 
reporting period 
reporting period 
(including trust assets) not exempt !Tom disclosure 
(I) (1)
(2) (5) Type (e.g. Date: 
Place "(X)" after each asset exempt Value ValueAmount 
Gain Identity 
buy, sell, 
from prior disclosure 
Code 	Method
Code div. rent. 
Codc2 Code buyer/seller 
(A-H) inl.) 

Alexandria. Cos Public lmpv 6-15-15 Interest 

92. Res Auth Infrastructure Rev. Pooled Loan Bond Interest 11/ 

(J-P) 	Code (Q-W) 
merger, Day 
(J-P) (A-(if private 
redemption) 	transaction) 
Buy 10/28 

Fairfax Cnty Gen Oblig Refunding Series Interest 1/06 
Taxable Bonds: 
Redeem 212

95. 	Illinois Bell Telephone Debentures 1/04 Interest 
Redeem 5111

96. 	U.S. T-Note 15104 None
U.S. T-Note 15/05 Interest
U.S. T-Note 15/05 Interest

Virginia Higher Edi Instns-A 1105 Interest
U.S. T-Note 15106 Interest

JOO.  U.S. T-Note 101 15106  Interest  
102.  U.S. T-Note 15/07  Interest  
103.  Monsanto Co. 2/5/08  Interest  
104.  Entergy Miss Inc. 1/08  Interest  

105. Southtrust Bank Interest 	Dividend


Rental Propeny Norfolk, Rent 


C.A Associates, 2%. Norfolk, 

----- ----------------.. ----. ---. -------------'' ------- ---1
-- Income/Gain Codes: 1.000 less ,001-$2,500  S2,501-S5,000 -$5,001-$15,000 -$15,001-$50,000 

(See Columns and D4) $50,001-SIOO,OOO $100,001-Sl.OOO,OOO  $1,000.00l-S5,000,000 More than $5,000,000 Value Codes: $15,000 less  $15,001-$50,000 S50,0Ul-Sl00.00U  SIOO,OOl-S250,000 (See Colunms and 03)  $250.000-$500,000 -$500,001-$1.000,000 $!,000,001 $5,000,000  S5,000,00l-S25,000,000

1'3  S200,00l-$:'i0,000,000  $More than $50,000,000 V'' Mc