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Judicial Watch • Richard C. Tallman – 2009

Richard C. Tallman – 2009

Richard C. Tallman – 2009

Page 1: Richard C. Tallman – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:September 14, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 25, 2014

Tags:ichard, Tallman, Richard C Tallman, yield, Richard, 2009, reportable, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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Pu.wn Rcporrin!,! (l,tl name, !ir.;t, 1111tldlc 111it1:1IJ Court Org:mlzation Doth. Report 
L.S. (iun Appeal. Ninth Cin:uit l))/Jlli2010 
-Titk lArtidc Ill judr,..:.o;; inJl;;:lli: ;1..:tivc :;nim stJt:-.; lhporcinl! Period m:1g1srr:1l jullgLS inJit.:.aii: futl-1r p:1r:-ttm} 
IJliOl/2009 A Circuit Judg Final 12i3 J/2009 Ch:1mbu:rri. Offit.t. Addn:ss thl! 1.JasJs the information containLct this Rqwrt :.ind an) modifications pcrtair1in thereto, is, opinion, rnmpli:mce with applic:tbk h1ws and rculatiuns. 
Villi1m NakamurJ lJni:cJ States Courthol:c 
lOl(J Fil!h Acnut.. Suitl ()02 
Scanlc. Was1Hr.gwn 9SIO-l IJO 
KtYilWing Oftilr 
/iH PORT AlT NOTES: The ins1rucrio11. ccnmp1111ying 1hisfar11111111sr bfollowed. CumpltIc all parts, 1.:herkint.: tlu /VONE box for eac/z part wlzere you lw1.-110 rcpurtah{1 i11formation. Sig11 011 fast Jl.1.!e.  PQSJ,.f JONS. (Rtp11rtin.r.: indh1iduul only; tt pp. 9-1.? o/fili11g i11.tr11d;11,,,..)  ---! 
NONE (No reportable positions) NJlvlE ORGANIZATION/ENTITY 
Nurtl1wc:-.tcrn C111Crs1ty Sch(iJI ofL;1w AJi:iory BuanJ 
(_;;:I l 
r.-; . 
.... --. I r:i 
NONE (.u reportable ugree111e111s) 
Tallman, Richard Spouses Nonlnvestn1ent Incon1e -lj)IHI hc.rt murritd JurinJ.: uny portion the nportiu): ytur, Cump/ll, lhis s1..,ti11n.