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Judicial Watch • Rosemary Barkett Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Rosemary Barkett Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Rosemary Barkett Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Page 1: Rosemary Barkett Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:1

Date Created:November 13, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Barkett, Rosemary Barkett, rosemary, airfare, Portfolio, Parcel, Florida, State, judicial, meals, lodging, school, university, Washington, 2007, dividend, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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POS [T[ NS. (Reporting ir11/Md11u/ only; .1ee pp. 9-13 filing instrrution.1.) NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION Trustee Trust# 

ff. AGREEMENTS. (Reporti11g indfrid11u/ 011/y; ee pp. /.1-16 ofji/i11g in.11mctiims.) NONE (No reportable agreements.) 

State Florida. Div. Retirement; Sect. (a). !RC 
Aetna Life Ins.: Deferred Comp., Sect. 457. !RC 
"latiunwide Life Ins.: Deferred Cump., Sect. 457, IRC 
Date Report 
Barkett, Hoscmar)' 2008 N-J EST JVJ ENT COME. IReportini: i11dfri1/11u/ und 1p1111st; see pp. 17-U ojjilinr: i11.1tmctio11.1.) Filer's Non-Investment Income  NONE (No rf:'portahlf:' 11011-i11vestmf:'nt incomf:'.)  

(yours, not spouse's) 2007  State f'lorida Retirement (Aetna Natide  Method  buy, .wll,  Month Code  Code  buyer/seller  
IA-H) int.)  iJ-P)  Code  n:demptu.m)  Day  (.1-P)  IA-H)  (if pmate  
(Q-W)  transaction)  

35. fk-Parcel I-Lake Park, 112 ownership)  None  
36. Re-Parcel 2-Key Largo, 1/4 ownership)  None  
37. Re-Parcel 4-1-lomcstead. 1/3 ownership)  None  
38. Re-Parcel 5-Homcstead, 112 ownership)  None llKorm: 1a111 Codes .000 k.,:-. 'Sl.001 -52.!)() )2.:WI -)".000 'S5J>OI -)!"i,OfHl I-_ "i,00! -)"i0.000 (._. ._. Cilunrns and[)) )"i{J.001 -000 )100.00)  Ot)IJ.000 
111 1.nc10.1-io1 -S'UlfHl.000 fore ih.1n S:'.000,00n 
)100. '.itu._ .t'dC 15.01){) i._.,,, 'i.001 -)'ilJJ)OO )'i0,001 -)100,000 00.!}0 -S250.noo cSce CnlUlllllS .ind [)J) )250.(){)I ))D0,000 )"il.001-)l,OO()JJIH)' .rino.no1 -" 112 S.'
-Pl )25.000.001 -S50.! P-t for.: th.111 )50,000.000 Val UL' h:!hod ()(le Co:-.t !Kcal h-t..11'.: