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Judicial Watch • Robert D. Sack – 2009

Robert D. Sack – 2009

Robert D. Sack – 2009

Page 1: Robert D. Sack – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 13, 2013

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overnment Act 7,$ 
Roy. 1/2010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 u.s.c, app. :~ I01-I10 Person Reporting (last name, first, middle initial) Court Organization Date Report 
Sa~k, Robert Court Appeals, Cir. 
5110/2010 TiII~ (Article judges indicate active senior status; 	5a. RepOrt Type (check appropriate type) Reporting ~erlod 
magistrate judges indicate full- part-time) Nomination, 
Date 0110112009 Circuit Judge (Senior) Initial Annual Final ........ 12/31/2009 Sb. Amended Report Chambers Office Addre~ the basis the information contained this Rport and any 
modifications pertaining thereto, i~, optalon, compliance 
with applicable laws attd regulations. Foley Square 
Mew York, 10007 
Reviewing Officer 	Date 
IMPORTANT TES: The instructions accompenying this form must foliowe~ Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each pur~ where you hm, reportable information. Sign last page. POSITIONS. mema.~ ~,~ o.~; seo~ ~-~ o!,ll~s ~~~~-t ~-~ HONE (No reportable positions.) 
POSITION 	NAME Qi~ QRGANIZATION/ENTITY Director 	William Kerby and Robert Potter Fund 
Lecturer Law 	Columbia Law School 
Member, Columbia Board Visitors 	Columbia Law School 
II. AGREEMENTS. IRovo,ans indi~,ldual only; see pp. 14-16 fllin NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
DATE 	PARTIES AND TERMS 9/3/98 	Practising Law Institute and Robert Sack, publication 3rd edition treatise defamation law; royalty 15% net receipts 1998 	Gibson, Dunn Cruteher LLP Retirement Agreement, Gibson Dunn Crutcber LLP and Robert Sack; Terms: 
$6,000 per month/life, increase, decrease cap 
Name Person Reporting 	Date 
III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. ~,~ ~,t ~.~; tree om~g Filers Non-Investment Income NONE reportable non-investment income.) 
(you~, not spomes) 2009 Practising Law Imti~t~ B~k Royalfigs $21,232.74 2.20~ Gibson~ Dunn C~tch~r LLP Rgtir~gnt Plan $72,0~.00 3.2~9 L~turer Law, Columbia Law School $7,500.00 Spouses Non-lnvestment Income -If you were married during any portton Ihe repo~lng year, complete this sectlo~ 
(Dollar amounl not required excepl for ho~r~ia.) 	NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) SOURCE AND ~PE 20~ 	D~w~y Ball~tine Pannership Distributio~ 
 2009 	West Se~ic~ Inc. 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -.on~r*,*oao,,, IodVng,/ood, 
(Includes those spouse and dependent children; se~ pp. 2J-27 filing instruaiom.) NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) SOURCE DATES LOCATION PURPOSE ITEMS PAID PROVIDED 
University Pennsylvania 3/19/09 Philadelphia, Seminar Travel 
University Chicago 5/I 5-16/09 Chicago, Conference Meals Sack, Robert 
NONE (No repoaable g~s.) DESCRIPTION 
VI. LIABILITIES. a.a~ ,~o~ o/~ro~e ~.d ~,~.~ hlldren; see ~2-~ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) DESCmP~ON Citib~k Aadvmmge Cr~it Card ....... Citib~k Aadv~ge Cr~t Card 
Ch~e Vi~ Credit Card 
Sack, Robin 5/I0/2010 
NONE reportable income, ~sets, ~a~actions.) 
