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Judicial Watch • Richard L. Williams – 2003

Richard L. Williams – 2003

Richard L. Williams – 2003

Page 1: Richard L. Williams – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:February 3, 2005

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Tags:Richard L Williams, Williams, Richard, children, dependent, Market, 2003, INVESTMENTS, spouse, TRUSTS, Codes, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Rn.1/2004 U.S.C App. 101-111) 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2003 Court Orpnlzadon Penon Reportln1 (Last name. fin:t, middle Initial) Date Report 
U.S. District Court ED/VA 
WILLIAMS, RICHARD Tide 	(.4.rlicle mjlldgu Indicate active lenior llalUI: 	Report Type (check appropriate type) Reporting Period 
magiltratejudges Indicatefall-or pan-tlnw) 
Nomination, Date 9I30 
1-1-03 -12-3103 
Senior U.S. District Judge 
Initial 	Annual Final Chamben omce Addrea tbe basis the information contained this Re.Port and any modlftcations thereto, is, opanion, 
1000 	Main Street, Suite 305 compliance laws and regulations. 
Richmond, Virginia 23219 
Revlewin Officer 	POSffiONS. (RqorttngindivUbudon1y;1app. 9-13 oflutnu:tto,,,.) POSIOQN NONE (No reportable positions.) 
c:i 1-n 
o::;:;; 	_..) 
II. AGREEMENTS. (RqortJng illdMtitull only: pp. 14-16 lllllnllio,,,.J 
 	NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
ID. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (RqortbchuJivilbuzl twJ lflUle: PP n-u lllltructio,,,.J Filers Non-Investment Inc0me NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
Virginia Supplemental Retirement/reti-rement 9,017.34 	Spouses Non-Investment Income -If you were married during any portion the reporting year, please complete this section. (dollar amount not required ezcept for bonoraria) NONE (No reportable non-investmentincome.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, lodging, food, entertainment. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 Instructions.) 
NONE (No such reportable reimbursements.) 
Oct. 2-3 -CLE re. L:itigating Employment Cases 
Georgetown University (Transportation, meals lodging)  GIFIS. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 28-31 Instructions.) 
NONE (No such reportable gifts.) M/M Joseph Spivey Tennessee Guest Homestead Owners Club 1,076. 
VI. LIABILITIBS. (Includes those spouse and dependent children See pp. 32-33 Instructions.) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
K=$15,001-$50,000 L=$50,001-$100,000 M=$l 00,001-$250,000 
N=$250,001-$500,000 0=$500,001-$1,000,000 p1=$1,000,001-$5,000,000 
P2=$5,000,001-$25,000,000 P3=25,000,001-50,000,000 P4=50,000,001 more 
Name Person Reporting 
Date Report 
VII. 	Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-57 ofInstructions.) TiaDSaCtions during reporting period 
Ifnot exempt from diSclOSUTC 
CodC2 Codet 
(J-P) (AH) (ifprivate transaction) 
Incomc!Gain Codes: A=Sl,OOOorle .B-;:$1,001-$2,500 O=S2,501 -S5000 D=SS,001$15,000 E=Sl5,001$50,000 
(Sec Col Bl, 04) 	F-$50,001 $100,000 OcSl00,001-$1,000,000 1,000,001-ss,ooo,ooo H2=More than $5,000,000 
Value Codes: J=SlS,000 less .K=Sl5,001-S50,000 L=SS0,001-Sl00,000 M:SI00.001-$250,000 
(Sec Col. Cl, 03) N=S250,00lS500,000 0=$500,001.,$1,000,000 Pl-=S1,000,00J-S5,000,000 P2=$5,000,00 l-$25,000,000 
P3cS25,000,00lS50.000,000 P4=Morc than $50,000,000 
(Sec Col. C2) 
R-COSt (real estate only) S=Assessmcnt T=Cash/Market 
