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Judicial Watch • Richard J. Arcara – 2003

Richard J. Arcara – 2003

Richard J. Arcara – 2003

Page 1: Richard J. Arcara – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:September 8, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 01, 2014

Tags:Arcara, Richard J Arcara, Prudential, Equity, Estimated, Richard, Gross, 2003, spouse, transactions, dividend, IRS, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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Person :Reporting (Last IllllM, First 111une, Middle initial) Court Organizatiai 
 Date ofReport Arcara, Richard U.S. District Court .JD.N.Y. 0512612004 
 Title (Article mJudges indicate acti11e senior status; Reportfype (check appropriate type) 
 Reporting Period magistrah:: judges indicate full-or par1t-time) Nomination, Date ()il/01/2003 ChiefU.S.. District Jjdge Initial @Annual Final 1213112003 
 Chambc:rsor Office Address the basis the info:mation contained this Report and anyIOOdificatioos pertaining thereto, is. opinion, compliance Court Street, Room 609 with applicable laws and regulations. Buffalo, New York 14202 Reviewing Officer Date DRTANTNOTES: The instructionsaooompanying this fixmillllSt 1i>llowed. Complete all pms, checkingthe NONE box fir each part where you haveno reportablei111filrmation. Sign Jast page. POSrrI.ONS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 9-13 orfiling instructions) 
 NONE -(Noreportableposi.tions.) ........ 
(./) .=-;oC) c__ 
lT1 c:::o-z 
c.nZc> m:::oz G!JlEEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; see Al 14-16 filing instructions) ri1n o:r.> 
 NONE -(No reportable ai:niements.) -.. ;-: 
lY. RlJMBURSEMENjf: -transportation, lodging, food. entertainment (liacludes those spouse and dependent 
children. See pp. 25-27 ofinstructioos.) fi!I NONE -(No such reportable reimbwsements.) 
Arcara, RichardJ GDiJS. (Include.s those spouse and dependentchildren. See pp. 28-31 ofinstructions.) NONB 
CNosuchreportabfogifts.) LIAB1IDJES. (Iacludes. those ofspouseanddependentchildren. Seepp. 32-34 instructions.) NONE 
Date ofReport 
.Page1 of3 Arcara, RicbardJ 0512612004 
Vil. INVl-!STMENTS arut TR.USTS -income, value, traoscations (111Cludes those ofthe spouse 1111ddepecideot 
children. Seepp. 34-57 offiling instructions.) 
-Description ofAssets(blicluding ttust assets) Place {X) after each asset eemptfrom priordisclosure 
-DNONJI {No RpO!Uible income, asseiis, ttaosaetions) Leg Mason SEP Prudential High Yield Income durU! RpOrting period 
Amount Type (e.g.Chdel div. IClll. 
{AH) ill.) Dividend 
Gross value atend Transactions during reporting period Pru Jenn Cl.A 
Prudential Int, Value CLA 
Goldman Sachs Cl.C 
 Idex Ser. Fund ICC - 
 AimBasic Value 9.. AimPremier Equity Fund 
10. Lem!;Masoo Equity-Sp. 
Roy=$15,ll()FSsti,OOQ ..  
 .. . ,:f G . -::::More lban - 
     - ...__ :.k :!< .. .  . Nj_:. . ;t8eidtiiuic1;imdn31  ti ;::ss0Ci.w1:i; :in 
=i>s00o;Oil1.$:t5.0{)(l,ooo .---. :pi $Mt..*s;ooQoor ;=(RealEstateOnly) Olher :;Assei.-silient =Estimated 
{SC:.Uc2) BOokVliiue . 
]}{VESTMENTS muf TR.USTS -income, value, 1nWCaUons (includes !hose of!00 spouse Biid dependent children. 
Seepp. 34-57 oftiliJll instructions.) I>escriptionofAssets(including trust asselS) B.Income duringreporting period c.Gross valueat end ofreportingperiod D.Transactions during reportingperiod Ifnot exempt ftorn disclosure (2)1 
-Place(X)after each asset eit ftom priordisclosure Type (e.g. Daie: Value Value buy, seti Monlh-Method Code2 Value Iyof Code2 buyerfseller 
T)pe (e.g.div. rent. Amount Codel 
Day (J-P) (ifprivate 
 KeyCapNew Llll:ent Technologies 
 Nollda Corp. Dividend None Dividend 
40. Dividend 
41. Liberty Media Corp. None 
42. Microsystems None --. -Eastman Kodak buy 11128 None 
44. RMK High Iocome Dividend 6121 buy 
 JV. Keybank (less than $200) 
 . ._ 
>.a ..:_. 
_cH-:.r :;:-6::. 
_.:,. :._ 
I>1_=$1;00Ql;.SS.WQ;i)OO _.;SS,ooQ;fulSis,000 
... :ss. 
{SOO: Ci>lnmn: C2) =sis)kii;l!o1c$s1>.00oiwo ;,;.r