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Judicial Watch • Robert H. Cleland – 2009

Robert H. Cleland – 2009

Robert H. Cleland – 2009

Page 1: Robert H. Cleland – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 10, 2013

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Reporl Requird the E1h1cs 
i11 G>w-mmem .4N r>f 9?8 
Rn Rt!porting fhts1 name, first. mirl rpt ..:hci.:k appmp;ia1c 1ypi!) l111111nJliun. Dii.Ce Ju11:::il [2] ,:nmtal Rt-porting Pcriull OUJ1!2009 :31 2009 Chamben OHict. Addre:s 707 hodore Levin Counhouc 231 Lafayette lJvd Detroit. 48221> lht honh the information containtd thi Rep1n1 amJ any rnotliticr less (Col Bl, 04) F$50,000-$ 00,001.l 8=$1,001-$2,500 cs1oo,oo1-1,000,ouo c2501-$ 1)=$5,001-$15.000 E=$ 5,001-$50,000 11$1.000,001-$5 .000,000 H2=$5,000,00I more Val Codes: J=$15,000 less (Col Cl, D3) 0500.000-$1,0U0.000 K$15,001-$50,000 Pl$ 1.000.001-$5.000,000 =$50.001-l 00.000 tv1$100,001-$250.000 N=$250,001-$500,000 12=$5.000,001-$25.000.000 P3=$25,000,00l-$50JJOO,OOO P4-$50,000.00I more Val llth Codes: Q=Appraisal R=Cost (r osoo.000-$1,000.000 p1-$ 1,000,001-$5,000,000 12=$5,000,01) 1-$25.000,000 P3$25,000,001-$50.000.000 P4$50.000,001 more Val tv!th Codes: (>Appraisal R=Cost ireal estate only) ScAssessment T=Cash/tvfarket 
!_col C2) U=Book Value V=Othcr W=Estimate 
_._ ___ 
VIL Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income. value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children See pp. 36-54 fnstruclions.j Inc/Gain Codes: A=l,000 less 3=$1 ,001 -$2 .500 C=2.501 -$5.000 D=$5,0 0l-$ 15, 000 E=$15.001 -$50,000 (Col Bl, 04) F=$50.000-$ 00.000 (j=$100.001-1.000.000 H=$ .000.001-$5 .000.000 H2=$5.000.00 more Val Codes: =$15 .000 less K=$ 5,00 -$50.000 =$50.001-100,000 M=$ 00,001-$250.000 N=$250.00I -$5 .000 (Col c1, D3), PI= 1.000.00 -$5,000,000 P2=$5 .00 0,00 -$25 .000.000 P3=$25.000,001-$50.000.000 P4,,$50.000.00 more Val !1th Codes: ()=Appraisal R=Co.2501-$5.000 D=S5,001-$ 5.000 E=$15.001-$50.000 (Col Bl, D4) r=$50,ooo-$ 100,000 G$100,00l-I ,000.000 1=$1.000,001-$5.000,000 112=$5.000.001 more Val Codes: J=$ ),000 less K-$ 5,001-$50,000 l.>$)0,001-100.000 M=$ l00,00I-$250,000 N=$250,001-$500,000 (Col Cl, DJ) 0=500,000-$1,000.000 $1,000,001-$5.000,000 12=$5.000.001-$25,000,000. P3-$25.000,001-$50.000,00014=$50,000,00 more Val Mlh Codes Q.A.ppraisal R=Cost (real estate only) sAsscmcnt T-{:ash/Markel (col C2) U=Book Value vOthcr whtimalc 
VII. Page fNVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income. value. transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See 
