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Judicial Watch • Richard C. Wesley – 2003

Richard C. Wesley – 2003

Richard C. Wesley – 2003

Page 1: Richard C. Wesley – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:November 29, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 02, 2015

Tags:vesley, Richard C Wesley, Advisory, Northwestern, mutual, trust, children, filing, 2003, spouse, TRUSTS, Codes, dividend, disclosure, Federal Judge, Judge

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Director Myers Fondation 
N1einber Ccmell University Advisory Council 
:W.:embe:: Corrie!l :Sw Schoo! Advisory Ccunc.l 
See additional page regarding Trustee, 
(Ropcrtingincividual cnly; see pp. 14-16 filing instructions) 
2003 Nev, York State Employees Refrxment System: pension upon retirement -at later, elect 2003 L::vonia Central School (salary) 
IV. REIIBURSEMENTS tr:msportation, lodging, food, entertainment (:ncludes r:-:ose spouse lliid dependent children. NONE (KHuch reportable reimbursements.) 
FJNANCLL DlSCLOSDRE Nr.r:1c (;f Plson Repor.lng W!ley, Riebard 3:.l J;Z004 GIFTS. NONE (ncluds rbusc spoc:sc i>nC dcpende:lt children. Sec pp. 283 instructions.) -tNo such :epormble gis) SOC?.._CE :tv1onroe Com:;.ty Bar Association DESCRIPTION Honorary lY1embership Dues $220 LL4.B 11.ITIES, (lnckdes llose spouse lllid tlependent chMren. See pp. 32-34 instnu:tions.) 
 NONE (1o roportab:e liabi:i.i:an1D Person ::z--,JrLlng Ont ,,f Rcr:u:t Page of2 Vesley, Richard 3il 112004 :rn>::ne, value, fft!1scii0ns (includes the spouse and depe.lde:1: cl;:kircn. Se:;) pp. 3.ot--57 flEng i11Strnc:.c;1s.) 
VH. I.iVESTiIElfTS and TRUSTS lnco::,:.Gair. Codes: ,,.. Sl,001-$2500 $...,50iS5,000 S5,0>)-Sl5,000 Sl5;J:ll-S50J100 
(See Colum::s. hmms and D.lmn C:l) ;__1 fl;1cL dJt Other ), Esdrnale