~ption As~ lnco~ du~ng rcponing ~fiod 
from prior di~losur~xempt div.. ~nt, buyer/~ller JPMorgan Ch~0Aoco~ Morg~ 1086 Govt MMKT Fond Premier (b~ly Morg~) Unsecar~ loan David McClintick Interest Dividend None D~wey Ballantine P~ership CapitolAccost GDC CitiS~t 401 (k) None lnterest SSgA Money Market F~d ~penheimer Adv~mge MunicipalLiquidi~ Fund (X) B~ing Co. Common Stock Interest Dividend Sold (pan) ~/11/09 10. II. Black~ck New York MunicipalIncome T~st III Van Kampen Trust for Invt. G~de NYM~icipals ~heimer Municipal Fund Dividend Dividend Dividend 
12. Oppenheimer SFSA Due 3/15/10 lnt.~iv. 
13. JPMorg~ Ch~Traditional Interest 
14. Northwestern Mural Life lnsur~c Policy Dividend 
15. Gu~dian Life Insura~ Policy Dividend 
16. M~s~huset~ Mutual Life Insu~nce Policy Dividend 
17. Morgan Stanley Bank De,sit Pro~am Dividend NONE reportable income, a~sets, ~ansaction~.) 
~dpti~ ofAs~ (.including t~st IncOme during ~ng ~fi~ G~s value end r~o~ing ~fiod T~acdom during r~nlng 
exempt from prior di~l~ C~e die., ~n~ orim.)  C~ M~M O-P) C~e3 buy. ~11, ~demption) mm/~yy C~ OP) ~(A-H) : (ifpdvate 
18. Morgan Stnley MTA 5.35 ~ro CouponBond due 7/I/12 19. New York Genl Oblig Ref Ser-C due4/15/13 20. Mo~an Stanley LIPA 5.60 ~ro Coupon Bond 6/1/14 21. NYS Power Auth Rev RefSer-C 4,e due 11/15/20 22. NYC Genl Oblig Ser-I Due 2/1/22 Interest Interest Interest Interest Interest 
23. Fed Home Mtg Corp Meal Term due 9/t5/16 24, MS Fed Hem due 6/12/18 Interest Interest Redeemed Redeemed 04122/09 05/05109 
25. Morgan Stanley Global Dividend GrowthSec 26. Morgan Stanley Special Value Fund Dividend Dividend  
27. Morgan Stanley Special Growth Fund Dividend 
28. Focus Growth Dividend 
29. Oppen. AMT Free Mun (ClassExchange) (X) 30. Oppen. AMT Free Mun  Dividend Dividend 
31. Morgan Stanley Franklin Tax Free Inc Dividend 
32. Goldman Sachs High YId Muni Dividend 
33. .IPMorgan Federal Money Market Fund Morgan 34. Fiduciary Holdings;~ Dividend Int./Div. Sack, Robert 
NONE (No reportable income, ~sets, ffansactions.) B.,C. ~fiption As~ Income during Gross wlue end 
(includin8 t~st 
Place (X) after ~ch as~t ~Amount exempt from prior di~l~ C~e v., r~l, C~e Meth~ buy, Se~l m~dO~ C~e buyedsell~(A-H) orlnt.) (J-P) C~e3 ~emption) (J-P) ~(A-H) (ifpdvate 
35. 	-Morgan Stanley B~k Deposit Program 36. 	-Morgan Stanley MTA Transit Zero Coupon Bond due 711113 
37. 	-Morgan Stanley Franklin Tax Free Inc 
-MS Oppen AMT Free Mun (Class 
Exchange) (X) 
39. 	-Morgan Stanley Oppen. AMT Free 
Mun Fund 
 40, 	Neuberger State Street Mid Cap Growth Dividend Investor Class 
Ameriprise IRA Portfolio(AH) Int./Div. 
-Ameriprise Insured Money Market 
43. 	-DWS Short DUR Plus- DWS Funds 
Buy 01/22/09 
-Eaton Amt Muni inc-A Eaton Vance 
-Fid Adv Float I:Ulnc-A Fidelity Advisor 
Buy 01/22/09 
46. 	-Ivy Asset Strategy-A Waddell Reed Buy 07/10/09 
47. 	-MFS Muni Lid Maturity-A MFS Family 
Buy 01/22/09 
48, 	-Opp Intl B0nd-A Oppenheimer Funds Buy 01/22/09 
-Opp Gold Minerals-A Oppenheimer Buy 01/22/09 
Sold 03/30/09 
Sold 09/30/09 
Column C2) =Book Vah~e ~Othcr =E~timawd 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS co,.,. ,~z.,, ,,~,~c,~o,~ a.ez~,, ~o~, NONE reportable income, ~sets, ~ansactions.) 
