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Judicial Watch • Rosemary M Collyer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Rosemary M Collyer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Rosemary M Collyer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Rosemary M Collyer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:13

Date Created:November 11, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:expired, collyer, Rosemary M Collyer, option, Short, Schwab, trust, 2009, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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t~e~.//zol0 Government Act 1978 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C app. ff~g tOt-tit) Person Rrporing (la~ name, firsl, middle initlall 
Collyer, Ros~ Titl~/A~cle III judge~ indi~le acli~e scmor s~tus; ~gi~l~te iudgts i~i~ate full-or 
U.S. Dist. Ct. Judge- Activt Chambers O~ce Address 
333 Conslitution Argue, 
Washiagton, 20~1 Courl t~r Org:~n,rallon Dis~ict Cotz~ Washinglon 5a. Reporl T~pc (chck appro~atc ~~) Nom,~at~n, Dale Initial Annual Final the basi~ th~ i~*lion con/aintd this Report e*d Date ttf Rrport 
O4116~fl  R~o~[ng Period 
IMPO E4NT TES: l"~e inst, uctio.s act ompanking this forn# must Complete att parr.~. checMng the tVO;E box for each part where )uu reportable information. Sign last page. POSITIONS. tn,po,aoc indiuidual only; sv pp. 9-13 filing ....... NONE (No reportable posidor~.) POSITION Trustee  ion.,t  Trust tl  NAME ORGANIZATION/ENTITY  
NONE reportable agreements.) DATE  tARFIE~ A~D TERMS ,~-2 ,   

Collyer, Rosemary 

 NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting indi~dualandspous;~epp. 17-240ffilingi .......
 Fliers Non-Investment Income 
NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 

DATE SOURCE AND TYPE Spouses Non-lnveslmen[ Income -t[}.o~ ~,~ n.~.i,# NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 2009 National Human Se~ices Assembly Vice President 15! NI S ..... ~-~, ..... ~o,,. ~,~g~og..roo~ 
(Includes :~ost, spouse and dependent c~dd~t~ see offihng tnst~ctions NONE (No reportable reimbu~wements.) 

SOURC~ DATES LOCATION PURPOSE National fluman Se~~ces hroughout 20[~ Within U.S 
Busmess travel
Assembly Denison University 
~roughoul 2009 To/flora Granville Ohio Alumni affairs 

IN{:OM {you~, no~ ~pouses) 
Rem~bumemenl 10r busme~ lravl {aMine. l~glng meals) 
Reimbursement for alumni husines~ travel (airline. lodging mealg) 

EINANCIAL DISCI,OSURE REPORT Page o~/~6no~o NONE (No reportable ,qi~s.) 


VI. ABILITIES. a~,, ~/,~ ......... ~.,~.,,.~.,,: ~...~, ..~ q/;~,.~, ......... .,,~ 
NONE (No reportabls liaMlilies.) 


NONE (A% reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
~r~pt~l OfASS:~S Income during 
(;oss valu~ end ~ra~sac on$ ~ng r~m~g ~rtod Place "(X)" after ~ach ~sset 
Amuunt Type (~g.. V~lu V~h,c TH)c Da{~ V~I~ BROKERAGE ACLOUNF -BR -Common Cla~ 
Non~ Common Divi~nd MSfT Common D~vMend Sold 02/23,09 Balto Coost Pub Imp Muni Bonds [merest 
 Schwab Cash Equivalent Accounts let.IDly. DVY ETF Dividend DOO- Dividend A~ndl County, Mum Bonds Inlercst tlaRimore. P~oj Muni Bonds Interest DTli ETF D+vidend KMP Co;.mon O/~trlbudon NFM -Closed [~d Fumt Dividend 
Sold 10/19~09 (pan) ACN Common Dividend 

Colly~r, Rosemary 
21. BRKB Common Class 

22. UST Inflation Index Notes 3375% TIPS 

23. UST Inflation Index Notes 3.625% TIPS 

 -CXM- Common 

Sold 07120/09 

26. ST.X ADR 

Sold 05/16/09 
27. IXN- ETF 
Sold 06/12/09 
2~. Marsico Growth Fund (MGRIX) 
29. NLY Common [JA Common Sold 06/03/09 Cotn,,ion 
Sold I/12109 
32. -ItAL Common 
Sold 09118,09 
-HES Common 
Sold 09/16/09 
34. NIOS {;ore)non 
Sold 01/12/09 INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ........ ......... ,to., a.~t~,, ,~,o~, ,~,~ ...... NONE (No reportable income, ,Tssets. transactions.) a.~,,~, ,~aa.~;,,, s,.~ o~.~ ~,,,,,.,0~,) 
Place "(X)" aher each ~set 
35. N~R Con~moo 

38. UNP Common 42. 
43. HES Call O~ion Juo09 


45. HES -Call Option Se~ 


47. NBR -Cal~ Optio~ Jun(~ 1250 

-RIG- Call Oplion Ma}09 49. 
50. -UNP -Call Option Jut09 39. -STX -Call Option MayO9 HAL Call Option Se~9 (I) Amount  (2) Type (g.,  ~11 Value  (21 Value  (I) Type (~8.  (2) Date  (}) Value  (~) Gain  I}) ldtnt~y  (Q~)    Uan~zclioc)  Sold  06/20;09  
Sold  12/09,09  
Sold  05tt6;09  
Sold  07/1~.09  
S~ll Sho~  1~/I 7t~  
Redefined  05tl 6/~  
Sell Shun 0~20.t09  


Sell Sh~t 


Sell Shoa 
Sell Short 

~/I 6,09  

Redeemed 16,~)V  
Sell Shoa  0.1"15/09  
Redeemed  05il6/09  
Sell Sho~  06~12,"09  

co~,~. Ros ..... STMENTS USTS ........ ~,,. ..... tion~ (Incloda those of,~ ..... depend .... NONE (No reportable income, asaets, tranaactiotts.) 

Redeemed 07/I 8/09 
53. NLY Call Oplio~ Ap~9 Sell Sho~ 01/08,09 


Expired ~/I 8/09 AMEN Common 
Buy 04/I 3/09 
04tl 8,09 AMEN Call Op~mn Sell Sht)o ~/03/09 
Redeemed 04/18109 
59. ABr Common 
Buy 05105/~ -DUK- Common 
61. 62.  Sold (pa~)  09117/09 09/19/09 DUK- Call Option  Sell Shoo  08/10i09  

Redeemed 09/17109 
Redeemed 1t911:1/09 GOV- Common 
~u~ 09/14/09 
67. AGNC Common 
~uy 09/23/09 
Sold 09123109 

NONE (No reportable income, asse~, transactions.) 
exempt from prlo~ disclosure C~e +(A-It)  div.. rc~t, inr  Code (J-P)  Merh~ Code  bu~. ~11, redempt~u+0  Sold  Sold (part) Sold  
72.  -AGNC Call Opho~ Oc~09  .Sell Short  
73. 74. 75. 76.  Redeemed (part) Redeemed (pan) Redeemed (pa~) Redeemed WMT Common  Buy ~CD Common  ~uy  
79. 1~J -Common  Buy AGNC Common  Buy  
81.  -lilt -Com,,,o,,  fJU7  -Scht~ab Cash Equivalent A,:counts  
84. UST lnllztion I~dex Notes 3.375% TIPS  

mttdd~yy C~Ic C~Me l:uyedscll~ IJP) (A.IU