VII. Page26 INVESTMENT and TRUSTS-income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent chi/dre1L See pp. 36-54 lns1rucrions.) lnciGain Codes. A=1.000 less ,OO 1-$2,5()0 c2,so 1-ss,000 0=$5,001-$15,000 [=$15.001-$50.000 (Col Bl, 04) F-$:0,00(1,$ 00.000 G=$100,001-1.000,000 H=$ ,OOO,OO 1-$5,000.000 H2=$5,000,00 more Val Codes. J-$1 ),000 less =$1 5.001-$50,000 L=$50,001-100,000 M=$J00,001-$250,000 N$250.00J-S500.000 Col o-stJIJ.000-$1 .000.000 PI= 1,000,001-$5,000,000 P2=$5,000,00J -$25,000,000 P3=$25,000,00l -$50,000,000 P4=$50.000.00 more Val Mth Codes. ()Apprni>al RCost (ral estate only) Assessment =Cash/Markel (col C2; U=l.ll>Pk V3luc V=Othc1 W=Estimafc 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value, transaclions {Includes those spouse anddependenr children. See pp. 36-54 Instructions.) nc/(Jain Codes: /=I ,(JOO less A=$! ,OO 1-$2500 >2,50 -$5,000 D=$5,00l-$!5,000 E=SI 5.001-$50,000 1Col Bl, D4) F=$S0,000-$ 00,000 ()=$100,00 ,000,000 l1=$ .000,001-$5,000,000 H2=$5,000,00I more Val Codes: 1=$ ..000 Jess K=$ !S,OOl-$SO,OOO $50.00 00.000 M=$ IOO,OOl-$250.000 N=$250,(l01-$500.000 (Col Cl, DJ) 0=500,000-$1,000,000 Pl=$ 1,000,001-$5,000.000 P2-,$5.000,001-$25 ,000,000 P3=$25,000,00l-$50.000,00014$50,000.00! more Val M1h Codes: Q=Appra1sal R=Cosl ircal estate only) SAsscssment T=Cash/Markct {col C2) U=lle>Lk Value v-01he1 wEst1matc 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value. lransactions (Includes those spouse and dependem children. See pp. 36-54 lnstrucl/ons.) Inc/Gain Codes: Al.000 less 8=$1,001-$2.500 1-$ ()=$5.001 -$15,000 1> 1).00 1-$50.000 (Col Bl. 04) 1$50.000-$100,000 G=$ 00,001 -1.000.000 1,000.001-$5.000,000,oo more Val Codes J=$ .IHJIJ less =$1 S,00l-$SO,OOO L=$50.001-100.000 M=$JOO,OOl-$250.000 N,0$2)0.00 -$i00,000 (Col c1. D31 usoo,000-$1,000.000 Pl$ 1.000,001-$5,000,000 12$5,000.00 -$25,000.000 P3$25,000,001-$50.000,000 N=$50,0f)(},001 more Val Mth Codes ()=Appraisal RCosl (real es1a1c only) Asscssmenl T=Cash/Jlarkct (col C2t -[look Value vOthcr \!=Estimate 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 36-54 Instructions.) Jnc/Gain Codes: .000 less 8=$1.001-$2.500 (Col Bl, 04) F=$50,000-$I00,000 0$100,001-1.000.000 (=2.501-$5,000 D-=$5,001-$15.000 E=$15,00l-$50.000 H=$1.000.001-$5,000.000 H2=$5,000,00 more Val Codes: J=$ 5,000 less K$15,001-$50.000 (Col Cl, 03) 0=500,000-$1.000,000 PI= 1,000,001-$5.000,000 L.$50,00I-100,000 M=$ 00,00 -$250,000 N=$250,001-$500,000 P2=$5,000.00l-$25,000.000 P3=$25,000,00l-$50,000,000 P4=$50,000,001 more Val Mth Codes: Q=Appraisal R=Cos1 (real estate only) (col C2) U=Book Value vOther S=Assessment T=Cash/Marke1 w-Fstima1e 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 36-54 Instructions.) Inc/Gain Codes A1.000 less (Col BI, D4) F$50.ll00-$100,000 l3=$1 ,001-$2,500 G$I 00,001-1 000, 000 C=250 -$5,000 D=$5,00l-$15,000 F=$ 15.00 -$50,000 H=$1.000,001-$5,000,000 H2=$5,000,001 more Val Codes: J=$15.000 less (Col CI, 03) 0=500,000-$1,000,000 =$15,001-$50,000 Pl= 1,000,001-$5,000,000 L$50,001-100,000 M=$ I00,001-$250,000 N$250,001-$500,000 P2=$5. 