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Judicial Watch • Sam E. Haddon – 2004

Sam E. Haddon – 2004

Sam E. Haddon – 2004

Page 1: Sam E. Haddon – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:November 21, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 26, 2014

Tags:raquo, Sam E Haddon, pound, 2004, Codes, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Re. 112004 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2004 Gover1une-n1 Act or1978 Pen;on Re])O ing (Last n1une, Firs name., tiiddlc ini1ia1) Coun orOrg niz tion O 
C Ce.g. Date: 
Code2 MctMd bu). sell, Mon:b  
fron:i prior 
Code) div, rent. H) In!.) (J-P) ly 
IQ-W) U.t.n.SaCbOn) 
DNONE lnco1ncrCain Codes: ,000 leJS  Sl.OOlr.?.lOO  S2.501-S5.000 -s.001.s1s,ooo ... S1S,OOlS50.000 
(S Coh.Jm-0$ z:nd 04) S:-0.001..SI00.000 100.001-Sl.000,000 SJ.OOO.OOJSS.000.000 ... More lha.n s;.000.000 V:ilue Code:s: -SIS,000 -SJS,CJOJ.$50,000  S;-O.OOl.SI00.000 J..i -$100.00lS2S0,000 
(Se Columns ;iOO 03) .S2SO.OOO-.S500.000 SS-OO.OOlSl. 000. 000 SI .000.0 H) illL) 
fQ.W) R:OOorl%  Sl.OCJlSl.5()0 
 iOO.OOi..Sl.000.000 11I Sl.000.00lSS.000.000 More lb3n S.S.(X)0. 000