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Judicial Watch • Robert W. Sweet – 2009

Robert W. Sweet – 2009

Robert W. Sweet – 2009

Page 1: Robert W. Sweet – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:19

Date Created:September 14, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 24, 2014

Tags:Pcron, Dynamics, sweet, Robert W Sweet, Company, robert, DOJ, trust, 2009, assets, TRUSTS, dividend, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 tGREEi1 ENlS fRc.p1Jrting imJfriJual onl); Hlpp. l.J-/f., offilinx in,/ructiom.) 
[ZJ NONE (No nportahle agreemc/lfs.) 
Sweet, Robert 
111. l1-INV ESTl1 ENT NCOl1 (Nep,,ning indfriduul amhp,,u ... pp. /7-]J of.filing instructiom.) Filers Non-lnwstment Income NONF. (No reportahle 11011-investme11t i11come.) 
amc Plrson UeportinJ! 
Swclt, Robert \. 
!. flS. (Includes those i;pou3 and dependenJ children; Jtt pp. 2831 ofjiling imtrU1.tiuns.) 
[{] NONE f:o repurtahfe gifts.) 
l). BJL ITlS. t/nclmlr!J tho.e vf.pouu um/ dptndrnt d1i{Jrtn: Ste pp. 32-33 ofjilin;: h1tr11e 1111d Pttt childn: PP N-60 p1;,.g imrru.-riom.1 NONE f;o riportabfe income. assets. transactions.) 
01..:lnption A:Cf.;. lnctJr1c during iro.;.s ahtc c:1d rranccttnns duririg reporting period 
indm!ing tru,1 as...::s) 	rcpt!ng. p..::riod 
rtai:c (:.) afti:1 {1.:h !.t 	Anhunt (e.g Cl)dt: reporting. p...-riod (21 Iii 
iii 11l (5) 
Vah:c a!U1.: . 
311 Di1idcnd lm:Jone Dividend 
Merged(with line rono 
f!(l =:,5111. lJl!Hl 
!Stt ll1lunlll ;1nJ 041 0111 -s1110.rtt10 lililJ):)l -!iJ.C11JC)_f}lltl -Sl.OU1.)JJlJ! =for fh,-,n S>.OUO OOcl lucmneti;1i1)(t>tk 1.onou1 k:-... LOOI -S.2 -S5,DDJ 5.flOI) S-l5.0Cl -551)_l)llli V.duc lc1Je .1,..111 ir ie::. ){il  StUJfJfi -S-.lVOI -)JlJ0.1100 S11CJ.OOI -5o noo 1S::c l,dt., .;->tir.11.i.I (.,1:,I !He.JI l::.t.1i.:: 1nly) -_,.,,r:...,r11c r..lunng Ll. r.w:-. .Jiu..: i..:nd including trut i.lSCt) ri.:porting period lf ri.:portiug rcrind 
cl (II 12) (31 (41 
A.rnoun JypL(C.f!_., .ilu.: Valm.: T)ro.. (..:-.g: VJ.lo..: G:iin 
PlH.:.: (X) altc1ci..:h35si::1 nity CoJi: 
.:,..empt from prior disdosurl.. 
di., rnt. Cdc fk1hod buy, :.dl, rn;n C(d..:2 Ccxk 
IA-Hi int.I (.l-1) CoJI.... rrJcmpl1)nl (HJ (,-JI) (if pn..-011.; (Q-Wl trJ.n... a1iun) 1,00!l ,irk:.!> -s1.not -2.twJ .:: .:01 -S5.Hril i).IH!I -)l:ltOU .rn:  )i(J lCJil ($ceCuhunn .md D1) -ssn.ou 511io.uo11 ,,.Jfi1u;o1. 1_11111;.1;00 Ill -)1,0011,(llll -)5.1100.0.;tJ 11:: ..r.,,,.,r :Jui; S5.0lf1.lilllt V01Ju Cllde =SJ)J1ou .!tic:. t-.: =St5.0!ll -50.011u -S511 IJ!JI -IHO.tlllO :1 -)::50.0011 
:>l!.l.(lill> (t!urnn .... O.Ofll -SIOIUJfHJ P..l,111J1 !12.itJ.!lrn lSeeC11ll1t111btI ,mJ D.i ..: -=S.::>n.rm1  .55flo,oo