000.001-$2 5,000,000 P3=25.000,00!-$50,000,000 P4$50.000,00 more Val Mtll Codes ()=Appraisal (col C2J lJ=Book Value R-Cnst (real esl2.S0l-$5,000 J:P$5.00l-$l 5.000 E=$ 5,001-$50,000 (Col Bl,D4) Fl>50,000-$ 00,000 G=$J00,00I-1,000.000 H=$ ,OOO.OO 1-$5.000.0fWJ H2=$5.000.001 more Val Codes: J=$ ,000 less 5,00J-$50,000 V$S0.001-100,000 J00,001-$250.000 N$250,00 I-$500,000 (Col Cl. D3) 0500,000-$1,000.000 PI.$ .000,001-$5,000,000 r2$oo.001-$2 .000,000 P3=$25,000.00 -$50.000.000 P4=$50.iJOO,OOJ more Val Mth Codes 0-Appraisal R=Cost (real estat only) SAsscssment TCash/Marklt (col C2) Utlook Value V=Dthcr W=Eslimalc 
RC>ben Cleland 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse ond dependent children. See pp. 36-54 Instructions.) Inc/Gain Codes: 1,000 less D$1.oo 1-$2.500 C=2,50 -$5.000 D=$5,00l-$15,000 E=$ 5,00 l-$50,000 (Col Bl. 04) 1$50,000-$100,000 G=$100.00l I ,OOO,OOO H=$ I,000,001 -$5.000,000 H2=$5,000,00 more Val Codes: =$I 5,000 ltss K=$ l5.00 J-$50.000 L=$50.00 I 00,000 M=$100.00l-$2Sll,OOO N=$250.001-$500.000 (Col CI, D3) O=S00,000-$1.000,000 Pl$ 1.000.001-$5.000.C>OO P2$5,000.001-$25,000,000. P3=$25.000,00l-$50.000.000 P4=$50.000,00I mnre Val Mth Codes: Q=Appraisal R--Cost (real estate only) S=Assessmcnt T={:ashlMarket (col C2) U=8ook Value VOthcr wEstirnalc 
Robert Cleland 08/13/10 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS-income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 36-54 !nstructioru.) 
Codes: 1,000or less ,OOl-$2,500 C002,501-$5,000 1)=$5.001-$15.000 $15,001-$50,000 Val Codes: J=$ 5,0(KJ less K=$15,00l-$50,000 1.sso,001-100.000 
M=$ l00,00l-$250,000 N$250.001-$500.000 tCol CI, DJ) 0=500.000-$1,000,000 Pl= l.000,001-$5,000,000 P2=S5.000.001-$25.000.000 P3$25,000,00l-$50,000.000 P4$50,000.00I more Val Mth Codes: QAppraisal RC:osr (real es1me only) :):::-.,ssessment =CasltiMarkel (col C2) uBook Value V={)lher W=hlimate 
Robert Cleland 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value. lransactions (J11cludes those spouse a11d dependenr children. See pp. 36-54 Instructions-) Inc/Gain Codc5: A=l,OOOor ll-$1,001-$2,500 C=2.501-$5,000 1)=$5.001-$15,000 r:-$15,001-$50.000 (Col 81, D4) F=$50.000-$100.000 G=$ 00,001-1,000.000 H=$ ,000,001-$5.000.00() H2=$5.000,00 more Val Codes: J=$ S,000 less 1(=$15,001-$50,000 l.=$50,001-100,000 M=$100,001-$250,000 N$250,001-$500.000 1Co1 c1. D3.l osoo,000-$1.000,000 p1-$ 1,000.001-$5,000.000 P2=$5,000,001-$25 ,000 ,000 P3$25,000.00l-$50,000,000 P4=$50,000.00I more Val !1th Codes Q=Appraisal R=Cos1 (real estate only) ssessmenl T=Cash/l1arke1 (col C2) U=Book Value V=Othe1 W=h11ma1e 