DeRription As~ Incom{ during G~ss value end T~nsactions dudn~ ~ing 
(i~i~ing ~st ~ts) rc~n8 ~fi~ reposing pefi~ 
Pl~c (X) afl~w ,Amount (e.g., 
Value Value T~e (e,g., Date Value G~n 
cxempl from prior di~Iosu~ C~e div., r~k C~e Mc~ buy, Sell, m~dd~y C~ C~e ](A-H) ira.) (J-P) (A-H) 
[C~ ~emptmn) (J-P) 
~2. 	-~p Lid Inte~ M~i-A Oppenheimer 
Buy 03/26/09 
~53. -Opp DCve{opming Mk~-A Oppenheimer 
Buy 01/22/~ 
~4. -Pimco To~l Re~.D Al[ianz Global Buy 07/} 0/09 
~5. 	-Pe~ Po~folio P~anent Family F~n~ 
Buy 07110109 
~6. 	-Opp Lid M~i-A Op~nhe~mer 
57. 	-Am~r BoBd Amer-A ~ed~an 
58. 	-VK M~i Income-A Van Kam~n F~ds 
~9. 	-Van Eck GL Asse~-A Eck Global Funds 60. 	-Blac~k M~iholdings New York Ins~e( 
Buy 07/14/09 
Fund Inc 
(~dl) 61. 	-Nuv~en New York ]net Quality Municipal 
Buy 07/14/~ Fu~ Inc 
62. 	-RSRV Oovemment-R Reserve F~ds Sold 01/16/09 
63. 	-D~y Shn lnt Muni Bd-D Drey~ Group 
Buy 01/26/09 
-Eaton Amt Muni ]nc-A ~ton Vance 
65. 	-Fid Adv Float H/lnc-A Fideli~ Advisor Buy 01/22/09 66. 	-Girl High Yield Muni-AGoldma~ Sac~ .... As~t M~t 
67. 	-MFS Muni Lid -Ma~dw-A MFS Family Buy 01~2/09 
68. 	-Opp Amt Fr~ Muni-A Op~nheimer 
~.te Redo, 
Idemiiy buyer/sel~r 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, ~ansactions.) 
~sefipti~ A~e~ 	Gm~ value end T~n~ctiom Income during 
(including ~st reporting ped~ r~ng ~d~ 
exempt from p6or di~losu~ Code div., ~t, C~e ]Me~ ~y, ~11, ~m~d~ C~e C~e ~yer/~l~r 
69. 	-Pioneff Amt-Free M~i-A Pioneer Funds 
70, 	-Amer Bond Amer-A American Fun~ Group 
72. Fr~ Alger Large Cap Gro~h 
73. Fra~lin Inte~iate Fixed Income 
74. S~m Hybrid Prefe~ed 75, R~aissance Int~tional ~uiw 
76. Alliance~mstein Large Cap Core 
77. Munder Mid Cap Core I~ 
78, Rive~ource Retirement Advisor Adv~tage VA-Annui~ 
N,=, ofP.~,o~ S.po.*~ Dst, R,~, 
VIII. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS. ct~a~,,t, oIR,~o,~) .._ pending claim against Worldcom currently litigation (02 Cir. 3288 (DLC)). The worth that claim cannot determined this time, Sack, Robert 
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify that all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that any information not reported was withheld because met applicable statutory provisions permitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside employment and honoraria aud the acceptance gifts which have been reported are Incompliance with the provisions U.S.C. app.  501 et. seq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations. 
Mail signed original and additional copies to: 
Committee Financial Disclosure 
Administrative Office the United States Courts 
Suite 2-301 
One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544