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Judicial Watch • Robert B. King – 2003

Robert B. King – 2003

Robert B. King – 2003

Page 1: Robert B. King – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 10, 2014

Tags:Robert B King, pound, trust, office, filing, united, 2003, investment, TRUSTS, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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A0-10 Rev. 1/2004 Repurt Required the: Ethics 
F1NANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Governrnent Act ofl978 Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app. !OJ.Ill) Date ofReport Person Reporti11g (Last name, First name. Nliddle initial) 2-Court Organization 
U.S. CourrofAppeals, 4th CirKing, Robert 
05/1312004 ReportType (check appropriate type) Title (A..-ticle Jll Judges indicate active senior status; Reporting Petiod indicate full parttime) Nomlm.tioc, Date 
0110112003 ti. Circuit Judge Active 
Initial Annual flnal 
12/31/2003 the bas:s the information contained this Repott and any modifica:ions pertaining thereto, ls, ro:y oph:ion, corr;p:iance Charnbers Office Address 
300 Virginia Street, East 
with applicable lav.S ancl regulations. 
Suire 76tl2 
Charleston, VV 25301 POSffiONS. (Report,ng individ-Jal only; see pp. 9-13 filing instructions) NONE (Noreportableposltions.) 
POS!TIO:-; CoTn:stee 	hildren Education Trust, United National Bar..k (corporate Trusiee), 	AGREKTS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 14-16 filing instructions) NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
(.) ,.,_ 
s:.-: r;;c; 
---, ;--11 
King. Robouse an less S15,0D1-$SO,(;I)!} $50,0.IJ4J;l00,000 00,C,{; i-250,000 
-:-.: 5.250,(C.S.:SO(t.00( ,,,_ S5C:iJ5:: ,GOO.DD:: .-s1,ooo-.001s::,oor;.,0::;0  -,QO-[,(IG;-s;::.:J0(>J:J(1 ;5J1UJ.f!J; -SS1,QJ(J,000 .,,, S!vioro.. ttt.111150,COC,O:lr; Jr,_::-r;is;,.! Co!< Jt:::i Ls:m O;::: .sses.;ment ,,_ C:s1-v:.::trK:,-: Boe,.  
-iw.:omc, value, transcallons ( those the spousi: aad rlepc:nilent c!1ti:l.1 See pp. 34w$7 filing inslnlctioru.) 
VIL INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS :0c-0m;::;.)a:1: C $1,-000 rt: k:ss: 51,C(l!-$2:,500 S2,50l-5.L00 =SS,00l-S15,0DO 
;see C.oL::mn;; and D4! $50,00:..S::;J.OD-O SJ00,001Sl,DDfl,OOD S1,00lO::l-S5,000,m.lo Mrue th1m SS,D::i.!,JU .i!u),-J,)0 
(Set Cnlumsrn and D;,) }5U.OfJ0-S5:::J}JOC. S500.00!-Sl,O!JGJ1;)t1 s:,om.JJJ1-S5 ,OOJ,[100 r:: S5,fJOV.00l-$5JlG!!,:;{){l }S.l-CJ.Jti..SSGJJOO,GOC S.lo.: fr,.,11: 50.00G,UY.l 
ktc01ne!Gam Uxies Sl,O!Xl Jess $.,0(-$.2,500 S:!,501.S.000 $S,OOS1 S-,000 s-:::::.001-$so.oc-0 
S:e Colurr.n.:; mu:J D4J $50.00l-SJ00,001) S:OC.,Ol> .$,MU,00[1 $1,00D.OOlSS,DOOJlOO =hior t.hllilS.,000,000 iut Cod:;:;;. 5.00CJ lcs ,,, S:3,0Di-$50,(h10 550,00 -S:l C0.000 ,,. SIO(>,Ofil-t:.!SD,0(10 
iS::: Coit::tLIS nlliiD51 S25D.i.100-S500,IJOO $5{)(1.001-$; ,O:JQ.OOD -Sl ,00).0[E-S5,00,D{l(! p_::i i.5,0IJ0.001.$5.00Ll.C[W ;.25.JJ,.Ht:!JlOff..O:J: si-,, ;:r:aC: s-::: oL){.,r.100 ;;;_< iv:::;-,.1: ,__:o:.;2:, AF?lllitf2 Cost !YVti