Robert Cleland 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS income, value, transactions (Includes /hose spouse and dependent children. See Inc/Gain Codes: fl=1,000 less (Col 04) F=$50,000-$ IOO.OOO R$1,001-$2,500 0=$ 00,00 I-[ .000,000 C=2.501-$5,000 0$5,00 -$15 ,000 r:t15.001 -$50,000 11=$1,000.001-$5,000.000 H2=$5,000,001 mnr Val Codes: J=$1S,OOO kss (Col Cl. D3) 0=500,000-$1.000,000 K=$15.001-$50,00U Pl=$ 1,000.001-$5,000,000 I. $50,001-100,000 M=$100,001-$250.000 N=$250.00l-$500,000 12=$5,000,001-$2 5,000,000 P3=$25,000,00J-$50,000,000 14=$50,000.001 more Val Mth Cod(s: Q.lpprnlsal (col C2) lJ-lll>uk Value R=Cost (real estate only) vo1her stssessment T=(:ashiMarkct WEslimate 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value. transactions (Includes Those spouse and dependenr children. See pp. 36-54 Jns1rucTions.) Inc/Gain Codes: 1,000 less 8$1,001-$2.500 C=2,501-$5,000 D=$5,00l-:id 5,000 E=$ 5,0il 1-$50.000 Col Bl, D4i F=$50,000-$I 00,000 00,0011,000,000 11=$1,000,001-$5,000,000 H2=$5,000,001 more Val Codes. !=$15,000 less K=$ 5.0o 1-$50,000 i.$50,01) 1-100,000 M=$100.00l-$250,000 N=$250,001-$500.000 (Col ll3) 0=500,000-$1,000.000 ,000.001 -$5,000,000 P2$5,000.001-$25,000.000 PJ-$25,000,001-$50.000,000 P4-.kiD.OOO,OO more Val Mth Codes: Q=Appraisal RCost (1cal estate only) S=Asscssmcnt T=o(ash/Market (col C2) U=Book Value V=Olhcr W=Estimatc 
Robert Cleland 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (/tzc/udes /hose spouse and dependenl children. See 
pp. 36-54 !nslruclions.) J)escriptioo Assets Income during 
Transactions during reporting period lntlicate where applicable owner reporting period 
Gross value end reporting 
the asset using the parenthetical 
(J) for joint ownership reporting 
individual and spouse, {S) for (I) not exempt from disclosure(I) 
separate ownenhip spouse. (DC) mount 
for ownership dependent child. Code 
(e.g., buy. 
sell. partial 
Place (X) after each asset (A-H) 
(3)sal mergeT, 
fromprior disclosure. 
Identity buyer/seller 
(1f private transaction) 
06/24 JBuy 
Freeport-McMoran Copper (common) 
Freeport-McMoran Copper (common) 08/26 JBuy 
Freepon-McMoran Copper (common) 915 
Partial Sale cFreeport-McMoian Copper (common) 
Ganncn (common) 
Gannen (common)918 
rl) Sell 08112 NcHlt: 
951 l!ewlen-Packard (common) Buy 10/26 
952 Hewlett-Pacbrd (common Panial Sale 03/24 None 
953 Hewlett-Packard (common) Partial Sale 05107 None 
954 Hewlcn-Packard (common) Panial Sale 06/04 None 
955 Hewlel1-Packard 1commo11 Partial Sale 06/24 None c/Gain Codes A=l,OOOor kss B$1,001-$2.500 C=2 .501-$5,000 [)=$5,001-$15.000 F$1:i .00 -$50. 000 (Col Bl, D4) F=$50.000-$100.000 G=$100,001-1.000,000 1=$ .000.001-$5 ,000.000 H2=$S,000,00 r more Val Codes: J$15.il00 less =$15,001-$50.000 L=$50.001-I 00.000 U0,001-$250,000 N$250 001-$500.000 (Col Cl. 03) 0=500,000-$1,000.ilOO PI= ,000,00 1-$5 .000,000 P2=$5.000,001-$25.000,000 P3$200.001-$50,000.000 P4$50,000,00I more Val Mth Codes: Q=Arpraisal R=Cost 4=$50,000,00 more Val Mth Codes Q=Appraisal R=Cost (real est ate only) S=Assessmenl T=Cash/Market (col C2) )=Book Value V=Other W=F.stima1e 
