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Judicial Watch • Richard P. Matsch – 2003

Richard P. Matsch – 2003

Richard P. Matsch – 2003

Page 1: Richard P. Matsch – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Tags:Matsch, Richard P Matsch, Richard, 2003, assets, investment, spouse, transactions, Codes, dividend, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Reporting individual only; see pp. 14-16 filing instructions) 
Name Person Reporting 
Date ofReport 
Matsch, Richard 
Ill. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting individual and spouse; sec pp. 17-24 filing instructions) Filers Non-Investment Incom NONE  (No reportable non-investment income.) AND TYPE GROSS (yours, not spouses) Spouses Non-Investment Income (If you were married during any portion the reporting year, please complete this section. (dollar amount not required except for honoraria) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS transportation, lodging, food. entertainment. 
(Includes those spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 25-27 instructions.) 
 NONE (No such reportable reimbursements.) 
VI. LIABILITIES. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 32-34 instructions.) 
Date Report 
Name Person Reporting 
Matsch, Richard 
-income, value, transcations (includes those ofthe spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-57 filing insuuctions.) 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS Income during Gross value end 
Description Assets 
reporting period reporting period (including trust assets) 
-(I) (2) (2) 
Place (X) aftereach asset exempt JJoollllt Type (e.g. Value Value 
from prior disclos11re 
Code div. rent. Code2 Method 
Transactions during reporting period 
(I) not exempt from disclosure 
(2) (3} 
Type (e.g. buy, sell, Date: Month- Value Codc2 Gain Code Identity buyr/scllcr 
merger, Day 
(J-P) (A-(if pri-ate 
ONONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions} Checking account, Wells Fargo Bank Abbot Lab -common IBM Dividend Dividend   Mellon Financial Corp. Dividend  
Merck Dividend  
First Commonwealth Financial Corp. Dividend  
3-M (Minn Mining Mfg.) Dividend  
Potomac Electric Power (Pepco Holdings) Dividend  
Norfolk Southern Corp. -A Dividend  Edwards Sons Dividend 
11. lncomCJGain Codes: Sl,000 less =SI ,OOl-S2.500 S2,501-S5.000 SS,clOl-S 5,IX>O =Sl5.C>Ol-S50.(100 Sec Columns and ,D4) S50,001-SIOO,OOO $1ll0,001-Sl.OOO,O 51,000.00l-S5,000.000 More than $5.000,000 Value (odes: 515,000 less $15,00 t-S50.000 S50,001-SIOO.OOO SIOO.OOl-S250,000 
(See c,>1umns and D: