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Judicial Watch • Richard F. Suhrheinrich – 2003

Richard F. Suhrheinrich – 2003

Richard F. Suhrheinrich – 2003

Page 1: Richard F. Suhrheinrich – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:6

Date Created:November 29, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 24, 2014

Tags:Grievance, Richard F Suhrheinrich, Michigan, Attorney, gifts, committee, office, court, filing, 2003, TRUSTS, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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Report Rc4uin:tl 1!1e Ethics Govcrmncnt Aet 1f 1978 
Rev, 1120112 
Calendar 2003 rsu.s.c. PP l-Olllll Person R.cportlllg ( nan1e, First name. Middle initial) Su1.rheinrich. Richa Court Or:;unizaticn Si;-.;h Clr:.:11i1 Court Appeal.s Date Report Title (Ank!-:; Judges ind:Catc actire senior Hatus n1aginrute j1.1dg;:s ir. dicutc full-nr part-t:rne) Crcuit Court Judge {Senior) RcportType {check appropri(l.te type; Ntn1tin;ition. Dntc Initial Fin,I Reponi::g Period 01/01/2003  12!3l/2003 Chamber;; Office Addn:ss Roorr1. 241 the basis the informmi::in ::outaincd this Report t>nd any modifications: pcrtainin,g thereto. fa., :uy opinion. com;;liance wit:: applicable laWs anc regulations. V. Allegan Unsing.. Michigan 48933 Reviewing Officer lMPORTAJ.! KOTES: The instructions accompanying this form 1nust ro:lowed. Compiete al! parts. checking the NONE bn.x for each ;-art where yo11 hawes) 
IV. REIM:BURSEMENTS -:ra:;:.;pJrtntion, lodg,!11g, food,enteriairunent. (lnc!ui:.ks those $pouse and dt:pendc:1t children. See pp. 25-27,) NONE -(No;;uch reportable reJmbun;ementsJ 
SOURCE Michigan Attorney Grievance Committee 1lleage for travel anC from meetings GIFTS. (Jnch1des tho;;e sp>:>u:s:e and dependent children, See pp. 28-31 instru.::t!-0ns.) NONE (Ne such reportabic gifts.i 
VI. 	LJJBILITIES. (includes those .pm.isc and dependent cbil1:11:-liabllitles.) 
tu:;ome/Gain CcJ.e ;;: :;:; .c::o les Sl,OOl-S:::.5f() S2,5C!-S5.Cl.IO $5JJDJ l.l.Zl{)O :J.l5,0H-$::e...) 
(St:t 0.>!Jrr.::ic fil I.Intl 04) $5tJ.(;.->$Jt.l0.fXXJ .::. :HOIJ,(YJ: -S:..}{J{i,000 $1,0Ul)J.1li .55J;:JJJJJ{l .Aor S5.000JOO 
VaM Ci>;le0 5.Q(Xi e;.. :-;:.J>:.11.:1i_ ;;Ju:::. Cl:t:;: e.tlni:uf 
ln::ome!Gain C