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Judicial Watch • Richard R. Clifton – 2004

Richard R. Clifton – 2004

Richard R. Clifton – 2004

Page 1: Richard R. Clifton – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 1, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 04, 2014

Tags:Richard R Clifton, withheld, policy, provisions, 2004, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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ill Go>cn11cat Act Filers Non-Investment Income NONE CNo rq>O 
(iooludiag .... lllm) 
Plaoe cx::taft mch ... ae:mpt 
DNONE .... Sl,00141S,OOO SIS,001-Ul,OOO 
(S.Bl..tOC)  Slf,001.$1 00.000 Ull0,001$1.000,000  Sl,000,00145,000,000 --Sl,000,000 VU..Codoc JIS..000 ... SlS,001..s>O,lleO -s.o.001.s100,ooci SI00,001.WO,OOO 
(Ste Col.-. one!03)  S250,000.$500,000 $500,001.$1,000,000  St,OOO,OOl.$$,000.000 Sl,000,001-S2l,OOO,OOO  Sll,000,001..t!0.000,000  SMore tban. sso.000,000 Value Mcdood Codes  ,._;,al Coot (Re>! EsbOe Oobl ......,_ 
Vn. !nvaunems and Trusts 
:.Semic:oa-Class common llocl: was distnbW>cl, dlectivc Docembcr 2004, holden Motorola conmon stoclr,, with cub lieu lhaiooal shara. 
  life inauilnc:c policy. idauifiod last>* uClarica Ilic...,,. policy iclcntified Ilda roport uMidland NaliolllJ. Clarie....., merp:d iDlo NaliollllLife lnsuraDceCompomydfcc:tiveApil1,2004. Icertifythatall infimDalion givm above(includmgiDCormationpo1ainingto spouse andminlr 
children, any)is llCCll11lle, true, and coiq>leteto 1hcbest l:Dowlcdge and belie and that infumiation DOt reportedwu withheld becauso met applicable stalll1ory provisions ttingoon-disclOSlllC. 
Ifurther certifythat earned income liom oulside employment honoraria and lhe acccptancc giila which have been reported are coq>liancc with the provisions U.S.C.  SOl et. acq., U.S.C.  7353, and Iudicial Confcrenco regulations. 
Mail signed orisiDa1 11114 additional copies to: 
Co11+ojlecOil Fjnencia) Disclosure 
AdminirlrativeOffice lhe Uniti:d States Comts Suitcl-301 
One C.Ohmu Circle, N.E. 
Washing1Dn. D.C. 20544