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Judicial Watch • Robert L Echols Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Robert L Echols Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Robert L Echols Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Page 1: Robert L Echols Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 11, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Assessed, Robert L Echols, Tennessee, section, children, 2004, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Report Required b Che: Ethics 
R'-. lllOOJ Co"ernn1 AceoC 1978 FOR CALEl'I 
_...., CX> 
1'11 Spouse's Non-lovestn1ent locon1e(Jf you were married during an)' portion the reporting year. please complete this sec1ion. Dollar amount 001 required except for honoraria.) 
 NONE -(No reportable non-investment income.) 
IV. REJJ1BUR.SEMENTS transp0rtati01l, lodging. food, cntertai11men1,

(Inc ludes those spouse and de. pendent children. See pp. 25-27 inSlfICtions.} NONE (Nosuehrcportablereimbursements.) 

VJ. LJABILITIES. (Includes lhOSC spouse and dependem children. Sec pp. 3234 orioslruc1ioos.) NONE (No repooub1o1;obm1;cs.) MORTOAGEllNVESTMENT PROP/NAPLES.FL (Put VU, Linc 

lnl.'.OO'll: during 
Gross '31ucot end Trans.;aetioni. duri1lt; frjl(lninit 1;icnod 
1Jcs np11011 A.s:.stlS 
rc1>0r1in pel'iod 
rqX.flmg: pcl'iOJ 
ilncludm 11u"1 ":1c13) 
Pl:'lce (Xf' :llicr each assc1 c.(cmpt 
Value Type (e.g. Date: 

G:1it1 lde-nl1ly(lf
A1noun1 Tyl" (e.3. Valut: 
from prior isclos ure ode Method l>uy.sell. Mon1 

C'ode di', rent. 
Code ti) 

('()Jc) 1nu.i;e1, Day 

Paine Webbtr ioneyFund 


IOW  h1ct11tl1:.Guin ("(Klei;  ""Sl.000 If ksi: ,I .001..Sl. StSOl SS.000   SS.OCllS 15.0()D SIS.OOlS.IXIO  
CSce Columns unJ 04)   sso.001.s 1(10.000  ..$1()(),001$1,000.000  Ill SI.OOO.OOlS5.000.()I.)()  112 =-More lh!'ln S:!>,U00. 000 V211OlSl.000.000  =SI ,1>00.001-$5,l)C)l),I}()( S;,OOu.00 S25.000JJ(IO  
f'.'  Sl$,000,001450,(J00.00(1  1>-SMore thll" SS0.000.000 Value Mc1hod (odes.   Appn1jal lSl (R('al l:1t1: Only>  Ai.'So:"l.lsll'ltlll C$hfM:irk