Robert Cleland 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse ond dependent children. See pp. 36-54 lnstrucrions.) lnc/Gain Codes: 1.000 less 13$1.001-$2.500 ( .501 -$5.000 1)=$5,001 -$15,000 F=$15.00 l-$50.000 (Col Bl_.D4) F=$50,000-$ 00.000 G:.$ 00,00 1-1,000,000 1141.000.001-$5.000,000 112=$5,000.001 mt>re Val Codes. J=S 5,000 less K=$ 5,00l-$50.000 L=$50.001-100.000 M=$ 00,001-$250,000 N $250.001-$500.000 (Col Cl, D3) 0=500.000-$1.000,000 Pl=$ 1.000,001-$5.000,000 P2$5.000,001-$25,000.000 P3$25,000,00 l-$50,000,000 $50,000.00 mcirc Val Mth Codc:s (>-Appraisal R=4> 1=$50,000-$100,0()() G=$ 00,00I1.000.000 H=$1.000.001-$5,000,000 H2=$5,000,00I more Val Codes: J=$1:i,000 less =$15,001-$50.000 L=$50,001-100.000 M=$ IOO,OO 1-$250.000 N$250 OOl-$SOO,OOO {Col Cl. D3) 0=500,000-$1,000.000 .OOOJJO1-$5.000.000 P2=$5.000,001-$25.000.000 P3=$25,000.00l-$50.000.000 P4-0$50,000.00I more Val Mth Codes ()=Appraisal !{=Cost (real tslatc only) SAssessmenl T-Cashftvlarket (wl C2) l!:flook Value v--01hcr Wzfstimale 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value. transactions (Includes those spouse and dependem children. See pp. 36-54 fnsuuctioru.) Inc/Gain Codes: A=1,000 kss R=$J,OOl-$2.500 C=2.501-$5.000 D=$5.00l-$15.0ll0 r$1 s.001-$ (Col Bl, 04) F=$50,000-.i100.000 G=$100.001-t ,000.000 H=S ,000,001-$5,000.000 H2=$5.000.00 more Val Codes: 5,000 less K=$15,001-$50,000 L=$50.001-100.000 M=$100.001-$250,000 N=$250.UOl-$500.000 (Col Cl. DJ) 0=500,000-$1,000.000 PI=$ 1,000.001-$5,000,000 P2=$5,000,001-$25.000.000 P3=$25.000.001-$50,000.000 P4$50.000.00I mo1c Val 1th Codes: !)=Appraisal R=Cost (real estalc only> ssessmcnt TCashiMarkcr (col C2) lloo,)k Vluc V=Othcr V=Es1ima1e 
VII. Page INVESTMENT and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 36-54 ofInstructions.) Inc/Gain Codes A=J,00011r less B$1.00 -$2,500 C=2.501-$ .000 !F$5,00l -$15,000 E=$ 5.001-$50.000 (Col 04) F=$50.000-$ IOO.OOO G=$ 00.00 -1.000.000 1!=$1.000.001-$5,000.000 1-12=$5,000,00 more Val Codes: J=$ 5.000 less K$15.001-$)0,000 J.$50.001-100,000 M=$!00,001-$250.000 N=$250,00l-$500,000 (Col Ci, D3) CF500,000-$1.000,000 1.000,001-$5.000.000 12-$5.000,001-$25.000,000 P3=$25.000,00l-$50,000.000 14$50,000,00 more Val Mth (odes: Q=Apprai,al Rn Reporting 
Ihle nrReport 
provisions permitting non-disclosure. 
AIO CRI!.JINM. SAVCTIOS C.S.C. :opp. 104) 
M,iil signed Prigi11al and additional copies 1,1: 
Cum11111t.: ,>n Financial Disclosure Adn111Jistra11vc Office l)f the United Stares Couns S1111t> 2-301 
One Cohunbt1s Cir..:k, N.E. 
WJshingwn. D.C. 20544