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Judicial Watch • Samuel H Mays Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Samuel H Mays Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Samuel H Mays Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Samuel H Mays Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:6

Date Created:February 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 23, 2013

Tags:rcporung, Samuel H Mays Jr, Samuel, Judges, district, court, 2003, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, Judge

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Rcpurl Rc4uirrd h the Ethks ,.:0-10 Government ,(t 978 
Rev. 112004 
Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  1011 Per.;on Reponin (Last First name. :-.tiudt.: 1111t1al1 
Mays. Jr.. Samuel litle (Anidc Ill Judges mdi.:ate ai:tt' 'cn1ur ,latu,. magistrJtC judges inJicate full partllmc
U.S. District Judge -Acuve Chamhc;rs Office .JJrcss 167 Main. Suite 1111 Memphis. 38103 Court Organization 
U.S. District Court. Tn. RcponTypc (ch ..-ck appropriate type)  Xonunat1nn Date
lruuI Annual Flnal 	Date or" Report 0511)100 	lcronm l'i:n11J 111:011200:; !> 11200 the h:1>1s the in!Ormalion contained this Rcpon anJ muJ1licauuns pcnaiuing thereto. is. i:iirnphJn..:..: ith applicable laws antl regul:uions. 
Re"icwmg Officer 	Dale
IMPORTANT :-:OTES 111e m'lru..:11"n' J..:..:mnpan 111g 1111, turm must follmwtl. Complete all parts. checking the NONE box for cai:h pJrt where you have rcpurtahh: mtorm.m"n Sign IJ'I p;ige PosmoNs. 
II.  AGREEMENTS NONE 201Kl  -.:.11.:  I'ARTIES A'.'D TERMS "''""liJJli:J t .:r: c:: .}a. .:r: r.-,o-o -:, -ry-0 ,,..,  ii!=-::tJ--.,, li'J ('")-m.....   ,..,.,  0..c::.  


lJJti: Report
.'>ami: lll l'crson Rcporung
bys. Jr. Samuel 
tlncludc, lhlhC lll SflOUf:SC "RWTlON 
VI. LIAB II1TIES. lndudc, 1h,"c ,,1 'J'ou-. and Jq,cnd.:nl ,JulJrcn See pp. 3:?-34 instructions.) NONE 1_'.1;11 ri:por!Jhk hJhli111..:' 
"Au i: nnE 'Hl'.lllTOR 

N;imc: l'crson Reponing l);i1e Report 
fays. Samuel 05/13/2004 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS "''""''' Jluc. lrJn.:auons uncludcs !hose otlhc spouse and dcpcndenl children. See pp. 3-l-57 01tiling1nsuucuons.l 
hi.:urn. uunni: Gross value end Trans.:nons uunn n:ponrng pcnn.J 
llc!:tnpoun i\C:I 
r(posuni: 1-.,nnJ reporting period 
{1111.:luJm lni'' l":o..:h1 nut '-n"-'' trum tll!tdUW'C 1:1 (I) (:!) (I)
1:1 13) 
P1J1...c: ',, . u..r l.1... "'"-"l a:clfli'I 
muum Tpc 1c.g. Value Value Type 
Date: "Jluc: hkmn 
lrurn pr1ur lhdu..ur.: Code:! Method buy, sell. loolll  Cndc (xJc t>uc:rtc:llcr
tulc: JI" rcru. 111  1111.  (J-P)  Code3 lQ-W)  m=rgc:r. n:demptionl  [);i  ilI'> ,,,.  11f pmJtc tr.ln5JllU111 r...11on.1: ""' 11. ::  ''""'''" lr.Uh.M.lllll'J  ",:n1011 (11nm1lll ...  01"iuend  

.kthk 11111111111 :-ii.i.. vidend 
  llraJni:r Ci:ntr .1l,n ... ;..  Di,itlnd  
  E4u1tat>k IRA  None  EQ:lkm,1i:in lh,i:rllii:J Jiu.: FunJ  E(.)il:4u11 500 l11Ji: FunJ ----E(.):'.tFS Emi:r:,:111:,: ir."tn "." Fu11J  - 
E(.)'S Ri:,i:.1r.-h l'unJ  E(.li.-lh.111,i; Sm.111 t0JJ' 1.:,,_111 l'u11J 
Ill  U;:lI .111.1l'.l1J 0Jp ...... hrnJ  Equ1t.1hk IRA  .-  Interest  l:V0:ll1.1n,i:  111111"11 :-ii. ...  lnJ iu..t.1Jnh.1.:J lnh.:ri::i.l A....... :...:nl  hr'' Ti:nn.:"i:i: l!Jnl. :-.,unh  lntc:rcsl  :I.II:-. lli:J hmJ  llJI ll.11.:h"ll JU( I.;  .-  ln1en:s1  

'H..'l' rnt1::.1h ,1: .:l I,_., d,1,,; J... ... ._'l' uau:::11' "''"1l1   ttl11r  .1.  ... '  ..;, ":-:-II( S'.!.SOlSS.000 Ill $1.000.001-SS.OOO,OOO $1.000.001-SS.000,000 Pol $:Irion: than $50.000.000 $S.OOlSl5.()(lo 112 than S5.uucw s100.001.s;u.oou ss.000.001-5;5.lMU)!KI  -------- issc:ssnt  
'l" ', 1,: Cs1imated  

Ill t>r" Report 
:"am.:oll'mo11 Rcporung ceni that all inform:rnon given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children. any) accurate. true. and complete the best knowledge and belief. and that any information not reponed was withheld because mc;t applicable tatutory provisions permittmg non-disclosure.