Name ofPerson Reporting 	Date ofReport 
VII. Page 	INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-57 oflnsrructions.) 
Income Gross value Transactions during reportingperiod 
during end -reporting period 
reporting period c1> 
(2) (1) 
Place aftu cJ/ 
(2) (3) 
Date: Value 
Month-Code2 y.sen, :: 
Cod Cod 3rent Codel 
(Q-W)int.) Day (J-P)(J-P) NONE (No reportable income, 
 Capital One Financial 2 Johnson Johnson Donaldson.Lufkin Jenrett REV DIV DIV DIV Sell 
100106 IN:r 010107 nrr 121608 INT Rev ITM 011613  INT Rev 011513 INT 0=71513 INT Redemp 
0Harrisonburg REDV HSG 
1071614 INT  
units Tax 
INT Henrico 6.5 060122 INT 
13UPR Occoqn 5.0 
070121 INT 
t4Va Cllg 	Bld 5.0 090105 INT 
1sVa RDA-D 6.0 040124 I1lT 
Fairfax FNCL 041508 INT 1/5 
17Nc Med 070133 INT Buy /31 
Income!Gain Codes: A=S1,000 less B=S1,001-$2.500 C=S2,501-SS.OOO D=SS.001-SlS,OOO E.=SlS.OOl-SS0,000 (Sec Col. Bl, 04) FsS50,00I-s100,ooo 0=s100.001..s;1, =S1,000,001-$5,000,000 H2=More than $5,000,000 Value Codes: J=Sl5,000 less K..Sl5,001-S50,000 L=SS0.001-Sl00,000 M-$100.001-$250,000 (Sec Col. Cl, 03) N=S2S0,001 $500,000 0=$500,001-Sl ,000,000 Pl=Sl ,000,00l SS,000,000 P2=$5,000,001-S25,000,000 P3=S25,000,001-$50,000,000 P4=Morc than $50,000,000 Value Method Codes: Q=Apptaisal R=Cost (real estate only) S-Assessmcnt T=Cash/Market(See Col. C2) U=Book value v..Othcr W=Estimatcd 
N1111CofimmD RCflCJl1in 	Date Report 
VD. Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. Seepp. 34-57 Instructions.) 
NONE reportable income, Teco Energy 070507 Merrill Lynch CMA Va. Beach Va. CTFS Partn  Va. St. Trns Brd 0151 Cntrct :Rt. OID 
Va. St. Hsg. Dev. Auth Multifam Hsg Rev SerE 1101 1Fairfax Va. Econ-Dev. 
 051514 Norfolk Va. Wtr Rev RFDG 
Hanover Va. Indl Dev. Hosp Rev CID MBIA 081525 Comprised of: i14 (BNP Residential Prop/Comm 
Transactions during reporting period 
Ifnot exempt from diiclosurc 
Ji: vtc J:ln 
Month-Codc2 Codcl 
Day (J-P) (AH) (if private transaction) 
DIV IDA Ci-ty o-f Richmond/VA 
Hist. Soc. 090104 	INT PUB Bldg.. Auth Pub FACS REV Ser 080105 INT 	Income/Gain Codes: A-Sl.OOOarlelf -B-!$1,001.SOO c-sl,SOl-SS,000 D=SS,001-SlS,OOO (See Co. Bl, 04) MSO.OOl-Sl00.000  0-SlOO.OOl-Sl,000,000 HlsSl ,000,001 SS,000,000 H2=More Ulan SS,000,000 Value Codes: JSlS,000 las  -:K-SlS,001-SO,OOO .LsSS0,001 Sl00,000 M=SI 00.00 S250,000 (See Col. Cl, 03) NCS2S0,001..$S00.000 .OsSS00,00.1..$1,000,000,ooo P2=S5,000,001-S25,000,000 P3-S25,000.001 ..sso,000,000 P4sMme than SS0,000,000 Va1uc Method Codes: :_. ....+ . :;, Assessment 
VII. Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-57 Instructions.) 
VIll. ADDffiONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS (Indicate part Report.) Pg. VII, Item and Pg. VII, Item ColulI!Il B(2) each entry -This has 
been left biank -none the type codes compatible for description. New entries 
have been listed the end each brokerage account-not the end the report. This done for the purposes keeping together  Pg. VII, line -in process constructing home certify that all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that anyinformation not reported was withheld because met applicable statutory provisions permitting non-disclosure. further certify that eamed income from outside employment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reported are compliance with the provisions of5 U.S.C. app.,  501 seq., U.S.C.  7353 and Judicial Conference regulations.